Microsoft Aims To Win GamesCom With The Xbox One

Third time's the charm right? After press-bombing twice and having the Xbox One fall on its face the two times it was showcased at the biggest events in gaming, Ballmer and crew at the micro 'M' are going for one and three, with a full blown press conference at this year's European-based tradeshow GamesCom.

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FrigidDARKNESS1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

Of course they will. They didn't show all their cards at e3 . Looking foward to more exclusive titles to be announced and games with true next gen visuals and graphics.

iGAM3R-VIII1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

OMG, FrigidDARKNESS commenting without the comment being a troll comment? No way?! :O

OT: Agreed, they should aim to win, and so should every company entering. It would make other companies bring their A+ game. I cannot wait for this, also because it is nearer to the console releases so we should be able to hear more.

From MS I expect some more gameplays and some new titles announced as well.

From Sony I expect the same but with some added release dare ideas

FrigidDARKNESS1987d ago

Lmao at your comment you goys just can't gett enough of me.

blackmanone1987d ago

Just to be clear, is N4G straight troll bait? Trolls trolling trolls.

gaffyh1987d ago

I don't see this happening because I personally think that MS showed the majority of their cards at E3 as a reaction to the DRM backlash. I would be very surprised if more than 2 new IPs are announced.

JokesOnYou1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

OK yeah sure 1 or 2 more IP's would be great but honestly they have already announced alot....what they need to do is show alot of gameplay for the launch games and give us some for games like Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive and Black Tusk game, etc then demonstrate some actual cloud applications in games like Titanfall.

Also screw what the haters say I want to see more Kinect focus in core games and YES talk about Kinect's use with TV, UI intergration, movies, music, and different features/services available like Twitch= Its a big part of why I want an X1 as oppose to ps4, its very different and has a lot of value straight out of the box for me.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31987d ago

Showing more exclusives and/or more gameplay of the ones that were shown would be great. Sony will have to step it up though because what they showed at E3 was boring as hell with all those rehashes and 3rd party games.

xHeavYx1987d ago

Microsoft's aiming has been a bit off lately, maybe they need some Diazepam

Septic1987d ago

Yeah it would be great to see a few more core titles and gameplay of Sunset Overdrive and Quantum Break.

I do think however, that more Kinect titles will be shown at GamesCom.

TekoIie1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )


At E3 they said they're heavily investing in 5 studios. Two of those are 343 and Black Tusk. So we obviously know what Halo 5 will be like but Black Tusk's game is still hasn't "truly" been revealed.

The other 3's work is still a mystery. If anyone could confirm which studios the other 3 were just in case we have actually seen what they're working on please do so :)

Chaostar1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

edit: my bad, got confused, people were quoting the title and not frigid, apologies. Ignore this :)

ThanatosDMC1987d ago

They need to buy those Ubisoft games as exclusives to get them back on track.

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dedicatedtogamers1987d ago

I wouldn't want Microsoft to NOT aim to win. That would be sad.

Whether or not they CAN win...we'll see once Gamescom rolls around.

Then again, I thought trade shows didn't matter, Microsoft. You said what matters is when gamers actually buy the system.

user55757081987d ago

well they aimed to win e3 and we all saw how that went...

extermin8or1987d ago

@Knockknockannefrank Well tbf as much as I'm looking forward to my pre ordered PS4- MS would have won this years E3 (for the 1st time in many years.) Because the expectations for Sony were higher, and MS had shown no games yet not first party one or exclusives anyway whereas Sony had showed a few in february.

pyramidshead1987d ago

Starting to see some similarities between that Maria user and you frigid :P

YNWA961987d ago

The maria MS came 3rd 50,000 times?

Mr_Nuts1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

Pretty sure they used up all their cards at E3

We might if we are lucky see one or two more exclusives but I doubt it. They blew their cards at E3 because they knew they had to win us over because of the DRM thing at the time, hell most of the stuff they showed isn't coming for a while, they were just teasers, for example Halo 5 won't be coming untill November next year, why show something off so early, thats what the VGA's are for.

