Kingdom Hearts 3 Worlds Wishlist

The Tyuno Project: "I am a HUGE fan of the Kingdom Hearts series. Once I heard the announcement and saw the teaser trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3, I was filled with excitement and joy. I have been waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3 for years and now finally I know that we will get it on the next-gen consoles. With that being said, I wonder what new worlds will Sora, Donald and Goofy will be going to. So I decided to make a wishlist of new worlds that I want to see in Kingdom Hearts 3."

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PSN_ZeroOnyx1690d ago

I'm not sure which I want more, a Star Wars universe, or Yoda and Darth Vader to fight against like they did with cloud and Separoth. Maybe the latter.

trenso11690d ago

i honestly don't know why people want star wars and marvel to be in kingdom hearts, i really would not like to see them at all, maybe venom and carnage cause they would be cool as heartless, but that would mean spiderman would be there too and, while i like spiderman i dont want hear him cracking his lame jokes during the game.

Legoniac1690d ago

I think it would be awesome if Kingdom Hearts 3 would have a Wreck-It Ralph world in it. I think it would be cool mainly because, well, Kingdom Hearts is a game, and Sora is a video game character. Characters included in this world would recognize him from the game and confuse sora massively, claiming that he comes from Kingdom Hearts. it would be so freaking cool!

(call the world Game Central Station?)