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Xbox One DDR3 RAM vs PS4 GDDR5 RAM: "Both Are Sufficient for Realistic Lighting"

GB: "We had a chance to speak founder and COO of Geomerics Chris Doran, whose company created Enlighten which is used for creating lighting for games like Battlefield 4 on the subject of - what else? - next generation consoles. Specifically, we compared the Xbox One's 8 GB DDR3 RAM and the PlayStation 4's 8 GB DDR5 RAM, with 5 GB and 7 GB allocated to games respectively, and asked Doran which is a better solution for crafting realistic lighting." (PS4, Xbox One)

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dedicatedtogamers  +   872d ago | Well said
I'm not interested in what will be sufficient NOW. I want to know what will be sufficient 2 years from now, 4 years from now, and beyond that. PS3 had weaker RAM and a weaker GPU but it ended up pulling ahead in graphics due to Cell.

The PS4 is superior in - literally - every conceivable hardware aspect compared to Xbox One. The bigger pool and unified pool of RAM (which the X1 does not have) is going to play a big role in the future, especially as PCs continue moving in that direction. Twice the output pipelines and 30% more shader cores in the GPU may make a differences, too.
MikeMyers  +   872d ago | Well said
Since when did technology matter so much? Oh yes, ever since the PS3 came out even though the PC showed drastic improvements. Didn't seem to matter during the PS2 era. I guess when you control the market it's ok but when that market becomes much more competitive now it's an issue. Odd.

Even if both systems were 100% equal you would not bother with the Xbox One. So why worry about any advantage the PS4 may have? It's irrelevant to your debate when you picked your side a long time ago, before any specs even got leaked.
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NatureOfLogic  +   872d ago | Well said
Bottom line and fact, Xbox One is inferior hardware for a higher price.

@ Mike "Since when did technology matter so much?"

Since Xbox fanboys like yourself were claiming that the next Xbox would be more powerful than PS4. I remember reading comments that "Sony can't afford better hardware, they're going bankrupt." I guess a lot of Xbox fanboys are in shock that hardware corporation actually released better hardware. Now oddly enough, only teh cloudz seem to matter.
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dedicatedtogamers  +   872d ago | Well said
"Since when did technology matter so much?"

For how long have you been a gamer? Technology has always mattered. You think the 16-bit Genesis compared to the 8-bit NES didn't have any advantages? You think the SNES's hardware didn't have any advantages over the Genesis? You think the PS1's disc drive didn't allow games that were impossibly expensive on the N64?

Technology always matters. Power always matters. While it does not - alone - determine the winner or the best games, it's also not a non-issue.
creatchee  +   872d ago | Well said

"Even if both systems were 100% equal you would not bother with the Xbox One. So why worry about any advantage the PS4 may have? It's irrelevant to your debate when you picked your side a long time ago, before any specs even got leaked."

This encapsulates the fanboy in a nutshell. It is not enough to enjoy the products that they choose to buy - they must seek out a competing product and come up with reasons that their product is better. Finally, they disparage that other product and anybody who decides to buy it.

I will never understand that way of thinking. If I buy a fast car, I simply enjoy the speeds it provides. I don't look at the other brands and say "theirs isn't as fast, so I'm going to belittle anybody who dares buy one of those brands."

Fanboys can't just enjoy the ride - they have to tell you how crappy they think yours is because they think it will make theirs better than it actually is.
PLASTICA-MAN  +   872d ago
Lighting doesn't need so much memory to be good hence why Geomerics Enlighten was used in a wide range of games for this gen. Only static things need so much memory like textures or static polygonal models (like buildings) which need massive chunks of data, soemthing like Lighting and especially next-gen will be fully dynamic in most of the times which requires CPU and GPU power not RAM (well maybe for the colour of the light and some collatreal effects). That is why we may see almost the same Lighting engine for both consoles but on PS4 we cna get better tecxtures (especially when it comes to exclusive titles), also the new revision of Unreal Engine 4 (unlike this gen) may be better on PS4, since it totally dropped SVOGI for some background boken lights (which are like textures) so, we may see more "theoretical" lights with UE4 on PS4.
OrangePowerz  +   872d ago
Speccs mattered during the PS2 era, but the competition that had stronger hardware didn't have enough games. In general for third party games it won't have a huge impact anyway, you won't see a big difference between the consoles.
MikeMyers  +   872d ago | Well said
"For how long have you been a gamer? Technology has always mattered. You think the 16-bit Genesis compared to the 8-bit NES didn't have any advantages? You think the SNES's hardware didn't have any advantages over the Genesis? You think the PS1's disc drive didn't allow games that were impossibly expensive on the N64?"

