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Submitted by UnRated 943d ago | screenshot

New Titanfall screenshots (direct-feed)

Here are some new direct-feed screenshots of Titanfall from the E3 demo. The game is currently rumored to not be running at full 1080p at the moment which might explain the lower resolution and muddy textures. (PC, TitanFall, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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Adexus  +   943d ago
Really hope these are from the 360 version...
UnRated  +   943d ago
Nope, direct-feed screenshots of the highest quality video of the E3 demo.

Pretty sure this isn't the fault of the One at this point, it's certainly proven it can render games in 1080p with great graphics a la Forza 5.
Adexus  +   943d ago
I think it being cross gen is probably letting it down in the graphics department, if it was One/PC exclusive I imagine it would look a bit better, the game still looks fun though.
thezeldadoth  +   943d ago
sure it'll look great on PC
Godmars290  +   943d ago
Thing is are you talking about in-game or "car-porn" footage Forza 5 has become known for? Though both use the exact same game engine, the exact purpose its used for is different.
Enemy  +   943d ago
This looks like pure garbage. No surprise, considering the engine it's running on. Killzone 2 and 3 both look better.
ShinMaster  +   943d ago
FORZA's lighting is still baked-in.

And these are PC shots. Xbox fans are easier to fool since you can plug in an Xbox controller to a PC and the button prompts on screen will change to that of the controller's.
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NatureOfLogic  +   943d ago
I would argue that Dust 514 looks better, and that's a f2p game.
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starchild  +   943d ago
Some of you are blind. Killzone 2 and Dust 514 look better? Give me a break.
Titan Fall isn't the best looking next gen game, but it is still better looking than current generation games.

Go read Digital Foundry's tech analysis. Yes, it's weak in certain areas, but it's still using graphical techniques that only the very most advanced games on consoles used this generation and a few techniques that have only really been used on high end PC games.

Also remember this game is running at twice the framerate as something like Killzone Shadow Fall. It looks about 80% as good as KZSF, but it is also rendering 100% more frames. That's still a respectable accomplishment.
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georgeenoob  +   943d ago
Everyone here is so ignorant.

This is a MULTIPLAYER ONLY title. Of course the graphics aren't going to look as good as other single player next-gen games. For those saying it looks like current generation, try comparing the graphics to CoD or Halo's multiplayer and you'll see how amazing Titanfall's graphics is.

It even looks way better than Crysis 3's multiplayer (one of the best looking games of this gen). Don't you get it?
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awi5951  +   943d ago

Dont complain about forzas lighting killzones is fake as well its not real time at all.
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medman  +   943d ago
How would you know? The gaming public hasn't seen this game running on Xbox One hardware yet. The smoke and mirrors show Microsoft put on at E3 is still fooling some folks, I see.
The_Infected  +   943d ago

"This looks like pure garbage. No surprise, considering the engine it's running on. Killzone 2 and 3 both look better."

Which do you think will be more fun though? Between Killzone: Shadowfall and Titanfall.
UnHoly_One  +   943d ago
Starchild and Georgeenoob, you guys need to remember that this game is (currently) not going to come to a Playstation system.

Therefore everyone on N4G is automatically going to hate it.

The game looks great, but all the fanboys have their PS goggles on and can't see it honestly as a result.

Will it be the best looking Next Gen game? No of course not.

Does it look better than ANY current gen game. Absolutely.

Anyone that says otherwise is blinded by fanboyism or just plain trolling.
aceitman  +   943d ago
from the creators of cod . did they use the same engine. not impressed at all with the graphics it better be from the 360 version or it can spell some trouble on the graphics side.
UnRated  +   943d ago
Nah they used Valve's Source Engine. I just remembered that the game originally started as a current-gen game.
Transporter47  +   943d ago
Yeah this game is not graphical impressive at all.
Septic  +   943d ago
Yeah graphically, it does leave a lot to be desired but it more than makes up for it in the gameplay department.
Shadowsteal  +   943d ago
I don't get why people are harping over this game. It's a first person Starhawk with Call of Duty's engine. This game will fail due to it having to compete with both Battlfield and Call of Duty. Battlfield has got a respectable fanbase now even the number of COD players is still up there. But Titanfall is simply COD with jetpacks and robots. Quite unoriginal. But it's making me more irksome seeing all these people harping over it like its Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Oh and now there's Destiny which is doing something incredibly revolutionary and broadening upon the gameplay of Borderlands. So I can't see why ANYONE would pick up this COD clone next to actual COD/ Battlfield/ and Destiny.
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loulou  +   943d ago
and your an idiot.. do some research before writing
Shadowsteal  +   943d ago
@loulou Why don't you state what part of what I said is wrong if anything?
jetlian  +   943d ago
it doesn't have KS like cod. It doesn't have rts like starhawk. Also the game is coming out next year... sometime after cod and bf!!.

