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No Nintendo Layoffs, Though "It Might be Too Late" for Wii U

Iwata insists that layoffs are completely off the table, although one major outlet says "it might be too late" for Wii U in this generation. (Wii U)

bullymangLer  +   871d ago
yea poor nintendo . . way in trouble . . ha ha haaaa
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bullymangLer  +   871d ago
ha ha haaa Nintendo is ALWAYS in trouble and Nintendo is always in danger . . but only on this site . ha ha haaaaaa
Dan_scruggs  +   870d ago
You do know that the 3DS is currently the biggest selling gaming console on the market right now don't you? Nintendo will be around for years to come based on the sales of that alone.
NihonjinChick  +   870d ago
Nintendo is far from in trouble. It takes more than one failed console to put a company into trouble. Plus, the 3DS is #1 in sales.

Why are you talking to yourself?
Triforce079  +   870d ago
Your right i remember Lik sang an amazing site Sony got closed down because of the negativity it cast on them Nintendo should close this site down END OF....
thomasmiller  +   870d ago
hhhhaaaaa!! poor microsoft always in trouble!!!!
Phil32  +   870d ago
I'm sorry, but you are pathetic. Laughing at one of the leading software developers/publishers doing poorly? Yeah... that's GREAT for the industry.

Freaking sociopath.
bullymangLer  +   870d ago
my sarcasm needs more creativity /:
Phil32  +   870d ago
Now I see how it is sarcasm. It's so hard to tell without tone of voice or knowing the commenter.

Sorry. I've read posts here wanting Nintendo to die, so that's what I thought yours was!
LiberatedAnimal  +   870d ago
I'm so tired of these lame gloom and doom WiiU stories. Sure, it's undersold up to this point but, the WiiU's life really starts in August with Pikmin 3. I'm stoked for that and Splinter Cell right now. Zelda, Wonderful 101, AC4, Watchdogs, Donkey Kong Country, Mario and that's all before years end. Throw in Ducktales, Castle of Illusion and D&D and my gaming year is set. WiiU on it's last leg, HA!!
LOL_WUT  +   871d ago
It sucks that many employes could've been potentially affected by layoffs all because of the incompetence of the man in charge. Fire Iwata save Nintendo. ;)
PopRocks359  +   871d ago | Well said
Okay no. You just don't get it do you.

Rather than laying off staff Iwata did everything else he could to preserve Nintendo's development team AND keep investors happy. In fact during the 3DS fiasco he took a pay cut on his OWN salary. But no, let's fire him when HE'S the one who said "No, we're not laying off employees."

Yeah that makes a lot of damn sense. /s

EDIT: It just floors me that anyone agrees with you when just about any other major CEO in this industry would have just upped and laid developers to cut costs and kept their own salaries intact.

I really don't care if you don't like Iwata's views on Nintendo's current operation. Frankly I don't either, but he deserves a lot more respect than "OH HE'S THE BAD MAN WHO MAKES NINTENDO BAD WAH WAH FIRE HIM!!"
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Muffins1223  +   871d ago
But he is th one who supervises what nintendo dose and what they have done is horrible HE IS SOPOST to take out his own paycheck when its HES FAULT that their even in this mess.Fire and replace him...... He is the one who thought the wiiu was a good idea, he is the one who thought "Hey lets try to make everyonr think 3rd party games will support the wiiu in the future even though it wont get it becouse our specs are horrible compared to ps4 and its only 50 dollars more." Seriously he screwed the company for this generation of home consoles....
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Wenis  +   870d ago
Yeah, lets completely forget about the success of the Nintendo DS, the Wii, the Nintendo 3DS, and just focus on the rocky start of the Wii U! Fire him!
diepdiep  +   870d ago
Just ignore LOL_WUT. He clearly hates Nintendo, and he clicks on Nintendo articles just to troll.

And I agree with you, Iwata deserves a lot more respect for not laying people off.
MasterCornholio  +   870d ago
Wow you really love lol_wut dont you?

Look if you really hate his comments just ignore him you dont need to waste your bubbles on replying someone you hate everytime he posts on N4G.

BTW is it just me or are people gaining a lot of bubbles recently?
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PopRocks359  +   870d ago

And what are you? The N4G comment police or the biggest troll apologist on earth? Consider yourself ignored for not butting out.
FlyingFoxy  +   870d ago
Do you always have to put a wink at the end of your posts? it's like this guy is a major troll trying to start flame wars.
exfatal  +   870d ago
he is a major troll trying to start flame wars. ignore him even when might have a point, just ignore him cause it wasn't his attention in the first place.
Gaming4Ever  +   870d ago
I wonder if his name is what he thinks of his life.
Campy da Camper  +   871d ago
Jesus, its like Nintendo fans time warped back to n4g in 2008 and woke up wearing Sony shirts. Doom and gloom! Wii u is fail! Bwahahaha

Nintendo knows what they are doing. My Wii u is awesome. Games are coming. Mario, Zelda, etc sell. I love the gamepad. Its a solid console.