But how does any of that apply to the Xbox One and PS4 Ram differences? It doesn't. You are trying (desperately too I might add) to make this into some huge difference. It isn't there, much like it wasn't there with the Xbox 360 and PS3. That didn't stop the fanboys from going on and on for over 7 years now did it? So what you are essentially saying is expect another 7 years or so of this constant barrage of the system I like better is more powerful nana-nana-na-na nonsense. We've come to a point where graphics are going to be beautiful on the Xbox One, PC and PS4. With richer worlds and bigger worlds. With online gaming getting bigger thanks to dedicated servers and the cloud. More advanced as well where that data can be collected to create better matchmaking and do things like learn how you play with games like Forza 5.

This isn't even in the same league as the Wii was to the PS3/Xbox 360. We are already seeing games like Forza 5 run in 1080p at 60fps while Driveclub is trying to reach 60fps. This is the start of the new generation and you're already dismissing the Xbox One as a next gen. console. What a joke. All one needs to do is look deep into your profile and they will see this same attitude carries well before the Xbox One.


"I will never understand that way of thinking. If I buy a fast car, I simply enjoy the speeds it provides. I don't look at the other brands and say "theirs isn't as fast, so I'm going to belittle anybody who dares buy one of those brands."

Fanboys can't just enjoy the ride - they have to tell you how crappy they think yours is because they think it will make theirs better than it actually is."


This is what I will never get, this need to validate ones purchase. I've bought Playstation consoles ever since the first one. I loved the hell out of it with games like Ridge Racer, sports games from EA, fighting games like Tobal and all of that. How come I didn't turn out to be the hater? One who has to attack the competition every day to make me feel better about the upcoming PS4? That's what this guy does and a few others. They go on and on and on. Writing blogs, telling everyone how bad and evil Microsoft is even when they have a choice to buy something else. This guy even went as far as saying the Xbox One wouldn't even allow used games before they dropped the DRM restrictions. It was going to allow used games, just in a more controlled environment but people like him have to always dramatize and sensationalize everything. All for attention. Now they dropped the DRM for disc based games and they still can't stop talking negatively about it.

It's time for these people to move on. They're credibility was gone long ago and the reason they are still relevant here is because this site heavily favors one userbase and nobody can explain why. Nobody can explain why the PC, Wii/WiiU, Xbox, and handheld forums pale in comparison to the activity of the PS3 forums. How is that possible to have one system that sold less than 80 million units be more popular than all of those others combined? Since when has this place been the isolation of Playstation fans or are they like this everywhere? Every competitive market has fanboys but it just seems like Sony fanboys dominate, are the most aggressive, vocal and the least likely to play nice with others.
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sAVAge_bEaST  +   872d ago
MikeMyers asked Q: Since when did technology matter so much?-]
A: since home systems were introduced to the market.
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webeblazing  +   872d ago
im confused with the constant flip flopping on this site. one week the tech doesnt matter the next week it does.

im starting to think that people on this site agree on a subject when its to their advantage
MysticStrummer  +   872d ago | Well said
"Since when did technology matter so much? Oh yes, ever since the PS3 came out even though the PC showed drastic improvements. Didn't seem to matter during the PS2 era. I guess when you control the market it's ok but when that market becomes much more competitive now it's an issue. Odd.

Even if both systems were 100% equal you would not bother with the Xbox One. So why worry about any advantage the PS4 may have? It's irrelevant to your debate when you picked your side a long time ago, before any specs even got leaked."

Translation : "I can't come up with a valid counterpoint, therefore the argument is meaningless."

Technology always matters on a level playing field, and so does price, but the timing of the release means a lot as well. XBox, the first of it's name, released well after PS2 had started to become the juggernaut it did. Funny how back then developers had no problem showing one box's power over the other's, but now it's all about "parity". Of course back then, MS had the most powerful console. An odd coincidence indeed.
GrownUpGamer  +   872d ago
@ MikeMyers

"Since when did technology matter so much? Oh yes, ever since the PS3 came out even though the PC showed drastic improvements. Didn't seem to matter during the PS2 era. I guess when you control the market it's ok but when that market becomes much more competitive now it's an issue. Odd.

Even if both systems were 100% equal you would not bother with the Xbox One. So why worry about any advantage the PS4 may have? It's irrelevant to your debate when you picked your side a long time ago, before any specs even got leaked."

