10 reasons to buy Wii U right now

Ninemsn games writes: As the next gen battle heats up between Microsoft's Xbox One and Sony's PlayStation 4, another gaming console languishes in the background, buried beneath unfair misconceptions levelled at its creator. The truth is Nintendo's Wii U is a much better gaming proposition than you think.

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RGDubz1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

I got a better reason not too: $349 for current-gen console hardware.

I will patiently wait for actual next-gen consoles such as the PS4 which by the way is only $50 more then the Wii-U.

DrRobotnik1957d ago

Agreed. I remember back in 2006 when I bought my 360 and my cousin instead bought a wii, we used to argue over the wii being considered next gen or current. Then COD 4 came out...I won that argument. Not saying the WiiU is not a powerful system, But that it's powerful for current gen not next gen.

BozoLoco1957d ago

"Next gen" is really just a buzz term that is commonly misused and misinterpreted. Anything that proceeds current tech and evolves/enhances what was previously offered is "next gen". Wii U is the "next gen" of Nintendo consoles.

People really need to stop looking at next gen as being purely driven by graphics, because it's not. If that's the logic you use then consoles have never been "next gen" because they're always trumped by whatever generation PC graphics card there is.

Utalkin2me1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )


But it is only reasonable to compare latest hardware and features of each console maker regardless of "What Gen" it is supposedly is. So really your comment holds only water to specific console maker not current gen as a whole.

ABizzel11957d ago

Played the Wii U in depth at Mall of America this weekend, and it's solid fun. However, I don't think it's worth the asking price right now. It needs a price drop down to $199 - $249, a real HDD, and maybe a game bundled in.

Nintendo just about sold me on a Wii U, but it's still a second buy after my PS4, and fighting for second purchase against my PC upgrade.

LOL_WUT1957d ago

Unless your anxious in getting one then go ahead but there's really nothing worth while in buying one at the moment IMO. You're better off wasting that money on a PS4 or X1 ;) Next-gen

badz1491957d ago

there are still strong reasons NOT to buy it right now than the reason to buy it IMO!

1. the price it's asking is too much. $349 for 16GB?? watch Nintendo drop the price once the PS4 and Xbone come out by year end! the 16GB will be down to $299 before Christmas.

2. most of the anticipated games are coming out next year, so why should anybody buy it now?

3. 3rd party support is still lacking. why buy it at all if it's not even getting multiplats that comes out on PS3 and 360? GTAV is a huge loss for Wii U!

assdan1957d ago

No, it's not powerful

-Superman-1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

PS4 - 399 US dollars
Wii U - 349 US dollars

Optical Drive:
PS4 - Blu Ray/DVD
Wii u - 25GB Optical Disc (Proprietary)

Wii U - 2GB DDR3

PS4 - 500GB
Wii U - 8GB or 32GB Flash

Cloud Storage:
PS4 - Yes
Wii U - No

Cross Game Chat
PS4 - Yes
Wii U - No

PS4 - USB 3.0
Wii U - USB 2.0

Live Streaming
PS4 - Yes
Wii U - No

Reputation Preservation
PS4 - Trophies will be ported
Wii U - No

Region Locked
PS4 - No
Wii U - Yes

Even Microsoft Xbox One has more interesting stuff than Wii U. Microsoft did big damage to theirselves but they removed DRM and has some great games. To be fair, i never been big fan or Kinect 2, but Kinect 2 is more interesting and better than Wii U Motion Control or Screen. I tried Kinect, i played sport game with family, i had fun, but i still perfer hardcore gaming.

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BullyMangler1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

yep . and the ps4 comes with pre-historic split screen in 2013 <

wiiU game-pad is so bad ass surfing the net with its lightning speed service and you can take it to bed and cuddle with it and it rumbLes and youtube on it is ssiiiicKkk . . etc . . .

what does wiiU's current gen hardware have to do with that? (:

not to mention the game-changing exclusives coming to wiiU rather OTHERS with their generic UNIMAGINATIVE games that ANYBODY can think of making (:

ide rather get a ps4 when an exclusive game catches my eye . not much to do with a ps4 if it gots no games, unlike wiiU (:

and that's the wiiU in its infant stage :)

Utalkin2me1957d ago

I'm having a hard time following you. Are you saying that the Wiiu has good games and the PS4 doesn't, which hasn't even released yet?

