Are you a Console Fanboy?

Why do console wars and console fanboys exist? Cam investigates in the first episode of Reality Check.

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PositiveEmotions1840d ago

Nope i respect both ps4 and xb1 i just dont respect microsoft as a company

NewMonday1839d ago

interesting point about "betrayal driving fans to the other side" this is definitely happening right now.

but the point about "consumer justifying his purchase" is not relevant with PS4 vs XB1, because nobody bought them yet and pre-orders can be canceled.

NewMonday1839d ago

the point about "fanboys resort to denial, giving their favorites the benefit of the doubt and even try to rewrite history"

denial: denying the power gap in favor of the PS4
benefit of the doubt: believing the "power of the cloud" PR line
rewrite history: repeatedly quoting XB1 position in Amazon trending charts while ignoring PS4 has multiple bundles, also ignoring the 2013 overall chart.

AngelicIceDiamond1839d ago

Fanboyism is @NewMondays second comment. Congrats, you learned absolutely nothing from that vid. One ear and out the other.

NewMonday1839d ago


like it or not, facts are facts, their is a big advantage for the solid advantage for the PS4, and disadvantages for the XB1, if i'm making something up then call me a fanboy, so don't blame me blame MS.

Dee_911839d ago

@ Positive exactly what I was going to say.I think its dumb to be a gamer and be loyal to one console, but then again theres little to no rational thought in being a fanboy.However the word fanboy gets thrown around so much its become meaningless,or a way of showing your ignorance.. or another word for I think your dumb for having a different opinion than mines, those last 2 goes hand and hand.
Rarely does it get used in its correct context.

PositiveEmotions1839d ago

Yea allot xbox fans switched to ps4 and imo i dont think it has to do anything with the xb1 itself but on how microsoft is with the consumers and taking away some cool features on the xb1 and because they disrespected allot of xbox fans.

Thats how i see it anyways.

Retroman1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )


In reality there is no fanboy. hardcore gamers created this NINTENDO BETTER THAN SONY stig therefore created the who's better than who war.
video game companies dont care who like what long as we buy their product. more revenue to produce another console after 7 years another cycle is born, and it begins all over. another RECYCLE WAR yes!!!!

are you a console fanboy??? yes!! if that mean supporting a console of choice.

Sayai jin1839d ago

True that does not make you a fanboy. One can choose to support and love one console. That does not make a fanboy. However, when one bashes the other consoles, exaggerates about their console, lies, etc etc etc...those are some of the things that make you a fanboy.

On topic...Get the system you like and play the games you like. Simple. If you like the games that are on PS then buy it and enjoy and the same goes for the Xbox, but those bashing the other console is childish. They all will have great games, tech, etc to say otherwise is foolish. Which is the best is subjective and arguable.

fermcr1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

Let's get one thing strait. Fanboys are gullible and generally stupid.

Fanboys think that their favorite console company is God all mighty and that the company can't do anything wrong. The company they believe in, puts consumers above everything else and that competitors are the devil.


Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Apple, etc, think about themselves above everything else. They think about money. They want to sell their console to the maximum people they can and make the biggest profit they can... and if they get positive PR doing so, even better, it helps sales.

Number-Nine1839d ago

to be honest, i think ive become a sony fanboy.

i always own all the consoles from nintendo and MS but I feel sony is always doing things the right way.

GribbleGrunger1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

That's not being a fanboy, that's getting your facts straight. people really must stop caving in to the notion that betting on the right horse is in some way a negative thing. It's just sour grapes from the losing jockey. A fanboy is someone that believes what they support is best even though the evidence shows quite clearly it's not.

BosSSyndrome1839d ago

That doesn't make you a fanboy. Thats just having a personal preference, unless you think Sony never did anything wrong.

n4rc1839d ago

Being a fanboy is someone that talks shit about something they know nothing about.

A ps3 owner that says the 360 is garbage while never having owned or played on one before.. And vice versa

And secondly, completely ignoring fact to continue whining on the internet..

I have a preference.. As all do.. But I'm intelligent enough to know my view isn't everyone else's.. Wish people would do the same

creatchee1839d ago


"That's not being a fanboy, that's getting your facts straight. people really must stop caving in to the notion that betting on the right horse is in some way a negative thing. It's just sour grapes from the losing jockey. A fanboy is someone that believes what they support is best even though the evidence shows quite clearly it's not."

No no no no no no no no no. No.

The problem with your entire argument is that you assume that there is a winner to the horse race. That's what being a fanboy is all about - they think that it's possible to win.

Against who? What do you win? Hell - how do you even judge what a win is? Is it sales? Reviews? Raw power? Public perception? How shiny it is?

An even better question is what do you win exactly by backing the "winning horse"? Do fairies and unicorns fly out of your console and congratulate you with a mythical party? Will money rain down and champagne corks fly? Will your life become infinitely better than somebody who picked the "losing horse"?

The problem with fanboys is that they feel the need to win something that isn't even a competition. Personal enjoyment is only relative to the person experiencing it - not to somebody else who is enjoying a different product. But fanboys think they can enjoy their choices more - to the point where they're under the impression that disparaging other choices and the people who make them will take their own enjoyment even higher. You know - "winning".