Manic20141987d ago

If they are doing a conference at gamescom which they do not usually do, it seems MS will have a more to show and a lot more to win over the fans.

zebramocha1987d ago

Or you know it could damage control for the constant flip flopping.

n4rc1987d ago

There is no damage to control imo.. The Only people that were up in arms were PS loyalists that werent customers to begin with..

At least it sure looks that way..

dasbeer881987d ago

By your definition of "more to show and more to win", do you specifically mean more TV apps and TV services for the Xbox One? Because as far as I'm concerned, they're going to be digging their own graves if they basically showed those two garbage throughout their whole Gamescon conference.

HammadTheBeast1987d ago


Well there's tons of problems then because pretty much every poll has said that PS4 demolishes Xbox One.

SixZeroFour1987d ago

polls only paint part of the picture...i bet if you went back you would see polls stating that the rrod would have "doomed" xbox, and how did the 360 turn out? a massive success if you ask me

not everyone takes polls, hell, even if somehow a million ppl where surveyed for any one of those polls, that would still only be like 1-2% of the total gamers on either system this gen

clearelite1987d ago

I'm pretty sure they used cards they didn't even have at e3 in some kind of mad scramble. Anything to keep the Ps4 hype down and try to redeem themselves.

Kryptix1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

MS hasn't showed every card since they still need to show the potential of the cloud and maybe how the Kinect 2.0 is better than the first. But if they can't show what makes the Xbox One more powerful than the PS4 in some aspects other than multi-tasking...then, they're not pushing sales any much farther. Sony still has cards up it's sleeve also, like showing how fast Gaikai streaming is to all the world outside Japan and maybe some social/game sharing features. Gamescon is probably the last time they can fix whatever mistakes or confusion they made. But knowing both, MS has a lot to do to impress gamers more than Sony. I kinda doubt the cloud is anything amazing since at E3, nothing of it was shown...just all talk, like always but we'll see.

dredgewalker1987d ago

In a poker game the one who shows all the cards early in the game loses quite frequently.

Blachek1987d ago

If MS steps onto the stage and pulls a bench test of an XB1 utilizing the cloud from a computational stand point and it truly amplifies the power of the console, I think this whole conversation changes direction.

That being said, they need to get themselves straight in terms of informing the public about their cloud. Fewer buzz words and more practical application for the now. What will the Cloud do for us gamers out of the box... what would make us want to buy one on day one as opposed to 4 years down the line after PS4 has pulled ahead.

I've read some really positive articles and statements about the cloud from some developers, and on the same token some negative stuff from others. Although I got a misleading vibe from the negative comments that sounded unfounded and opinionated.

This console war has been so convoluted. It is frustrating to decipher the fact from the fiction with companies playing their cards close to the chest and the fan boys jumping down throats. As far as I see it, MS has one opportunity to come out now and be transparent with their plans and their direction... with their loss of leaderships they need to be.

PS4 stands now with everything to lose, because the only thing MS can really do at this point is improve. PS4 keeps playing the PR game and they can nail down this Gen launch.

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kewlkat0071987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

I think they said there are more announce, that would be nice.

MWong1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

They will probably show a Gears trailer and speak more about the XBone. Hopefully they will give some more console insight.

Timesplitter141987d ago

Well I'd be kinda surprised if they were aiming to lose at gamescom.

Of course they're aiming to win

CrimsonStar1987d ago

I'm eager to see what they do . This will be the deciding factor to which console I get first.

andreasx1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

well do you think Sony showed all their games on E3? we still have yet to se what the Japanese and the European devs are bringing to the table.

andibandit1987d ago


He commented on MS and what he hopes they will bring to GamesCom, which seems pretty fair considering the article is about "MS and their goal at GamesCom"....No one said anything about Sony, and if you wait til tomorrow im sure your post will be better suited in one of the up comming
"Sony will own GamesCom" articles comming up.

greenlantern28141987d ago

ms will show game play running on xb1
They have like 3 as of yet announced games based on what was said pre e3.
Confirmed release date.
Sony more games
Talk up vita
announce release date.
Nintendo more of what you have already seen. I say this because they have recently said the games they are working on are so unique they don't want to show them in fear of being ripped off.
It will be interesting to see what kind of response ms gets now that the drm is no longer an issue

HammadTheBeast1987d ago

I think they have 2-3 games of the 15 for first year to be announced.