TongkatAli1957d ago

Dude, they're fing cult to over 100 year old company that uses the cute friendly amazing games to brainwash them and make them post the ignorant shit they always post.

Pika Pika chu!

LOL_WUT1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

Dude that's just weird.

Most Nintendo made Wii U games don't have online multiplayer in 2013<

No analog triggers, no multitouch, looses recognition of gamepad, I get more rumble feedback from an old cellphone and the YouTube app sucks. <fact

I'd rather have new ip's than to get the same repetitive stuff shoved down our throats.

Almost a year in and it's in its infant stage? LOL

BullyMangler1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

such a goomba you

and yes the wiiU youtube app sucks balls . .but not the regular wiiU youtube browser (: is dreamy

you: I'd rather have new ip's than to get the same repetitive stuff shoved down our throats.

me: like what games are repetitive? please explain in >detail< . faiL lol nitpicking wont take you fat in life my son.

you: No analog triggers, no multitouch, looses recognition of gamepad.

me: and multi touch has what to do with gaming . show me a game that matters with multi touch . faiL

and show me a game where analog triggers matters so much over regular triggers . . let a lone a real gun with more than one trigger please lol wut?

ha haaa

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TripC501957d ago

Wii U is Nintendo's next gen. You will patiently wait for PS4's next gen. I will buy a PS4 and Wii U because I like video games.

Campy da Camper1957d ago

That's what I have done. Wii U in bedroom and I play Mario while watching TV and if I die a lot I just flit it on to the big screen. Play my ps3 in living room on even bigger TV for those hardcore last of us sessions. Best of both worlds.

PS. The browser is pretty sweet on the game pad. Its like a tablet.

MasterCratosKong661956d ago

8 disagrees for liking games and removing bias...

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FlyingFoxy1957d ago

Wii U offers unique games, if you really want to go all out you'd spend extra and build a gaming PC. Which will only work out a similar cost when you buy PS4 at launch with the cost of online subscription and high priced games.

Crillvirus811957d ago

Visually the games can only look a little better then 360 or ps3 but gameplay wise and os wise the wii u does a bunch of stuff better it can run circles around them both and it way worth it... i bet you don't own one that's why you say that I have all 3 so from experience I know its way better all it needs is a party chat system and there good to go...

1957d ago
Kos-Mos1957d ago

You must be last gen in intellectuality with that statement. And so are the fanboys/dogs that agree with you.

jcnba281957d ago

I think the price is just fine when you take into account it's the only next gen console with true backwards compatibility and free online.

$50? More like $150. Wii U's start at $300 and you'll need PS+ if you want to play online multiplayer.

Ol_G1957d ago

they always use the price that suits them best making it look like ps4 is only 50 bucks more
funny thing is it's always the price from the premium package they compare with a barebone ps4 true fanboys

LOL_WUT1956d ago

@ OI_G

Well the deluxe is pretty barebones too the cradle stand and NintendoLand aren't too much to brag about same goes for that laughable 8GB of storage I happen to know because I have one. ;)

-Superman-1957d ago

Wii U - 350 dollar
PS4 - 399 us dollar

PS4 is more powerful, big exclusives(you know.. company who made Uncharted, Last of Us, Killzone, Infamous, GT5, LittleBigPlanet... so much), more features(share gameplay, cloud gaming, better multiplayer) and kinda stuff. PS4 is so much better than Wii U.
Lets be fair, when new call of duty, assassins creed, GTA are coming, then it will be on Xbox one and PS4 but wont be on Wii U because its last gen console and too weak for those games.

-Superman-1957d ago

Nintendo has made too many mistakes:
1)Name - Wii U(most people think its same Wii console...)
2)Price is too high, i mean PS3 costs 199 euros(super slim) and has so many games while Wii U has almost no games at all in my country and console costs 350 euros.
3)Console is too weak. Yeah, Wii only sold that much because it was much cheaper and it was SOMETHING NEW TO GAMING, but Wii U = Wii HD

-Superman-1957d ago

PS4 will have 140 new games out in 2013 while Wii U was released year ago and still has less games.

