Epic Talks Gears of War 2

Epic founder Tim Sweeney has been talking to Next-Gen about the much-anticipated Gears of War 2.

In an interview, due to be published tomorrow here, he said, "The next Gears of War game will have improved physics features and new lighting and rendering features. Work on the engine will continue through the whole engine cycle. There will be major new features we'll be adding two years from now that games just haven't done yet."

Speaking on Unreal Engine 3's future he said, "We can do more with networking to get more players in these games and get more complex physics working. Right now we have fairly complex vehicle interactions, but there's a lot more that can be done there. There's even more that can be done with animation--further extending the integration between the physics and the hardcode animation. We have quite an extensive system for that, but there's a lot of game-specific work that can be done for improving human characters and their interactions with the environment."

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Mercutio3883d ago

We get to hear about Gears of War 2 shortly after?

shine13963883d ago

what! you're coming up with a conspiracy theory, already? I think, I 'll keep an eye out for this...

kevoncox3883d ago

We never get GOW info.
I really hope that the action part of this game is increased. This game has the potential to go into my top 5 GGOAT list. However, the story telling is horrible. The story is amazing as the universe is as good as MGS but the story telling is just bad. I was hyped reading about the story prior to release and it sounded like there was going to be so much substance but the chracters are just skins and the grunt talk gets old really fast. I was hoping for an exploration of the PAX that exsisted prior to the emergancy day. Show me what happened to get him thrown in jail. Why was the story telling so bad? I felt like i was just being moved from level to level for no reason. Why am i on tis train, why am i in the lava tunnel, why am i in a destroyed city?

masterg3883d ago

Who cares.. They will both be part of the awesome c*cktail that is the games of 08. My god its a sweet year to love gaming.

The Killer3883d ago

and it was so boring and depressing with not much variety in gameplay, basically all game u will be hitting walls to take ur head out and shoot! after the bomb exploded in the enemy cave i was happy i finished the game and when i saw that it didnt i removed the game straight away!!
it have nice graphics but thats it, and i hate lucus or wat ever his name(the main guy) he rarely talks and when he talks he talks like he is a cool typical American guy and soiled and thinks he is james bond!
i hated when he says "not really" or "yeah" this game was aimed at american children!

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Jinxstar3883d ago

Can't wait this game is gonna rock faces. I just hope the online gets a little better. Maybe it was cause I was a noob but I always felt laggy when I was playing Gears 1 online...

FirstknighT3883d ago

Second biggest game this year folks.

2.Gears of War 2

Can't wait to chop up some Locust!

gEnKiE3883d ago

You got this above MGS4? Your crazy! Nah, just kidding, but GTA is almost here which is crazy...Never thought that it would ever come, same with MGS4 and that too is almost here.....I think we're all in for a great summer for gaming.

bootsielon3883d ago

Let him rate GoW2 above MGS4. It almost cracks me up that he considers GoW a bigger franchise, but anyway let him. He must think that any Halo has bigger production values and is more innovative than any Metal Gear.

socomnick3883d ago

bootsleion Im pretty sure gears is a bigger franchise I might be wrong but didnt Gears sell more than any other mgs game ever and thats not taking into account the 120 mil userbase on the playstation 2.

SL1M DADDY3883d ago

Focus a bit more on the story than they have in the past with this one. The story in the first one was a bit shallow and I personally would like to see it more fleshed out this time. Great graphics are nice but the story would be nicer.

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