GameStop Stops PS4 Pre-Orders, as “Unlimited” Supply Runs Dry

Late last month, it was revealed that GameStop had been given the go-ahead by Sony to “open the floodgates” for “unlimited” PS4 pre-orders. Now, GameStop has had to close their floodgates, with the standard PS4 edition sold out. - PSLS

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Saints941985d ago

Damn, things are going their way.

Blacksand11985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

Go to Best Buy, they let you put $25 down on the PS4, if you don't have a lot of money and pay on it until you pay it off.

Tony-A1985d ago

Best Buy allows you to put $25 down, but I'm pretty sure that you aren't guaranteed a system on launch day.

I went to Gamestop to put my pre-order down just last week. Looks like I got in there in good time.

cellur1111985d ago

Or buy it from amazon, they let you pre order it for free and you can cancel it at anytime..

The_Con-Sept1985d ago

PS4 pre orders have hit 175 at my gamestop.

Kevin ButIer1985d ago

Lol what a subtle troll deliver "The Xbox One Day One Edition is also still available on GameStop, if you plan to pre-order it"

RyuCloudStrife1985d ago

I already preordered and payed off in full at my local GameStop now I will buy 3 games for launch.

Glad I got in the next day after E3. Its good to be an informed gamer :).

b00mFargl31985d ago

Yes best buy guarantees just the same as gamestop. Pick yours up there.

Blacksand11985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )


My PS4 will be at Beat Buy when it's time to pick it up. I'm not stupid, putting money down and not guaranteed one that's what pre-order mean. I put money on it so i have one. after E3 on Mon, Tue i went to GameStop and they said $100 Sony said $50 on their website so i went next door to Best buy to put money down bc all i had was $50.

extermin8or1985d ago

Wish somewhere would let me do that in the UK as a Student about to start uni I could use with being able to pay it in advance but not all in one, having to refrain from spending money on ANYGHING intentionally or unintentionally... not gone as well as I'd have liked there are things I need, that keep being in sales... :s (When I say need I do actually mean for the most part that I actually do NEED them.) Hopefull by mid september I'll be sorted then I can at least have some money for uni, freshers week etc :o

Minute Man 7211985d ago

At Best Buy you can't pay on pre orders, I tried but your system will be there launch day. They (BB) stopped pre orders June 30th

MWong1985d ago

@ RyuCloudStrife

Same I am almost done paying all my pre-orders off. With such a time gap between release day, it's almost like the console is on lay-a-way and you can just pay it off as you want and have it fully paid off by launch day.

silvacrest1984d ago

use Amazon dude, like others have said

amazon uk does not have release day stock problems with the PS4, just preorder it for free and get it delivered on release day

as for the money, just put some aside every week or month until your goal is achieved, thats my plan

Bobby Kotex1984d ago

If you're in the US there's no reason why you shouldn't be ordering from amazon.

Kidmyst1984d ago

If you pre-order from Best Buy online with a store pickup, they do their weekly credit card charges to make sure you have enough to pay for it. If it fails they may cancel your order if you don't react. Got preorders in at Amazon and Best Buy. Either way I'll get one.

dumahim1984d ago

Best Buy drives me nuts.
I quit going there a couple years ago because of all the problems I'd have with online orders. I think the last two years they really pissed off people because stuff that wasn't ordered for Chritmas wasn't available.

But whatever, I ordered both Xbox and PS4. It seems they're putting through authorization charges on the card WEEKLY. It seems my bank doesn't like that and it sets off fraud alerts since it's over $500 for the PS4. After the 2nd one, my bank declined. Called BB, they tell me they're putting it through every week. Call the bank to lift the hold and tell them what BB told me and said that's very unusual and I'd probably continue to have problems. Call BB to resolve and they put everything through and said it's all clear. 10 minutes later I get an email saying my order has been cancelled. I hate BB so much.

steven83r1984d ago

Ya but problem with Amazon is you must pay your preorder in full. Not sure how Best Buy here in Palmdale will guarantee a console i hear they did over 300 orders at this one. Although Palmdale was the main launch city for Xbox 360. Best Buy had thousands. They had huge event at Plant 42.

steven83r1984d ago

I just did mine at Gamestop there was less people preordering. Now i am wondering though since i am 27th on the list but lets say i am 50th in line to pick up, do they put them aside with your name? Or is it first come first serve regardless of what position you are on preorder list?

CuddlyREDRUM1984d ago

Why put money down on something not guaranteed to be available at release?

You can preorder and not be promised one for free.

Pocker1984d ago

@ steven83r

amazon do0esn't charge you until the product ships...

lilbrat231984d ago

Actually Best Buy DOES Guarantee your pre-order. I know for a fact Gamestop won't they didn't for PS3. I remember when they only allowed like 5 Pre-orders and even those 5 who did some had to wait for new shipment. Why is best to do midnight Launch.

