'Borderlands 2' discounted to $12 in Best Buy deal of the day

XMNR: Those waiting to pick up Borderlands 2 for the PS3, Xbox 360 or PC probably shouldn't wait much longer. Best Buy launched a Deal of the Day for Monday, July 8 that marks the rpg-shooter down to just $12.

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Omegabalmung1810d ago

lol was just about to head to gamestop to pick up a copy.

3-4-51810d ago

I really liked the first one but I really don't want to support these guys...their higher ups/ leaders are kind of shady.

But $12.....might have to take z plunge

LoaMcLoa1810d ago

Are you referring to the whole Aliens-controversy?

I bought Borderlands: GOTY edition + Borderlands 2 with Season pass for 15 bucks on Amazon not so long ago

MegaMohsi1810d ago

if you liked the first one, the 2nd one is way better! You need to play it.

3-4-51810d ago

I know. I try to separate game from controversy, because not everyone involved is a douche, there are tons of nameless dev's just doing their job to earn a paycheck.

I don't feel like i HAVE to play it, but I still kind of want to. It looks like what I thought the first one was supposed to be.

Kalowest1810d ago

I'd rather wait for the Borderlands 2 GOTY still.

MidnytRain1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

Yeah. Apparently one would save 18 dollars with this deal. But I think the GotY Edition will probably contain more than $20 worth of DLC.

Ve_Chuy1810d ago

love this discounts, only on pc xD

MegaMohsi1810d ago

it's discounted for PC/Xbox 360/PS3

HK61810d ago

I bought Borderlands 2 for $10 during the Xbox Live Ultimate Game Sale a couple days ago...

LAWSON721810d ago

I got borderlands 2 and season pass for 13.50 last week.