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I Love my Wii U

Games aside though, the primary reason I still love my Wii U (even throughout this unforgiving period of gaming drought), is the hardware itself. It may not be as powerful as the PS4 or Xbox One, but one thing it has, something so often lacking from Sony’s and Microsoft’s offerings, is charm – charm in abundance. (Mario Kart, New Super Luigi U, New Super Mario Bros. U, Smash Bros., Wii U)

PopRocks359  +   870d ago
Love mine too. Just not seeing a great deal of use presently. Need some games.
browngamer41  +   870d ago
My favorite system ever!
fsfsxii  +   870d ago
Why are people disagreeing?? wtf??
ChickeyCantor  +   870d ago
Because they are afraid of the fact people do not think the same way they do.
GamerzElite  +   870d ago
Kanzes  +   870d ago
What? everyone has the right to love any system they bought
SonyPS4  +   870d ago
Troll soup for dinner tonight.
Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II  +   870d ago
What? everyone has the right to love any system they bought

Yea but hes going waaay over the top and i couldnt think he means it becuase it has literally nothing worth playing on it.
pikey  +   870d ago
Hi! id like to just say that your opinion: "it has literally nothing worth playing on it" is just an opinion. Now, I know it may be very hard to believe that there exists in this wide and absolutely huge world we live in people who actually have a different mentality, outlook, and way of thinking than you do, but its true!

I, for example, do not discriminate against any console. They all have their merits and I enjoy my wii U and have found a number of games worth playing on it. I'm just one person disagreeing with you but out of the billions of people on this planet, I bet you can go ahead and fathom that there may be thousands or even millions who also disagree with your statement. of course, you can say the same about my statement as well.

So, what shall we do? we're at an impasse. lets analyze what I said, and what you said. If you notice, you framed yours as a statement of fact. "there is literally nothing worth playing on it" as if this is a universal and tested fact. You pass your OPINIONS off as indisputable time tested truth. Mine was presented in a manner that showed that my statement is merely how I see the games now available on wii U inferring that I know some may disagree with me and that's cool cause its all subjective.

what im trying to say is, keep your fanboy antics to a minimum and you'll run less risk of coming off as a total knob who has LITERALLY nothing worth listening to. But that's just my opinion. ;)
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MNGamer-N  +   870d ago
I love mine too, a great little machine. The gamepad is super cool to game on, and looks great on the smaller screen.
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SonyPS4  +   870d ago
I'll love mine when I get one. Zelda WW HD and Pikmin 3 can't come any sooner.
PigPen  +   870d ago
I feel the exact same way. I think it's awesome.
LOL_WUT  +   870d ago
I love mine too ;) but I can't believe it's lacking in its VC games ;)
Realplaya  +   870d ago
You troll every Nintendo article and ride out with the majority of comments.
kagamer79  +   870d ago
I really want a wii u but ive been reluctant to purchase at 349.00 plus tax. People misunderstand me alot because although i grew up on nintendo and love their exclusives, i still have some dislikes. I think the price would be ideal at 300 to maybe even 280 or so. Alot of ppl dnt care for 3rd party support and me personally i think its crucial for variety. Ive been called a troll for voicing things i dont like about nintendo. And why? I love my wife but there are times she pisses me off and we dnt agree. Doesn't mean i dont still love her tho. Same with nintendo. I dnt always agree with the way they do things but at the end of the day i still enjoy their games. Nintendo has a vast library of classics they could breathe life back into that ppl would really enjoy. I hope they do have alot of new ips coming. With a good library of games wii u can have a comfortable place in this gen. Iwatas done good things with nintendo, but im afraid if he doesn't turn things around fast we may not see him next gen.
LOL_WUT  +   870d ago
Don't worry you'll always have that one diehard who will always disagree just look at my comment above.

You aren't missing much by not getting one but if you happen to like the current offerings than by all means buy one. I can't express enough how this console is overpriced.

Oh and I hope that on a future update we're able to mute the little music that plays in the background. ;)
PopRocks359  +   870d ago
You mean the comment above that has six disagrees as oppose to just "one diehard"?

Also you have the ability to mute that music. It's called the mute button on your TV remote, which your Gamepad can also do.
ChickeyCantor  +   870d ago
People disagree with you because you're flip flopping like a politician.