Well said. 1+ Bubble. If i can only give you 1 more bubble.
Cmk0121  +   872d ago | Well said
More over to your point the Xbox ( original) was more powerful than ps2 and Sony fans didn't care then whatsoever. Xbox had hard drive ps2 did not. Xbox live way better than ps2 online network etc... Nobody cared ... Ps3 arrived and all folks care about is specs
b3ast   872d ago | Immature | show
loulou  +   872d ago
come on n4g, you should have a betting system on here... where we can bet on who is the first to post, who has posted etc..

the same people everytime.

it aint even worth posting on here now. it is the same idiots writing the same stuff, in the same blogs over and over and over again
Qrphe  +   872d ago
So the 7th gen was your first game correct? Technology has ALWAYS mattered as far as consoles go, even as far back as the days of consoles such as the Atari 2600 and NES or personal computers such as the Commodore 64.
nukeitall  +   872d ago
First of all, people buy consoles to enjoy content, not because it has 8GBs of RAM, 8 CPU cores or whatever number for whatever specification you can come up with.

The bottom line is, the only things that matter is features and content period.

Then Wii was the weakest console and it won by feature. The Xbox 360 didsn't have the bandwidth or flops of the PS3, but it dominated the US market and is set to overtake the Wii in the UK.

If consumers care about specs, they would have gone PC a long time ago, but ironically gamers got sick of specifications and jumped over to consoles.

This argument is meaningless, from justifying whatever side they are on the fence. In the meanwhile, I'm just going to enjoy the games.

Stil working on Black Ops 2 campaign and have no idea what the story is about or what the heck those missions that has limited time on are.... someone?
n4rc  +   872d ago
When someone seemingly spends most of their time defending a product rather then enjoying it..

It makes me wonder how they really feel about it.. Is trolling ms more fun then gaming on a ps3? Or did you get hooked on it during the massive downtime? :P
YNWA96  +   872d ago
Mike, your logic is correct, but not for here. Apparently, a couple of years ago, Sony fanboys got a hard time here and they have never forgotten. I own both current gen, and have preordered both next gen, but the fact I do not like the bashing on MS means I get hammered here. This is not a place for just simply liking games on any system. I guess my silence a couple of years ago when I did not have an Ipad, which makes all this easy for me now is a reason for punishment, disagrees and less bubbles. But a bubble for you anyway, I see you are not stupid, and will not miss out on great games simply because it is on another system. Hell, even play 360 on a Bravia.... Not good enough...
medman  +   872d ago
NatureofLogic makes a very valid point. I myself fully expected Microsoft to throw money at the problem and ensure they would have technical superiority this upcoming gen, but they went in a completely different direction. I was surprised, but pleased, at Sony's direction and the specs under the hood. I'm skeptical of any cloud processing being touted by Microsoft at the moment, I can't see how that is going to make up the gap in the specifications, but we shall see. One thing I know for sure is Sony's excellent first party studios aren't going anywhere, and they have delivered most of the best games of this current generation. That fact alone secured my preorder for the PS4. Everything else Sony is bringing to the table is just icing on the cake.
QuickdrawMcgraw  +   872d ago
What's wrong with picking a side,then using facts to talk up your favorite console.You do it Mike as do many of us on this site.So maybe just come back with a smackdown when you can.And when someone is right admit it.I just read a 2 thousand word essay from you running down the PS4 and sing the praises of the Xbox1 on the new cloud systems.Stop acting so holier then Thou.
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fr0sty  +   872d ago
The Xbox fans of today sound like the Nintendo fans of 2006.
fr0sty  +   872d ago
Mike, you are trying (desperately) to downplay a rather large performance advantage that PS4 enjoys. You continually keep ignoring the GPU advantage and only focus on the RAM (which is a big advantage in itself). Yes, the RAM has 150% more bandwidth on PS4. Yes, it is all one unified pool that makes programming far easier. However, there are also twice as many ROPS, and 50% more compute units in PS4's GPU, in addition to having 4 CUs that are specialized to aid in compute functions and a direct bus to the CPU to enable them to better aid the CPU.

The PS4 is more powerful than the Xbox One, and by a pretty good amount. You trying to use a couple of launch titles that are still in development as proof of otherwise does not hold up. It's a well known fact that most of the PS4 developers were unaware of the additional 4GBs of GDDR5 until the very last second, so Evolution Studios is likely just recently getting their hands on the full spec 8GB devkits and therefore may not have had enough RAM using the old 4GB spec to handle a 60fps game using their engine. It's also well known that Drive Club is only about 35% complete at this stage, and most likely has not entered the optimization phase where final frame rates are set and such.

