Xbox One Fiasco: Will Gamers Continue To Hold A Grudge?

We can't be a prisoner of the present. In five years, will gamers still be holding a grudge against Microsoft? Or will anyone even remember this mess?

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PigPen1688d ago

With DRM gone, all will be forgiven when them exclusives hit. A billion dollars on games can cause a lot of attention.

B1uBurneR1688d ago

Ask this same question around this time next year

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first1NFANTRY1688d ago

I wouldn't call it a grudge but more a distrust for M$ as a whole. There's been way too many flip flopping since the console was announced and their yet to give us IN-DEPTH info on their system specs. I like to know what I'm buying

SilentGuard1688d ago

You would be buying a more expensive, lower powered, poorly designed box that forces a gimmicky accessary to be hooked up from a company that can't be trusted to not screw you over later.

first1NFANTRY1688d ago

i know, most of that is true and i don't want them to repeat what happened this gen. they started with a huge load of games then abandoned the 360.

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