PS3 & PS Vita New Releases: July 7–13th – Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection, NCAA Football 14

Because Europe isn’t getting a couple of the games at present, and they’ve received a couple others already, the currently scheduled list of releases favors North America quite heavily. That isn’t to say it’s going to be a barren week for Europe though, as The Walking Dead: 400 Days comes out on Wednesday. - PSLS

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BiggCMan1689d ago

Yea just put a massive spoiler in the picture!

TrendyGamers1689d ago

It really only becomes a spoiler if you point it out.

BiggCMan1689d ago

No it doesn't, any fan could easily tell who that is simply by a certain object.

SanMarco1689d ago

I wish they would release mgs4 on psn.

IMightBeRetarded1689d ago

That would be a huge download. Ps+ has already filled up my hard drive enough.