The fact you gained some bubbles is scary actually. There are people out there that actually want to hear more from you.
deadeyes  +   870d ago
l totaly get where you are coming from. I love Nintendo, but they need to get with it !
Realplaya  +   870d ago
The system has been on sale a few times throughout the year at multiple stores. So if you didn't buy it when it was on sale a price drop from Nintendo will not help push you to get one.

Now what will is value and that's 5-10 titles from the big N that you can not live without that everyone has played and loved.
LOL_WUT  +   870d ago
"a price drop from Nintendo will not help push you to get one."
LOL who are you to say that a price cut will not spark someones interest into buying a Wii U? And also what titles might those be that one cannot simply live without? ;)

I meant to say disable the music something that's not possible not even from the gamepad. And no temporarily silencing the music is not an option for me so get to work Nintendo ;)
Myst  +   870d ago
I actually came to really like the WiiU as well. While I wish there are some other games and some ports were better. Just waiting for some of those indie games to land as well as some of the other titles for this year. Sonic Lost World and Wonderful 101 should keep me busy for a bit :)

It's funny I didn't like it at first but after using it for a while It's grown on me.
ricochetmg  +   870d ago
I like my wii u. I dislike all 10 games out for it. MH2 is the only game i play.
nzbleach  +   870d ago
I will love my wii u more when wonderful 101 and x comes out :)
jcnba28  +   870d ago
Great console, patiently awaiting for Pikmin 3 to arrive in the mail.
kagamer79  +   870d ago
You ppl on n4g really love that disagree button huh? Doesn't matter tho wether u like nintendo,sony,or xbox you have the right to your own opinion and tastes in games. As the old saying goes" one mans trash is another mans treasure". Just because you dnt agree with someone doesn't make u right or wrong. It just means we can all agree to disagree.
mydyingparadiselost  +   870d ago
'It just means we can all agree to disagree' - I think thats what happened to your other post, jk. Seriously though your right, I think some people get into a fanboy frenzy and just start hitting the disagree button without taking context into consideration, and your former post has a good point the console does feel overpriced by $50 bucks or so. I think the basic 8 gb model was made to combat that price problem but with no pack in game with having to get an external HDD for storage the savings become moot. Hopefully it gets that price cut semi soon, it will help alot more people get on board with the system just like every price drop for every console ever made.
mydyingparadiselost  +   870d ago
I love my WiiU because of BC between discs and digital content, because Bayonetta is getting a much deserved sequel, because Wonderful 101 seems to be trying to do something new with controls, because even simple things like item management and menus can be done differently, because of the upcoming swath of indie titles and because so far everything I've played on it has been pretty awesome. I'm sure the other consoles will offer different great experiences as well but it doesn't take away from the fact that the WiiU is still a great console that just needs some game love right now.
CFDTBone  +   870d ago
$350 cheap for two screen experience, add vita to ps4 and it's close to $700. I see lots of negative comments about Wii U and think that the people writing them must not understand how the tablet works. There's nothing else like it available right now.
CFDTBone  +   870d ago
I think it might benefit Nintendo to announce a temporary $50 price break for one month with release of Pikmin 3. Not because the system is overpriced, but it would help jump start system that they could have done more to market.
Dj7FairyTail  +   870d ago
more like holiday bundles.
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   870d ago
The Wii U doesn't need a price cut, it needs games. Simple as that
Dj7FairyTail  +   870d ago
sony fans disagree everything that not sony news or positive sony news or statement.

Such a slave you are. N4G WORST gaming site evar!
kagamer79  +   870d ago
@ sidar
How is liking some aspects of nintendo and not liking others flip flopping? I guess not being a sheep and blindly following anywhere a company wants to go makes ppl on n4g trolls. Read my comments and you'll see I've defended nintendo when ppl said they were doomed. I've also stated that the ps4 being only 50 bucks more would hurt wii u sales but i guess that makes me a troll by n4g standards.
FinalomegaS  +   870d ago
how did so many trolls get their bubbles back?

if they're going to recalculate the bubbles then they should ban the repeat offending trolls not give them more ammunition to annoy the community more.. jeez.


I like the system... then again i like any system i buy. it's the games i will love or hate.

Miiverse, that is a great tool~

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