Sony I think still has 9 left to show for the 20 in the first year.

Both counts do not included indie games which are not part of the first party lineup.

nnodley1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

I'm pretty sure there is more than 9 left for Sony of the 20. We have what Killzone: SF, Infamous: SS, Knack, Drive Club, and The Order that have been announced. That's only 5 out of the 20. I don't think there is anymore Sony first party games that have been announced so were looking at 15 first party games still to be announced for first year. But I may be wrong.

I'm not sure about MS, but at least 10 of them from microsoft studios have been announced.

DigitalRaptor1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

That was a thoughtfully expressed comment craig.

Sony indeed has more exclusives coming in their first year and have shown roughly 5 out of their 20.

Microsoft has shown a fair few, though not 12-13 liked Hammad said.

fermcr1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

If I'm not mistaken, Microsoft said they had 15 first party exclusives for the first year. They only showed 3 or 4 exclusive titles that are first party. Ryse, Dead Rising 3, Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive, Titanfall, among others, might be exclusive but are not first party, so Microsoft probably have a few more games up their sleeves... unless they meant 15 first and third party exclusives.

nnodley1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )


I thought the 15 MS said was games that are to be published by Microsoft where as Sony's 20 are from first party. But don't quote me on that because I may be wrong.

Well I know Sony's 20 is from first party, but it's the MS part I'm not sure on.

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Mounce1987d ago

Yea, just as they said they'd destroy Sony at e3....

Oh wait-....

If you think Microsoft is the only company with things up their sleeves - or at that, that Microsofts BOASTING usually is warranted, then I laugh at you.

Urusernamesucks1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

They did kill sony at e3 with better game presentations left and right, they have more exclusives than sony at Launch. But you haters keep trying to downplay them With your bias opinions .
Sonys e3 was a flop of multiplats and gimiks , the only thing that saved it was the price .

14 solid exclusives at launch>>>>>20im aginary exclusivess that come out later the year.

Mounce1987d ago


They killed Sony, more exclusives? LOOOOOOOL

Sony e3 a flop? LOL

Now you're just trying wayyyy too hard XD I really hope you're just an incompetent troll and not being serious.

moparful991987d ago

@Urusernamesucks 14 solid exclusives at launch? Uh a do wah? There was no where near 14 launch exclusives announced for the XBONE. In fact there where what 5? Killer Instinct, Forza 5, Dead Rising 3, Ryse, and TitanFall. All of the other gamers were teasers with no gameplay footage and no release dates at ALL.

Quantum Break- No gameplay, no release date
Sunset Overdrive- No gameplay, no release date
Halo 5- No gameplay, no release date

Sony showed 10 indie games alone... Please stop speaking out of your butt..

fermcr1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

Sony's E3 was quite boring. What saved Sony was the PS4 price and the DRM policy (at the time).

nnodley1987d ago


Wow how ignorant can you be. You obviously didn't pay attention to MS's conference because only about 3-4 of those games are launch titles. They had to show a lot of games because they were losing big time to sony with all the DRM crap. Sony held back on purpose because they knew they would win over gamers with no DRM. And I remember MS fanboys telling Sony fans who had doubts about MS's exclusives that we should wait till E3. Well now I'm telling you that you really should wait till Gamescom and TGS because Sony will announce a crap load of games there. 20 first party titles and only about 5 have been announced. So we have at most 15 more to be announced. So take your fanboy crap and GTFO.

