Final Fantasy X Original Beta Trailer circa January 2000

In this video you can see a number of changes from the original Final Fantasy X game released on PlayStation 2 by Square. This video was recorded in January 2000 at the Square Millennium Event in Tokyo, Japan.

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jazzlover5111898d ago

black hair Tidus...seems legit

LAWSON721898d ago

It is legit tidus origanlly had black hair

Oneirous1897d ago

It's legit that Tidus originally had black hair.

LAWSON721897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

Give this person a medal

Jeebus1897d ago

Gaise its legit Titus has the blak hare

wishingW3L1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

it had way better graphics and animations than the actual release. Just look at Tidus clothing moving around and the full 3D camera... They had to gimp it a lot for it to run on PS2. But to be honest, that Tidus model, if the video had better quality I could swear it looks just like current gen games.

LAWSON721898d ago

Animations looked a bit better, but it is hard to tell the graphical difference in a very poor cam at 244p

-Gespenst-1898d ago

I wonder if some of the unused-looking areas in this video will make it into the potential sequel or prequel suggested by the announced extra 30 minute drama at the end of X | X-2 HD?

I'm so excited about that. I'd love to return to Spira for a new game someday.

Gameatholon1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )


It's an Audio Drama. :(

-Gespenst-1897d ago

I see. Still though, it does take place 2 years after X-2, so there's definitely room for some interesting developments in there. Also, maybe they're not telling us everything. For all we know they might sneak a short FMV in at the end.

kalkano1897d ago

I'll only be interested, if it's a prequel, and remains turn-based. I don't want a continuation of X-2. I refuse to even play X-2, to hear the extra content. I'll find it on the internet, at some point.

thehitman1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

I thought X-2 was good not as good as X but still good.