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Xbox One Fiasco: Will Gamers Continue To Hold A Grudge?

We can't be a prisoner of the present. In five years, will gamers still be holding a grudge against Microsoft? Or will anyone even remember this mess? (Xbox One)

edonus  +   285d ago
The only ones holding a grudge is people that werent going to buy it in the first place.
The console has been announced and official for like 2 months we have 4-5 months to go. If you are still pissed about DRM you are just trying to be.
How does a sane person hold a grudge against a piece of technology they never even bought. The ONE has done nothing to hurt anything in the industry.
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fathoms  +   285d ago
Gamers of all types aren't happy with the way Microsoft was prepared to treat the customer. They fully intended to launch a system that had those policies intact, and they only backtracked when they were forced.

Microsoft showed their hand. They care nothing for the consumer, and many believe that will continue to be manifested in future Xbox One policies and mandates.
n4rc  +   284d ago
Speak for yourself and not others..

Sony and ms have the same goal.. Give you a product you want so they make money. Nobody is going to buy something they don't want.

Just because you don't care for ones policies doesn't mean everyone else shares your view..

Sales for both seem fine.. We get the console of our choice, they make loads of money..

That's the plan for both companies.
fathoms  +   284d ago
I am aware of the plan. To make money. And you just made my point:

Do you really think Microsoft changed their initial plan for the consumer? No, they did it because they saw they'd LOSE money by producing a product that consumers DIDN'T want. The question is whether or not people will remember that in the future.
denawayne  +   285d ago
@Edonus - well said
edgeofsins  +   284d ago
How does a sane person let a corporation that already rips off customers with terrible quality for company worth get away free of them trying to sell us an inferior, terribly built piece of hardware that was designed around company profit and control? Not to mention backed by terrible PR agents who disrespect their own customer. Steve Ballmer is to Microsoft what George W Bush is to America. Terrible leaders that just say a bunch of stupid things and do nothing. No efficiency whatsoever, nothing to show for themselves. I'm definitely sure a software company should know how to code an OS when they have decades of experience and tens of billions of dollars.
edonus  +   284d ago
Because a sane person knows they are purchasing a piece of technology. I am not excited to to play Jack Trettons brand new drm speech or MS pr guys bonehead statements.

What I am looking to purchase is something that I can play great games on and it having some cools features that will enhance and or expand my entertainment is a very big plus.

I look at the systems as they truly are based off of as much real and verified data as I can get. Right now I see the ONE has plenty of power for gaming tons of features and uniqueness. The game i saw looked interesting and beautiful. MS has franchises I enjoy so i'm really taking a gamble.

MS has invested in the Azure network and made it part of their system, that opens lots of possibilities that are already impressive to a sane person. Kinect is a device with tons of potential and it expands the functions of the system. I will buy the ONE because it is an impressive system that seems to have more promise than the competition.

Most of these stupid things you fail to mention are make believe.
LoydX-mas  +   284d ago
edge of sins,

Wow, that is a lot of hate for one little person.

Here is a thought...........don't buy the products they make. Try spending more time letting go of your anger.
fathoms  +   284d ago
edonus: Verified data? The only "verified" data I see is that if you're not into shooters, you probably don't care much about Xbox One exclusives, with one or two exceptions. But I suppose if you like the franchises on Xbox, then that's pretty much all you play, anyway. A "sane" person would probably note that the potential for PS4 exclusives to vastly outstrip that of the One's is obvious, because it has happened every single generation thus far; Sony owns the exclusive realm.

Kinect hasn't seen a single AAA title. Neither has PlayStation Move, but what "verified data" do you have that the Kinect is suddenly going to get those AAA games? Why? Hasn't come close yet. I suppose you don't care that with the inclusion of Kinect, the One has been labeled a surveillance device in Australia.

There's nothing "impressive" about the One, besides the fact that its creators actually said it was made "with advertisements in mind." See, me, I want a system that's about the games first and the ads and money second. The moment the Xbox One was announced, it was obvious they intended to just control everything with the used game DRM and 24-hour check-ins.

Seems to me that such "verified data" is pretty important: Microsoft doesn't care about you in the slightest. That's "verified" right there.
PigPen  +   285d ago
With DRM gone, all will be forgiven when them exclusives hit. A billion dollars on games can cause a lot of attention.
B1uBurneR  +   285d ago
Ask this same question around this time next year
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first1NFANTRY  +   285d ago
I wouldn't call it a grudge but more a distrust for M$ as a whole. There's been way too many flip flopping since the console was announced and their yet to give us IN-DEPTH info on their system specs. I like to know what I'm buying
SilentGuard  +   284d ago
You would be buying a more expensive, lower powered, poorly designed box that forces a gimmicky accessary to be hooked up from a company that can't be trusted to not screw you over later.
first1NFANTRY  +   284d ago
i know, most of that is true and i don't want them to repeat what happened this gen. they started with a huge load of games then abandoned the 360.
WeAreLegion  +   285d ago
Don't forget that casual gamers like being taken advantage of as much as the rest of us. They will not forget.
denawayne  +   285d ago
Never had one. Was prepared to buy it the first time around.
slampunk  +   284d ago
I'm interested in both PS4 and XB1....for different reasons....

Just like this gen..... MS will be my mainly online console and the PS4 will be my mainly single player console....

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