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S2Killinit1987d ago

actually all indications point to them having shown everything they had. well, im sure they have a few games to show still but Sony wasn't under any pressure to show more games, so I think Sony will come out with some pretty exciting surprises for the next two game conferences

medman1987d ago

Yeah. And I'm gonna try and win the lottery. Microsoft and I will have similar levels of success.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1987d ago

FrigidDARKNESS + 4h ago
Of course they will. They didn't show all their cards at e3 . Looking foward to more exclusive titles to be announced and games with true next gen visuals and graphics.

hahaha thanks for the laugh troll that was pretty funny.

kenshiro1001987d ago

Only in the world of delusions.

Retroman1987d ago

GAW!!! are gamers like blind sheeps to slaughter??
MS keep dishing out articles to cover up the truth DRM,ALWAYS ONLINE,KINECT CAMERA WATCHING YOU. flood internet with promises guess everyone would forget.

if i milked Bessy enough i would believe her milk is blue after awhile.
we must hold our grounds.....

NumOnePS3FanBoy1987d ago

good luck with that and good luck with your xbone getting exclusive game support in a few years

B-radical1987d ago

Imagine if they announced a price drop internet would melt

mcstorm1987d ago

@FrigidDARKNESS I agree im expecting to see more from MS and some more of there exclusive games. I am interested to see what MS show us with the console now the changes have been made to the DRM ect.

1987d ago
DonFreezer1987d ago

I my god ps drones are so butthurt.

thehitman1987d ago

@Frigid you better hope they didnt show all their cards or otherwise they will just stand next to Sony at GamesCom and make a fool out of themselves. Let them get on a stage and just show Kinect stuff or rehash E3. Sony will laugh announce some games and drop the mic.

1Victor1987d ago

FrigidDARKNESS & iGAM3R-VIIII hope they hit it this time because the last time they aim to win wa E3 and we all know how that turned up

dcj05241987d ago

So proud of you darkness, you actually made a comment that is actually resonable. compared to your other comments you deserve no disagress. Agree for me even though i think the XBOX ONE sucks.

3-4-51987d ago

ahh correct everything Microsoft showed us at E3 was a false are so wise...


overrated441987d ago

Did you really say they "didn't show all their cards at E3" mean at the biggest press conference of the year? They didn't show everything they had to show then? Are you one of the people that also said "just wait until E3 and Microsoft is REALLY going to show their fans something there"? I mean, how long are people going to say "just wait until (insert date/time/conference here)" before people start to realize that maybe MS kind of screwed up?

RM-TatoTiburon1987d ago

Microsoft E3 was amazing, was the conference with most games on the floor and the best ones. Sony did a good marketing hit with DRM and that was all. Now with all the drm issue in the past Microsoft can continue to show us what we can play on xbox one this holidays and more features.

This GamesCom it's going to be very interesting i hope Sony also take this chance to show us more than they had on E3

CuddlyREDRUM1987d ago

They really don't have any more major players, unless 343 has gameplay of the next underwhelming Halo title.

You do realize Titanfall is a timed exclusive?

ATi_Elite1987d ago


Gamescon is all about PC Gamimg!

MS had their chance with E3 and they BLEW IT!

Gamescon is where many PC Devs come out to show off great PC titles.

E3 = Consoles
Gamescon = PC

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s8anicslayer1988d ago

Kinectless SKU at 349 or 399 usd and I'm in.

Sitdown1987d ago

Guess you will never be in....... you really think dropping Kinect will cause a price drop of $150? You can also let go off the pipe dream of there being a kinectless SKU.

s8anicslayer1987d ago

I said either 349 or 399 usd meaning either price and since your name is already "Sitdown" you can now "Shut Up"!

Lannister1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

There will never be a kinectless SKU s8anicslayer.

The whole point of MSFT shoving it down our throats is so that devs KNOW it's there when they want to include it in the gamedesign.

Sitdown1987d ago

Haha... Just because you add "or 399” still does not take away from the 349.....which again is $150 price drop. Is wanting people to sit down and shut up how you typically address logic that makes your comments seem absurd? You do know the whole point of these threads are/is to allow individuals to speak right?