Now killzone is crazy for going up against cod and bf.Destiny is like defiance but better im guessing.

This game is geared towards cod players for sure. It also has the wall running mixed with jet packs
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Shadowsteal  +   943d ago

The mechs and jet packs from starhawk. The ugliest engine in the world from COD. Which is now almost 6 years old.

Killzone is a different type of fps. That's why I didn't mention it in this comparison. No other fps plays like Killzone. Kind off like how no other game plays like Halo besides maybe Destiny because I see a lot of similarities. But Killzone is doing something different this time around and their goal is to create a technically beautiful game as an fps. Hopefully the story and multiplayer get better too, but I have faith in Guerrilla games. But tell me Titanfall doesn't look/play exactly like COD but with Mechs and Jetpacks. I hate ignorant gamers like that. Talk shit about COD being the same every year, then defending Nintendo because "new characters doesn't make a new ip, new experiences does" which is bullshit they're just afraid none of their games will sell if Mario isnt attached to it. We as gamers should be pushing devs to make games like Destiny, The Last of Us, and the Division. Not this Titanfall dribble which looks like COD with one of their $15 map packs. Disagree all you want. But there is truth to what I'm saying.
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jetlian  +   943d ago
killzone hasn't shown anything new, same with destiny. the division looks good but im worried about all these online shooters.Even the last of us isn't new.

people who like cod would pick this up. By the time this hits cod players will be falling off.
Shadowsteal  +   943d ago

Destiny nothing new? A broader vision of Borderlands a seamless co op experience that evolves with other players around you. Tell me one game like it.
Killzone it trying something new to what it was doing before. The Last of Us use familiar elements from different games to create a fresh experience, tell me a game like The Last of Us. If Titanfall hits in the holidays it'll be condemned to compete with the next COD/ Star Wars Battlefront/ The Division and other unannounced titles that would appeal to the average COD player. For Titanfall to succeed it must release in Q1-Q3 and avoid Q4 all together. This way COD: Ghosts or Battlefield 4 players will be tempted to migrate to Titanfall before the holiday 2014 titles hit.
jetlian  +   942d ago
destiny is like defiance it an mmo shooter thats it. killzone isn't breaking bread. The last of us is like old school survival horror. I am alive even though a arcade game was more survival with limited resources

nothing in recent years is new except maybe tablet style games.Which isnt major gaming. I cant think of any games like angry bird or cut the rope from when I was younger.

I'm sure somebody could find soomething similar though
aceitman  +   943d ago
is this what the cloud is doing . not inpressed at all.
Funantic1  +   943d ago
I just saw pictures of Titanfall on other sites and they look much better than these for some reason. Like the author explained these are low resolution...very low resolution. I just hope it wasn't done intentionally since it is the favored game of the next gen.
UNGR  +   943d ago
Why does everyone want the game to be graphics first, everything else later? I'd rather have the graphics held back and have a really smooth shooter with 60 frames per second, or higher if that's what they aim for. Graphics are overrated, I'll take a good game over a pretty one any day.
JerkDaNerd7   943d ago | Spam
dale_denton  +   943d ago
gameplay looks fun but the graphics... wtf
B-radical  +   943d ago
Lol dont worry if u seen the direct footage from e3 you know it looks better then these direct feed pics
DonFreezer  +   943d ago
Shut your mouth.Gaming is more than graphics.
dale_denton  +   942d ago
so why bother buying the xbone version? why even get it for next gen?
InsaneGam3r   943d ago | Offensive
rezzah  +   943d ago
Just watched a video with Destiny and it got me thinking.

Which of the two, Destiny and Titanfall, are you most looking forward to playing?

PS4 owners can't purchase Titanfall, but we all still have opinions. Also one owners get the best of both worlds in this case.
Fireseed  +   943d ago
I'd definitely want to see more of TitanFall, but I'm gonna have to say Destiny.
rezzah  +   943d ago
I have the same opinion.
windblowsagain  +   943d ago
I'll check out titanfall on PC. But if it feels anything like cod, NO thanks.

Destiny could be good, looked nice and looks interesting.

Shadowfall looks like a big game as well, as does BF4.