Ol_G1957d ago

Your really a sad fanboy read what i wrote above this it was meant exactly for people like you

Triforce0791956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

U troll,if wiiu is current gen then so is ps4 mate don't shout RAM to me,RAM isnt a bottleneck these days with compression x10 on Havok nextgen,which is in every wiiu devkit ???

32MB/64MB of edram on MCM,
3MB edram cache on cpu cores,out of order,
Custom E6760 DX11 GPGPU,
25GB Single layer discs,
multi screen screen support,
1080p/60fps as seen on MK8,


Here's a quick port that looks miles better.

Oh £80 got me a toshiba 2TB HDD.

abzdine1956d ago

sorry but it looks like shit on both

bootsielon1954d ago

The GPU has no DX11 capabilities, and it-s more of a 4000 series, not 6000 series. Furthermore, of those 2GB in RAM, it can only use 1GB for games. And the 1080p60fps games will look like shit

MasterCratosKong661956d ago

Maybe you should get really good at a game then hold local tourneys and collect the winnings? Then price wouldn't be a concern for you. That's how Smash Bros. basically funded my Wii U and future PS4.

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Nivalis1957d ago

1 Please!
2 Please!
3 Please!
4 Please!
5 Please!
6 Please!
7 Please!
8 Please!
9 Please!
10 Please im begging you!

V0LT1957d ago

TBH I am kind of bored with mine right now... There just isn't enough games flowing out ATM..

PopRocks3591957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

To be fair, there's going to be around six or so games releasing until the end of the year starting in about a month.


No Pikmin or Wonderful 101 love then? Those two are my personal #1 picks. There's also Sonic Lost World.


Okay, really guys? Mario 3D World, Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, Sonic Lost World, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, Zelda WW HD. That's called content. Objectively, that's games for Wii U. That's what I'm saying.

Parapraxis1957d ago

I'm looking at the new Donky Kong Country and maybe the Zelda remaster, that's just about it until Mario Kart next year.

Utalkin2me1957d ago

Content that hasnt released yet....

Reverent1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

I would get a Wii U for the HD Wind Waker release, but literally nothing else looks appealing to me personally.

Right now at this moment, there is no reason to waste money on the Wii U. I guarantee it will get a price drop this coming Holiday, plus that's around the time the bigger games start releasing for it.

My advice, wait until the Holidays when the price drops, and there are actual games to get with it.

PopRocks3591957d ago


The point is that content is going to come out pretty soon, starting with Pikmin in August.


Your comment is confusing. You start by saying that Wind Waker is the only appealing game, then you say wait for a price cut (which Nintendo has already stated they're not doing), then you end it by saying wait for the holiday price drop and when the games have been released.

I just listed pretty much all of the big games releasing by the end of this year. So... are there other games you're looking forward to? Not trying to put you on the spot or anything, but your comment is perplexing.

BosSSyndrome1957d ago

Im lookin forward to sonic and dues ex.

SilentNegotiator1957d ago

"To be fair"? They waited an entire year to release anything worthwhile. There's no "to be fair" twist to that.

PopRocks3591957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )


You're joking, right? Look at the original comment. "There just isn't enough games flowing ATM.."

And I'm saying the games are going to start releasing pretty soon. I'm not saying it necessarily makes up for the lack of content up until August, but look there are games coming out for this console SOON. Emphasis on SOON. Can I make that clearer for you at all? That's ALL I'm saying.

Seriously, what is the matter with you people? Are the lot of you insane or just completely dense?

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letsnotbullshit1957d ago

1 reason to NOT buy Wii U now. Super Smash Bros. comes out next year

Timesplitter141957d ago

I'm very interested in virtual console titles since I've never owned a Nintendo console (though I played them extensively with friends). But yeah I've got lots of catching up to do with classic titles.

Maybe I'll get a WiiU like a year from now or when a new full-fledged Mario/Zelda game comes out

RGDubz1956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

Save $250 then and buy an OUYA console for your retro gaming, it's only $99 and runs all your Nintendo emulators from the original NES to the Nintendo 64, plus it works with both PS3 & 360 controllers.