I was a Sony fan back at ps3 launch and holy crap the PM's I used to get in this site were horrible. Every article was Sony is dead! Lol

Oh how the tides turn. I buy consoles for the games and what the hardware does and doesn't do. Nintendo hardware is solid and the new gamepad is revolutionary in that its a cool controller and a tablet all in one. My ps3 brings me some of the best games I have ever played and I expect the ps4 to mirror or expand on that. The 360s I had had good games, too but it broke on me a few times. Lesson learned.

The xone is going to have some good games, sure but I'm not plugging in kinect. Ever. I know the NSA is not gonna spy on me because I don't sell drugs or children but I fully expect some criminal or hacker asshole to figure out a way to see inside my home. Maybe via WiFi to verify if anyone is home so they can rob me or maybe just some pervert who wants to see my bcups. Either way, titan fall is not worth it.
Muffins1223  +   871d ago
Ps3 actually was a failure for sony compared to ps2 and probably ps4. They lost allot money on the cell and blueray so the ps3 did doom sony financially on the ps3. Though they made money on blue-ray,not because of the ps3 though.They actually lost money on the blue ray in the ps3 because they sold it with the ps3 "cheap" around launch...
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Hicken  +   870d ago
... if the PS3 was a failure, it wouldn't have a successor. It wouldn't have become profitable. If it had doomed Sony financially, they would be bankrupt.

Yes, they lost a lot of money. Most people, though, seeing them push new tech that has caught on, would call it an investment.
pedroyamato   870d ago | Spam
MikeMyers  +   869d ago
"Yes, they lost a lot of money. Most people, though, seeing them push new tech that has caught on, would call it an investment."

Bluray, yes, The Cell, no. What Sony did was use the huge install base of the Playstation to help win the format war against HD-DVD all while sacrificing part of that userbase they amassed over the years. You see, when Apple comes out with a new iPhone and it sells 50% of the last one that isn't a success story even if it means they beat Windows and Blackberry tallies. The same thing with Windows. If Windows 8 sells half of what Windows 7 sold then that isn't much of a success story either. Windows Vista was a failure by all accounts and they had a successor.

It's now the same thing for the Wii U. Nintendo had a hot product with the Wii but failed to capitalize on that momentum. But even if the Wii U is a failure I'm sure there will be a successor. Sony on the other hand looks to rebound nicely with the PS4 but they also had layoffs over the last few years as they restructure.
SpiralTear  +   870d ago
All things considered, the fact that Nintendo isn't laying any employees off is pretty admirable.
Phil32  +   870d ago
They shouldn't really be laying people off when the problem is they don't have enough people to make enough games.
diepdiep  +   870d ago
This is one of the stupidest articles I've ever read.

EDIT: The writer basically shunned "employee morale" while giving a biased view that both the PS4 and One have a strong stance in the business.
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EliteGameKnight  +   870d ago
Anyone else sick of these doom-n-gloom articles......... No? Just me? ok then.
Steelmanner  +   870d ago
I agree there are way to many of these articles. However, I don't really care to read them anymore because they all say the same thing. It also is annoying because they pretend to know exactly what Nintendo is doing at all times even though they have no clue what's going on. All in all, The Wii U will be a flop when Nintendo gives up on it, and I think we all know that isn't going to happen.
SAYGUH  +   870d ago
LMFAO!! That pic of Miyamoto always tickle me
TruthbeTold  +   870d ago
Nintendo has been profitable 9 of the last 10 years, and will be again next year, which is far more than Sony or MS gaming divisions can say. Yet people think they should have had layoffs? The thought process in gaming and amongst gamers is ridiculous sometimes...
gano  +   870d ago
Good job nintendo.
Always a customer here nintendo.
Qrphe  +   870d ago
I don't see why they'd fire people when people is what they need right now more than ever.
medziarz  +   870d ago
These people need somebody to kill. The 3DS, then the Vita, now the Wii U.
Xof  +   870d ago
Frankly, I'm amused by all the "Wii U is doomed" comments. I've been gaming for decades, and found Nintendo's E3 showing reason enough to go ahead and buy a WiiU, and I know several other people who, likewise, were persuaded to buy one based on the games it's going to get in the next few months.

It seems to me that anyone who can't see the potential of the WiiU at this point simply isn't a gamer, or hasn't been gaming long enough to have accrued even a lick of sense.
HalfNerdHalfAmazing  +   870d ago
Nintendo is like Charlie Sheen they always win
thomasmiller  +   870d ago
SIIGGHHH I AM getting so sick of microsoft rolls printing these nintendo is doomed articles,, are we that worried about the xbox one bombing trolls??? better be worried about your own system tanking!! but what ever helps you sleep at night!!
thomasmiller  +   870d ago
yeah sorry about that! but the microsoft story still needs to be noted though!!

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