Many to choose from.
DonFreezer  +   943d ago
What the fuck has Destiny to do with Titan fall. Destiny is a more like an rpg.This is a multiplayer shooter.
HammadTheBeast  +   943d ago
I'm getting Titanfall on PC, but Destiny all the way.
wastedcells  +   943d ago
I'm not excited for Titanfall, I keep trying to be but I think my gaming preferences have changed over the last couple years. No single player actually bothers me now. I use to just jump online and never play campaigns but I think I have online multiplayer fatigue from all the shooters every year.
RM-TatoTiburon  +   943d ago
i'm getting both for xbox one
PFFT  +   943d ago
Yep same here. And the amazing looking Forza 5! Man that game looks sweet as hell!
OSIRUSSS  +   943d ago
Destiny will be the first next Gen game I get!
Funantic1  +   943d ago
Destiny looks and plays just like Halo. The guns even sound like Halo. The environments are copied and pasted from Halo. Don't get me wrong Halo is great but this game is a duplicate with slightly better graphics. This is Halo with a new name just to have an excuse to be brought to all the consoles and make more money.
Qrphe  +   943d ago
Honestly neither, but Destiny will be a multiplatform so it'll be more widespread than Titanfall for at least a year. That's a lot of headstart.
dragon82  +   943d ago
I will be getting Destiny for PS4. I will either wait for Titanfall to make it's way to PS4 in a year or check it out on PC.
Nocando  +   943d ago
I can't say I am blown away, especially at the textures up close.
SpinalRemains138  +   943d ago
It looks nice, but honestly, Killzone SF looks much much better.
Fireseed  +   943d ago
One thing that I'm most curious about is that most games that use the Source engine, end up having a similar feel to Half-Life (Not a bad thing). But since the Source engine is HIGHLY modular I wonder how far of a departure they're going to be able to get out of it.
SniperControl  +   943d ago
Oh dear. Did MS just pull a Killzone 2 2005 E3 with Titanfall?
lastofgen  +   943d ago
right...and how do you figure that?
the killzone 2 e3 2005 trailer was cgi. the titanfall demo shown at e3 was gameplay and this is gameplay..

how in the world are the two situations in any way similar??
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mt  +   943d ago
actually killzone 2 final version is better than the 2005 CGI.

and about graphic wise titanfall looks oki compare to other games shown in E3, but now it is all about gameplay.
MYSTERIO360  +   943d ago
If these is true xbox one pics i guess those high end PC's really boosted its visuals
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OpieWinston  +   943d ago
You do realize only one game demo was running on a Geforce Titan model graphics card.

That demo was Lococycle, and that was because the developers admitted they didn't have a working demo.

Titanfall is still in the alpha stages, this is why companies like CDPR didn't show their gameplay to the public because the public is retarded and doesn't understand what Alpha means.
SniperControl  +   943d ago
I did not state the E3 TF demo was CGI dude.
These screenshots shown look nothing like the E3 demo MS showed us, I just went back and watched it. The demo looks sharp, with no shadow jaggies (as seen in the cockpit view). The demo defitnity didnt have any poor textures as shown in these screenshots. Either these are 360 visuals or MS conned us with showing it running on a high end PC.

Hence my reference to the infamous Killzone 2 debacale of E3 2005. I am just shocked by thess screenshots.
uncharted56  +   943d ago
They need to have the gameplay nailed down which from the e3 demo seems to be done. Now they have around a year before release to make some strides in graphics department and polish the game.
desertpunk86  +   943d ago
this pics look like they are from the 360 ver which i hope they are cuz im not going next gen until the end of next year.
I_am_Batman  +   943d ago
I'd say those pics look bad even for current gen standards. The textures are horrible. Everything is so blurry.
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desertpunk86  +   943d ago
i don't care about the graphics is the mech vs mech combat im exited for,i haven't play a online mech game since mechassault 2 lone wolf and for a game running on a modified old engine is looking great.
Saleem101  +   943d ago
To be honest game looks ok nothing special...
MasterCornholio  +   943d ago
I know people will claim that the game looks like this because its rendering at 1080P at 60FPS but Battlefield 4 does the same thing and it looks much better than this.

Edit: Anyways isn't this game using the cloud to improve the visuals 3 times over an offline Xbox One? If so then the cloud features of the Xbox One disappoint me because it should be much better than this.

Motorola RAZR i
#10 (Edited 943d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
OpieWinston  +   943d ago
Retard alert?

They're using the Source engine because making a new engine takes time and money. Dice had time and a team working on the Frostbite engine for years and updating it so comparing it to BF4 makes you look retarded.

And the Cloud was designed to offload certain things not improve visuals 3 times over an offline X1. They just said it gives 3 times the power but having Dedicated Servers allows them to offload A.I onto the servers which gives them bit more freedom in the shipped product.

Cloud could be a complete gimmick for all I care because "Dedicated Servers for all Multiplayer games" is more than enough for me to pick up an X1 for games like Titanfall.

