Skylanders creator working on “next awesome project”

Toys for Bob, the creator of Activision’s Skylanders IP, worked on the series’ first two games. But this year, Vicarious Visions has been put in charge of Skylanders Swap Force’s main development.

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majiebeast1836d ago

The destruction of Crash Bandicoot forever.

Man-E-Faces1836d ago

One of the best new franchises this gen, the happiness these games bring to the little kids (my nephew specifically) and the Skylander collecting is a great thing for the video game industry thank you Toys for Bob and Activision!

maniacmayhem1834d ago

I agree, it was different and the collections were top notch.

Would love to see a pokemon or yu-gi-oh get the same treatment.

NexGen1834d ago

A true follow up to Star Control 2 would be amazing. Shame it still hasn't happened after all these years.