Greatest Swords From Video Games

A collection of some of the coolest and most awesome swords from video games

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ShugaCane1504d ago

Where's my Keyblade ?! lol

Okay you didn't forget the Soul Reaver, I forgive you.

minimur121504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

does anyone know is Sephiroth's sword has a name?

I'm sure it does.....

My favourite sword would have to be:
Heavenly Sword
Blade Of Olympus

kalkano1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

Sephiroth's sword = Masamune.

Also, I agree, what about the Buster Sword?

minimur121504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

thanks! I knew it had a name

I said it - I just missed out the 'sword' lol

I writ buster down there but I got lazy. I love that sword xD

Majin-vegeta1504d ago

No Buster Sword??That's a first.

buffalo10661504d ago

the buster sword is iconic but its not all that cool. its just a plain shape nothing really fancy about it

NatureOfLogic1504d ago (Edited 1504d ago )

"Master Sword - Zelda, The master sword has become an iconic sword over the years." *scratches head* also Master Sword is the most plain looking sword on the list. Buster Sword is known for It's unique shape and size.

You might not be a fan of FF7, but these two great swords are missing from your list.


buffalo10661504d ago

i quite like the master sword. its nothing insane but i think its cooler than the buster sword. The image of link with the shield and master sword is cool

Utalkin2me1504d ago

Obviously you have problems with Greatest swords. Your article should have been coolest looking swords. Most of those swords fail on the greatest aspect.

Mr_Nuts1504d ago

No the Gunblade comes first...that is way cooler then the Buster Sword or as I call it the oversize Butchers knife.

HammadTheBeast1504d ago

Gunblade and Mitsurugi's Damascus Sword from SC for me.

Nicholasgliss1504d ago

Wait, not a single sword from Soul Caliber? Ivy has one of my favorites. Two;)

saikorican1504d ago

Soul Calibur is on the list.

Nicholasgliss1503d ago

Oops, I meant the other swords from SC.

buffalo10661504d ago

it would appear an entire post could be made dedicated to the swords of final fantasy :P

Furesis1504d ago

auron's and tidus's celestial weapons

Relientk771504d ago

Needs more Final Fantasy