The difference is far wider than what we had with Xbox 360 and PS3. 360 had slower but unified RAM, and a more powerful GPU. Multiplats benefited from this, which is why those games often saw better textures of higher resolution. Having one pool of RAM and 3 symmetrical CPU cores makes getting that power out much easier. When devs took the time to make Cell perform at it's best, we saw a performance advantage on PS3.

This time around, however, we have 2 nearly identical CPUs, but the RAM and GPU both heavily favor the PS4 in performance. This isn't just some minor "on paper" difference. A far more powerful GPU paired with a unified pool of RAM (360's advantage over PS3) is going to produce real world advantages, not just on paper. There's no other way to cut it. You may not see many launch titles take full advantage of that power, due to the fact that they have far stricter deadlines to meet and half the time are coding on incomplete hardware with their devkits, but the advantage cannot be denied.
YNWA96  +   872d ago
@ creetche... You described who there now? Xbox fanboy... Sony fanboy or both? What about nintendo boy?
awi5951  +   872d ago
Im so glad i dumped consoles to build a monster gaming pc. Im going to upgrade just a little for BF4. Since the witcher 3 is on consoles now they wont kill PC's like witcher 2 did. A mid lvl card will max it now so i dont have to worry about that game anymore.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   872d ago
A man doesn't think hardware matters. Sony has the best first party games (though Nintendo is right up there too) and has the same 3rd party support as Xbox. Xbox hasn't shown a man that they support a console all the way to the end (look at exclusives this year) and they have less in the pipeline for the first year of One (20 vs. 15). A man thinks it's a nice bonus for PS4 to be more powerful, smaller, and less expensive with a better online service (+ gives free games and PSN works fine without a paywall and had dedicated servers on many games THIS gen so with a paywall a man can only imagine how good it'll be).
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thechowderp  +   872d ago
ever since the wii came out it showed specs did matter to make a game playable. almost every game on the wii was awful mainly because of the motion controls and horrible specs
UNGR   872d ago | Personal attack | show
bootsielon  +   872d ago
Actually it has always matter and the PS2 was cutting edge when it first came out. Whoever says that the PS2 was "weak" is really ignorant.
NeoTribe  +   871d ago
Since when did technology matter? Are you serious? The whole reason to buy a new console is for the improved tech you moron. Xbots are the most ignorant of people. Ps4 wins, fact.
360ICE  +   871d ago
If Xbox One was more powerful, I'd probably go for both. I probably still will, if Project Spark turns out nicely!
MrChow666   871d ago | Immature | show
Gaming_Guru  +   871d ago
At: MikeMyers

With the PS2 era yes the XBOX was more powerful but they were both on the same media disk. So the difference would be two classrooms the same size and one just has more people in it, but still teaching the same thing. In the end, it didn't matter because the same kind of games could be made for both.

Appose to the PS3 vs XBOX 360, more power and the 50GB blu-ray disk makes a difference. That's like taking university classes vs college classes, same idea different level of knowledge.

Lastly, the other comment is assuming the person chose a side based on bias when the statement itself it bias.
nukeitall  +   871d ago

Delusion is a major problem on this website, especially when you talk about blu-ray as the differentiating factor for gaming on Xbox 360 and PS3.

That had materially almost nil impact on games, beyond them having multiple discs on Xbox 360.

Please point me to where it drastically mattered beyond replicating the same data repeatedly on the same blu-ray disc, because the drive was too slow to keep up with DVD.

Beyond higher video encodes, it had no impact.
Gaming_Guru  +   871d ago
Some of the titles that utilize the space on the disk on Blu-ray:

Infamous games
Uncharted games
Metal Gear Solid 4
Killzone games
MotorStorm games
Resistance games
Gran Turismo
God of War games

Blu-ray won't have an impact on multiplatform videos games since the goal is to meet where similar hardware can achieve.
H0RSE  +   871d ago
Superior hardware only goes so far.

PS3 boasted about its hardware superiority, yet it was harder to develop for which led to many games actually looking worse on PS3, and some games being virtually (or literally) unplayable.

There is also the cloud service for each system, which will be a key factor in the experience players get out of online games, and perhaps even single player games if they are still connected to the internet.

The bottom line is which system developers can better optimize their games with what's available to them.
no_more_heroes  +   872d ago
Oh, so the games don't matter as much then?
HammadTheBeast  +   872d ago
I'm sure we all know which company has proved itself for games this Gen.