Andreas-Sword1984d ago

Another good PS4 news:
YEBIS 2 bringing Visual Fireworks to PS4 Developers

quantae061984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Nice! I'll keep that in mind if I still decide to pre-order for launch. Part of me wants to wait until January, but idk yet. I really do want a PS4 early in it's life cycle. I was late to the party in the 7th generation as I entered in 2009 partially, and fully in 2010.

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MTEC81985d ago

Glad I pre-ordered early, picking it up on day 1!

Thirty3Three1985d ago

Put down NO money on Amazon... Release-day delivery.

However, I'm sure that's gone by now haha!

Ares84HU1985d ago

Same here, $0 down on amazon and will get the PS4 delivered to me on launch day so I don't have to stand in line with a bunch of assholes like I did on the PS3 launch.

JewyMcJew1985d ago

I may have been one of those assholes!

Ares84HU1985d ago


If you were trying to start fights or getting people to start fighting just so they get thrown off line or being an obnoxious loudmouth, than yeah. If you didn't do any of these than no.

I met few of the worst people in my life while waiting in line for the PS3.

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badz1491985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

but they didn't prepared for the tsunami

CalvinKlein1985d ago

damn, I got last of us and wanted to reserve mine, but they needed 100$ down. Damn should have gone back after I got paid.

Ohh well, As long as I have one by the time infamous comes out im good.

Crazyglues1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

Bundles at are still available and they are launch systems..

So if you buy the bundle you will get you system at launch -

All bundles are Launch-Day offers (So I'm pretty sure you were going to buy a game with the system..) Why would you buy just the system and have nothing to play? -So grab a bundle

Best part you don't have to put nothing down... Amazon does not charge your card until they ship it.... enjoy

||.........___||............ ||

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showtimefolks1985d ago

great for sony i have mine pre ordered can't wait to pick it up with few games at launch

drive club- i know psn-plus will get a free edition but i want the full experience, i am hopeful that many will like it as free game and end up buying the whole thing so we can get a strong community going

watch dogs


knack(this i may wait for a little price drop), i want a proper ratchet and clank game on ps4 so bad

chrismichaels041985d ago

This is like Sony's 4th level sell out just in Gamestop alone. Add the multiple level sell outs on Amazon and I think its pretty safe to say the PS4 is dominating the pre-sale charts. Congrats to Sony. Its gotten so good for Sony that they have even sold out of their unlimited supply.

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RedHawkX1984d ago

ps4 is the counsol to get guys dont make the mistake of getting the xbox one and then having to sell it or trade it in lol. the smart and logical choice as a gamer in these hard economic times is the ps4.

s8anicslayer1984d ago

Out here in NY Gamestop stores are still taking pre-orders, I'm guessing this is isolated to web only but given the systems popularity Gamestops other stores outside NY might as well be sold out. Maybe others can confirm with their local GS?

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doctorstrange1985d ago

Dayum. I wish I knew how many were pre-ordered, would be interesting.

T3mpr1x1985d ago

So glad I got a launch edition PS4 from Amazon...This is some good enthusiasm to see for the system, too.

justlikeme1985d ago

Is there a difference between amazon launch edition and preordering it from gamestop/bestbuy or where ever?

For instance The SOurce aka radio shack has preorders for ps4:
Will they be getting them on launch day cuz I notice the date of arrival is "expected to ship by December 31, 2013".

dontbhatin1985d ago

it says december 31st cause sony still hasn't officially announced the release date yet.

Elwenil1985d ago

Amazon's "Launch Edition" is the same as any other PS4, except that they are the ones Amazon has slotted as available for release day shipping. The "Standard Edition" is identical, except they may not be available on release day. So the "Launch Edition" is what you get if you were lucky and quick enough to get in a Preorder before their allotment was used up, the "Standard Edition" is basically a backordered PS4 that will release when they get a new shipment in after release day. So far Amazon has gotten a larger allotment twice that I know of. My "Standard Edition" was upgraded to a "Launch Edition" 4 days after I preordered.

JunioRS1011985d ago

Yeah I just ordered the ps4 battlefield 4 with playstation plus launch day bundle, only $499 so you save $10 bucks

arkard1985d ago

Plus all the tax you save to! That alone is with getting from Amazon for!

Soldierone1985d ago


lucky you, my greedy arse state passed taxes for Amazon. 20+ dollar tax on my PS4, yay......

Clunkyd1985d ago

Sony's website is offering free 2 day shipping and if you use ebates, they're offering 5% cash back when purchasing something from sonys website.
Which means you get $20 cash back.

ftwrthtx1985d ago

I figured they would have to stop at some point.