Reality Check - Are you a Console Fanboy?

Why do console wars and console fanboys exist? Cam investigates in the first episode of Reality Check.

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Saints941838d ago

Yes I am. I have all 3 consoles and I know the positives and negatives of each one.

PopRocks3591838d ago

Ha, that's a great answer! Bubble up for you.

GameCents1837d ago

I only have the 2 HD ones but yeah, my blood runs emerald! (That's green for my slow witted friends/foes)

ghostrider321837d ago

I'm far from one. If only we could cast petrification of all fanboys, there would be peace.

ps3_pwns1837d ago

I am a fanboy of the playstation 4, wii u, pc, and handhelds. im not a fanboy for the M$ consoles because ms sucks and rip you off and if you have those other systems you don't need an xbox at all. its time as gamers to do some house cleaning and cut the gaming fat off by throwing away xbox and its games. time to get some muscle with the ps4 and pc, and some family fun gaming with the wii u. also the handhelds so you can get that outdoors gaming on for some fresh air.

I for the life of me cant see why some want to waste money onn the xbox one at this point. might as well spend that 600 dollars and get a pc to play titnafall and the other games and get ps4 and wii u for the exclusives because they have the most and best ones.

I say 600 dollars but its actually more 499+ tax + live 60 dollars+ 60 dollar game+ tax+ new headset or headset connector 10-20 bucks

this is ridiculous cash to spend for one game franchise thats not even made by bungie anymore and sucks. destiny is the better game and made by bungie

ArmrdChaos1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

....and in true fanboy fashion constantly chasing justification. They seem to think that if they own the superior console that makes them the superior person... ironically it's quite the opposite. Buy whatever brings you enjoyment...the rest is all noise.

ps3_pwns1837d ago

lol actually I just only hate m and think xbox and Microsoft should go home. they are not needed in the console space and do more harm then good. why do you guys fight the other consoles yet praise the xbox consoles when they treat you the worst.

are you that addicted to meaningless achievements? do you actually think your friends and everyone is gonna get an xbox one over a ps4? do you really like the last 3 years of xbox 360 that only had multiplats and Kinect games?

SuperSteve1837d ago

This video describes Sonytards PERFECTLY!

solidjun51829d ago

Never go full retard son.

steven83r1837d ago

Everyone has their preference. Over time i have owned Sega consoles, Nintendo and Sony, But since PS1 i have only purchased Sony consoles. While my brother gets the Nintendo consoles. I am a Sony fan and will not buy MS console. Just doesn't interest me.

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The story is too old to be commented.