Just Cause 2 Gets A 'Blood Dragon' Treatment, Looks Even More Crazier With Mods

DSOGaming writes: "Our reader ‘Jonathan Gustafsson’ shared with us two new videos, showcasing some mods for Avalanche’s open-world title, Just Cause 2. The first video showcases most of the mods that Jonathan used. Just Cause 2′s visuals have also been tweaked, giving them a more ‘Blood Dragon’ look to them. The second video shows off some really crazy weapons that can cause havoc."

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SIRHC131114d ago

All I see are over-saturated clouds

wannabe gamer1114d ago

click the link and then see the second video, laser guns and crazy what the F grenades and more i cant even explain

john21114d ago

yeah typo, can't fix it as it has already been approved

Pittoo1114d ago

This game was duller than Resistance 3

Axecution1114d ago

agreed. They were both really really really good, but R3 was better.

arronax-11113d ago

Both your moms were duller than the newest mario games bitches.

wannabe gamer1114d ago

morethan just clouds going on here or he wouldnt be going so crazy fast, esp in that parachute

SIRHC131114d ago

Those are seperate mods

MorbidPorpoise1114d ago

Wouldn't say its crazy, more like the stupidity of Saints Row the Third.