There is no winning horse - only losers who think there is a race.

PATRIOT7ME1839d ago


The real problem with fanboys is that they equate the size of their genitals with the console that they've purchased.

Sayai jin1839d ago

Nope, that does not make you a fanboy.

If someone was like you and the only difference was that they think that Nintendo or MS is a better company that would be their opinion.

Look at the sight and the forum and see what areas have the most comments. Just play games and have fun.

Sayai jin1839d ago

@creatchee -Kudos to you. I could not had said it better myself. Bubs for you

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HurtfulTimez1839d ago

These are my thoughts exactly.

when i first got my 360 and then a ffew months later my ps3, at first i loved my 360 thought it was the best console ever then after 3 years of owning i began to think i was being ripped off with the lack of diverse games compared to the ps3 plus the fact i had to pay to make my 360 basically operational i started spendidng more time on my ps3 and the past 2-3 years have been ps3 only really.

now like positiveemotions said i respect both the consoles but microsoft as a company put money first, your entertainment second. whereas it seems its the opposite way round with sony.

stubbed_out1839d ago

@ PositiveEmotions - Perfectly said. Can't wait to see how both consoles turn out, whilst I'm not a fan of most of M'soft's business practices, there is something to be said about their overly risky love for running into things headfirst.

DonFreezer1839d ago

Me to I just don't respect Sony as a company.

FlunkinMonkey1839d ago

Yet you respect MS as a company through it's policies? Idiot.

n4rc1839d ago

Boom.. Fanboy! Lol

Nobody is an idiot for having an opinion.. Only a fanboy insults someone for such

FlunkinMonkey1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )


Wrong. I own a 360 and PS3, and enjoy both.. However, MS have shown their true colours on horrible anti-consumer policies recently, and i am calling DonFreezer out on his blatant fanboyism (check his comments page) towards MS.

His opinion is idiotic, that's my opinion.

PS. nice new 8 day account.. bubbles seem to be dropping like flies, just like DonFreezer.. Hmmm.

YNWA961839d ago

@ Positive, Exactly. You get disagrees for pure honesty. I own both current, getting both next gen, purely because I am not dumb, missing out on great games because its on either system. As for the companies, I care neither for Sony or MS. I have much better things in life to do than search for facts and specs, flops and clouds. I do not keep a note of what was happening 3,4 years ago on these sites and do not care what others think of me. If there is a reason politicians think we are all children and need protecting, just one look here and you see why.

himdeel1839d ago

Yes. The Dreamcast is still the best console in my dreams :)

quenomamen1839d ago

I want the more powerful console for my money, exclusives come and go but the actual hardware will offer Devs ways to make even better games down the road. And not being a See You Next Tuesday company trying to find new ways to screw you out of another nickel helps too.

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ForgivenZombie1839d ago

I hope both Do well, but Sony gets my nod first and if MS fixes things then xbox one

DEATHxTHExKIDx1839d ago

I couldnt imagine staying loyal to only one brand. everyone has so much to offer.

slampunk1839d ago

Exactly......I've really enjoyed having a 360 and PS3 this gen.....MS exclusives but mainly their online games + Sony's first party win....

Looking forward to both for the same reasons next gen.....

MultiConsoleGamer1839d ago

Why do fanboys exist? Purchase justification. Insecurities. Hatred. Flat out bigotry. Corporate puppets. Console fanboys are the scum of the earth.

I know that not everyone is lucky enough to be able to afford every piece of gaming hardware on the market. But that still doesn't mean you have to be a hateful piece of human garbage. Go where they games are, and never put limits on your joy. This is the only life you get.

BALLARD321839d ago

Deep stuff, man. Well said.

zebramocha1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

No its not,I'm a ps fan/fanboy but not of the trolling variety,I feel you could be enthusiastic or overly fond of one from the " big three" with out being a jerk. For the disagrees,care to explain why I'm wrong?

smashman981839d ago

Lol they way you talked about them made u sound like one of them. They talk just like that about Eachothrr... Weird lol

Phil321839d ago

More disagrees than agrees tells you all you need to know about this community, doesn't it?

PopRocks3591839d ago

I'm sure plenty will say I am, but I try to be as open-minded about the big three as possible in spite of my preference for Nintendo. I wouldn't be interested in both PS4 and Xbox One games if that wasn't the case.

smashman981839d ago

That's cus there's no games on the Wii u right now lol. Don't worry speaking from experience I too am a sad Wii u owner

PopRocks3591839d ago

"That's cus there's no games on the Wii u right now"

Well, that's not really my reason. In fact that's a lousy reason to suddenly drop my favorite publisher's console.

I was going to say it was because Xbox One and PS4 some amazing looking games exclusive to both consoles. The games I want from Wii U are coming out by the end of this year. So as far as being a gamer, I'm good on all fronts.

smashman981839d ago

Woah no one said anything about dropping a console. Chill out. and I go where the games go. I bought a Wii u for 3 reasons bayonetta smash bros and a new Zelda I won't see any of those till next year
Doesn't mean I'm dropping it though