Randy Pitchford confirms new IP for next-gen, incoming Borderlands 2 & Aliens: Colonial Marines DLC

DSOGaming writes: "During Nerdist’s latest podcast, CEO and president of Gearbox Software Randy Pitchford revealed some new interesting information about the future plans of his company, as well as DLCs for Aliens: Colonial Marines and Borderlands 2."

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Reborn1746d ago

New IP? Hopefully, he's learnt that deception isn't a good move. If it's someone actually paying them to make it, I'll be shocked if they trust him with any sum of money.

zeal0us1746d ago

I doubt he learn anything. Even after whole A:CM he just kept coming up with cheap excuses.

Fairchild Channel F1746d ago

To this day he continues to spout his BS over A:CM. Now, from a legal standpoint, I don't expect him to apologize for anything and admit culpability. Especially with the pending lawsuit. But this guy just cannot SHUT UP. He just cannot keep his MOUTH SHUT and quit dumping rocket fuel on the fire.

I don't care if his next game is a 11/10. I will never give money to Gearbox again. Simply on nothing more than principle. Randy Pitchford is a modern day snake oil salesman. Nothing more.

1746d ago
DeadlyFire1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

Nevermind. I don't trust them either.

They still don't deliver what people want.

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PopRocks3591746d ago

Ballsy move to announce DLC for Aliens. Hopefully that new IP turns out to be something a little more worthwhile.

zeal0us1746d ago

Why even bother with A:CM dlc to begin with? It seem like a waste of money that could be put towards something else. If Gearbox hoping to repair damage A:CM cause its way too late for that.

PopRocks3591746d ago

Remember Duke Nukem Forever? They still updated the PC/Mac version to make it a little less frustrating. They're making the best out of a bad situation, as usual.

mii-gamer1746d ago

after the colonial marine debacle i can never fully trust randy or gearbox

cleft51746d ago

Looking forward to that Borderlands 2 DLC that everyone gets to pay for now, I am sure that one will be made by Gearbox. It's sad how everything worked out with Borderlands 2 and Aliens, people really loved Gearbox and they just burned up a lot of trust with poor decisions and stupid comments.

maniac761746d ago

Port ova borderlands.cause there is no way ima play an awesome game on sub 720p with jaggies up the ying yang.ill wait to get a pc or just wait last gen.we will see ports from last gen.

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The story is too old to be commented.