Hideki Kamiya Believes The Wonderful 101 Won't Need DLC

A few Wii U titles have received some DLC after their release but it appears The Wonderful 101 most likely won't be getting any as the developer is squeezing everything it wants into the final version.

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PopRocks3591836d ago

Well, nothing's set in stone. Sakurai said they were not thinking of DLC for Smash Bros. but said it's not off the table. I guess we'll see when the game comes out.

_QQ_1836d ago

I hope smash gets DLC,getting new fighters,levels,and music every now and then would be cool.

BosSSyndrome1836d ago

DLC should never be in mind before a game launches, anyway. It should only be considered after the fact.

FinalomegaS1836d ago

he's right... they'll be releasing everything the same day it comes out and not hold piece here and there...and feed us like little rats...