P.S don't compare a game like BF4 that's more like a Battlefield 3.5 to something that's new and innovative based on graphical appeal.
Triforce079  +   943d ago
When will people just understand Mariokart8,X,Bayonetta2,COD Ghosts,Watchdogs,were best graphics at E3 technically.

and this is real time co-op in game running on wiiu its coming to the UK can't wait,oh this is 818x460 resolution,wiiu will run at much higher resolution wow.
ssj27  +   943d ago
SniperControl  +   943d ago
The E3 PS4 demo of The Division was the best graphically impressive game I saw.
GribbleGrunger  +   943d ago
Totally agree:

@Snipercontrol: And that's a screenshot from the PS4 version.

Now before anyone complains, I'm not saying it can't look like that on the X1, I'm just comparing it to Titanfall, which I believe is deliberately being over hyped

For those who disagreed with Snipercontrol:
#11.2.1 (Edited 943d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(3) | Report
SniperControl  +   943d ago
I am not a massive MP fan, but I will be definitely be getting this game.
That screen shot you posted is like DAMN!
Triforce079  +   943d ago
Yeah running on pc ???? just like all ubisofts games ?
SniperControl  +   943d ago
I see from your random comment, you didn't see the on-stage LIVE demo?

Stop trolling!
#11.2.4 (Edited 943d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
Shadowsteal  +   943d ago
That is one Ugly game. Games like this and Call of Duty shame me for calling themselves Next-Gen when clearly it looks like something that should be on PS3/360/ and Wii U.
Wni0  +   943d ago
Looks like the graphics of current gen wih just more shit everwhere. Not a jump in textures or raw polys.
NewVegasTroop  +   943d ago
Am I the only one around here that sees Titanfall as a Starhawk ripoff? only difference is that Titanfall is FPS and Starhwak a TPS...
josephayal  +   943d ago
I'm not saying that Titanfall looks bad, it just looks so Generic just like COD
MidnytRain  +   943d ago
I'm looking forward to this game. Looks like something I'd really enjoy. But I agree with you. They should have went somewhere else with the art style. Even the guns look copy-pasted from CoD.
quenomamen  +   943d ago
Whooo hooo Call It Doodie with Mechs, where do I join ? Not
Smoovekid  +   943d ago
Have you seen Titanfall?
KiRBY3000  +   943d ago
"conversation over" lolz
Funantic1  +   943d ago
All the games at E3 for both PS4 and X1 looked unimpressive. Many people have said this already. They looked just like current gen.
Smoovekid  +   943d ago
Godmars290  +   943d ago
Some had tweaks, like DR3 has more zombies yet fell into instant criticism for losing color where KZ4 had plenty of color but came off as being just a linear as always, so yeah, all of them.
lastofgen  +   943d ago
I actually have to agree with you on that one.
I don't think we'll actually see results until maybe a few years into the next cycle.
webeblazing  +   943d ago
i have to agree with you the gfx part the games at e3 wasnt really impressive, but they did look fun. and i hated whoever was playing infamous he sucked and didnt show anything off, im surprise everyone was impressed by that. seriously who constantly shoots in infamous, you usually chain moves and your powers together it was a waste of a video. with all that shoot he was better off with a gun in his hand
No_Limit  +   943d ago
Can't wait to play this game on Xbox 1. March can't come soon enough.
turgore  +   943d ago
Looks bad. But I'm sure it would be fun.
stormplyr  +   943d ago
These visuals don't really look next gen...
sAVAge_bEaST  +   943d ago
This looks like a futuristic CoD, current gen.. wow. I hope the render, and ad a massive amount of textures.. I mean, look at the foliage,. so current gen.
plaZeHD  +   943d ago
The visuals look terrible. I can find current gen games that look better.
cosmogirl427   943d ago | Spam
andreasx  +   943d ago
I don't understand the hype for this game, it is basically CoD with Mecs. sure it looks interesting, but it is nothing to write home about.
mochachino  +   943d ago
Why are the textures so 360-ish.

PC and One version should look better I imagine.
#26 (Edited 943d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
JunioRS101  +   943d ago
Haha you can already tell the difference between PS4 and Xbox One exclusives. Killzone or Infamous graphics versus Titanfall graphics?? Give me a break. Can people actually not tell the difference?
rickybadman  +   943d ago
Another game people will scream that Killzone looks better than..............and will sell better than Killzone because, you know, it will be way more fun
Good_news_every1   943d ago | Spam
ForgivenZombie  +   943d ago
Graphics aren't everything, though I do love graphics but gameplay is more important. A crappy game with great graphics is still crappy.
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