SOE taking 'separate but equal' approach with PlanetSide 2 on PS4

Sony Online Entertainment's sci-fi MMO PlanetSide 2 launched as a PC exclusive last November, but its exclusivity on the home computer will end later this year once the PlayStation 4 launches. The game is set to be one of a decent collection of titles to be released alongside the console along with fellow SOE MMO DC Universe Online. Unlike DCOU it's allowance for PS3 and PS4 players to play together, PlanetSide 2 on Sony's next-gen console will not be able to interact in-game with those playing on the already established PC side.

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TheSoundDefense1959d ago

You'd think by this point in time we'd have learned how to do cross-platform play. Some games (like Rock Band) have been screaming for it for years.

Angeljuice1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

I have already learned how to do it, its people like you who are letting the side down. /S

Wizziokid1959d ago

I think it's more down to the argument of K/M vs Controller and the Balance.

MysticStrummer1959d ago

In past interviews they've said the main issue is that the update process for each platform is different. It takes longer for a console update to be approved , and they don't want the PC users to have to wait for their updates.

Baka-akaB1959d ago

And if you remember , rockband , was a nightmare in that aspect , between peripheral issues because of activision's archaic vision (they were the ones blocking the use of the GH accessories in rb for a long time) , or even , patching and dlc issues between ps3 and 360 versions .

But yeah i agree , some styles and genre should be cross platform already , at least on consoles . Fighting games especially with their split fanbases

MWong1959d ago

Agreed, makes a lot of sense.

For patching, gameplay, balancing and additional differences between console and pc, makes a lot of sense.

TomShoe1959d ago

"Separate but Equal"

Nice terminology there, Sony.

SpecialK1959d ago

That kind of sucks. Im playing on the PC and hoped that I could play with friends getting the game on ps4.

There isn't a massive advantage to using either setup controller or kb and mouse.

1lawrence1959d ago

warframe allows it against pc

SpecialK1959d ago

That's cool I'll look into it.

And there isn't a real advantage these days since controller inputs usually have aim assist.

I regularly plug in my xbox controller into my pc to play online. Its never been an issue.

Supermax1959d ago

Can't wait for this and final fantasy mmo on ps4.

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