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Submitted by jakerocheleau 946d ago | article

Final Fantasy X Original Beta Trailer circa January 2000

In this video you can see a number of changes from the original Final Fantasy X game released on PlayStation 2 by Square. This video was recorded in January 2000 at the Square Millennium Event in Tokyo, Japan. (Culture, Final Fantasy, Squaresoft)

jazzlover511  +   946d ago
black hair Tidus...seems legit
LAWSON72  +   946d ago
It is legit tidus origanlly had black hair
NeXXXuS  +   946d ago
jazzlover511  +   945d ago
You're just correcting me?
Oneirous  +   946d ago
It's legit that Tidus originally had black hair.
LAWSON72  +   946d ago
Give this person a medal
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Jeebus  +   946d ago
Gaise its legit Titus has the blak hare
wishingW3L  +   946d ago
it had way better graphics and animations than the actual release. Just look at Tidus clothing moving around and the full 3D camera... They had to gimp it a lot for it to run on PS2. But to be honest, that Tidus model, if the video had better quality I could swear it looks just like current gen games.
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LAWSON72  +   946d ago
Animations looked a bit better, but it is hard to tell the graphical difference in a very poor cam at 244p
-Gespenst-  +   946d ago
I wonder if some of the unused-looking areas in this video will make it into the potential sequel or prequel suggested by the announced extra 30 minute drama at the end of X | X-2 HD?

I'm so excited about that. I'd love to return to Spira for a new game someday.
Gameatholon  +   946d ago

It's an Audio Drama. :(
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-Gespenst-  +   946d ago
I see. Still though, it does take place 2 years after X-2, so there's definitely room for some interesting developments in there. Also, maybe they're not telling us everything. For all we know they might sneak a short FMV in at the end.
kalkano  +   946d ago
I'll only be interested, if it's a prequel, and remains turn-based. I don't want a continuation of X-2. I refuse to even play X-2, to hear the extra content. I'll find it on the internet, at some point.
thehitman  +   946d ago
I thought X-2 was good not as good as X but still good.
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