Photorealistic gallery from ARMA 3 Beta

Thus, on Sunday I ventured back into Arma 3 and spent a few hours in it. In-game Editor is enriched by camera mode, which lets you pause the game and take pictures of such beautiful images that are almost cut from reality. Check whole gallery from Arma 3 gamers.

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0ut1awed1623d ago

Yea, I have been loving the beta. The alpha was so barren and the beta has defiantly spiced things up.

Not to mention the optimization added is really nice too.

Mr Tretton1623d ago

lol, consoles? THIS is next gen. Shit, I hope I'll be able to run it on close to high settings.

Allsystemgamer1623d ago

I'm running the beta on a single 6970 at 30 fps in 1080 on ultra. The alpha was at 20 on high. The full release I expect around 40-45.

0ut1awed1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

Hmm, we will see about the full release.

You have to remember the alpha/beta is only on a 20km island. The main game will include that island off the shore along side the main 270km land mass.

We will see how that fps projection holds up. I won't hold my breath although it would be nice.

Mr Tretton1623d ago

"270km land mass"

Holy shit!

life281623d ago

i5-3450 and GTX560 here and playing on 25-30 fps with everything on ultra, including AA and Supersampling, game is well optimizet, can´t wait for final build

MidnytRain1623d ago

Why aren't these shots impressing me? These are obviously not photorealistic. I feel like games like Battlefield and Project Cars are closer.

evilsooty1623d ago

I agree. Why isn't the realistic blue-tinted supernova present in the Arma pics?

PurpHerbison1623d ago

Why don't we ever get screen shots that are AT LEAST 1920x1080? Can't tell a thing from those shots.

SonyAddict1623d ago

My gtx 780 core i7 PC will be here in a few days and finally I get to jump on the PC bandwagon!.