The Last of Us rests my case.
NatureOfLogic  +   872d ago
Games do matter, but we need more games like this.......

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Tr10wn  +   872d ago
"I'm sure we all know which company has proved itself for games this Gen.

The Last of Us rests my case."

That is someones opinion, i watch the whole thing on my friends house and i gotta say i enjoy it but not as much as i enjoy Bioshock Infinite and its probably because of the zombies/infected w/e they are or people claim they are is way over used and i'm tired of it but it was a good zombie game not like the other 99999999 games before it.
jeffgoldwin  +   872d ago
"The PS4 is superior in - literally - every conceivable hardware aspect"

Spend a few hundred more and get a gaming pc and then you can sing your joyous songs to all the heavens how you have the most powerful hardware of them all. You can get 5 times the output...etc, etc and what not.

It still won't get you laid, but I mean its something, right?
nick309  +   872d ago
You can get laid for less than a price for a pc or a ps4. :D
dedicatedtogamers  +   872d ago
I already own a gaming PC. And I already get laid on a regular basis, so I don't know what your point is.
Clunkyd  +   872d ago
If PC is the best place to play games, why isn't it mainstream enough like consoles are?
starchild  +   872d ago
Because consoles are easier to use and therefor they have more appeal with casual gamers and kids and teenagers that don't have the knowledge or money to build or buy a gaming PC, even though the cost of ownership over time is lower on the PC.

But just because consoles are more mainstream doesn't make them better, nor does it mean that they make more money. The PC gaming market is larger than all three consoles combined.
wishingW3L  +   872d ago
I can't play Uncharted, God of War or most Metal Gear games on the PC. PC is only good for slightly better looking multiplats and other games I don't care about like Arma or F2P games like League of Legends.
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Tr10wn  +   872d ago
"slightly better looking multiplats"

Yup enjoy those slow loading textures pop ups those 30 fps on a resolution lower than a crt monitor shadows that look more squarish than minecraft and the graphics of.... oh wait you said they are slightly better graphics, i'm guessing you are blind so idk if you can read this and idk why i even bother.
aceitman  +   872d ago
whats weird is when they said the 360 had 512mb and the ps3 had 256 it was a big deal and all praise the the 360 for having more ram , but now the ps4 has more its not a big deal and it doesn't matter , more is better . hell even with less ram the ps3 pulled out some major graphics in games , thanks to the cell imagine what will happen with 16 times the ram. booom baby , more games coming nd are going to make jaws drop.
jeffgoldwin  +   872d ago
Theres a certain tipping point where it doesn't matter if it's 4, 8, or 64gb ram. Currently pc games use no more than 4-6gb ram tops for 1080p. And that's with windows OS which is a resource hog.

Can't really compare apples to apples with pc to console, so it's just a rouge reference. Have to wait and see what how everything translates out.
PSN_ZeroOnyx  +   872d ago
Actually PS3 has 512 as well. However it is split in two with half dedicated to the system and the other half for games. Lots of unified b GDDR5 RAM is exactly what PS4 needed.

When Sony asked developers what they wanted in the next generation it was unanimous they wanted a powerful GPU and lots of unified RAM.
Kryptix  +   872d ago
It is true that total RAM doesn't matter, with all the compressing techniques you can fit a lot with only 5 gigs. What's going to make a difference is the GDDR5 vs GDDR3. A review was done here where two of the same video cards were compared but one was 512MB GDDR5, the other was 1 gig GDDR3, and though lower...the one with GDDR5 was 4%-13% much faster.


The GDDR5 is a quad core versus the GDDR3 being only 2 cores. Meaning that bandwidth speeds can be twice as fast than the GDDR3 if optimzed correctly. Bandwidth speeds will effect frames per second and other graphical performance. This is why a few developers have stated that the Xbox One will need adjustments if it wants to run 60 frames per second like on the PS4. Truth be told, the difference might not show at the start of next gen but developers will eventually figure out both console's true potential and PS4 having 33%~50% better specs...it might look just a little better than the Xbox One.

And @Jeffgoldwin
Stop sending me multiple PMs then blocking me after each one...shows how butt hurt and how much of an ignoranus you are. lol
avengers1978  +   872d ago
From the games that have been shown for both systems, it looks like both are going to be able to put out some very great gaming experiences, with much better graphics. But like the man above said, I'm more interested in what's going to be down the road, after all this is a 5-7 year investment, so I hope both companies continue to push the developers, and there systems to make games get better and better over time
mcstorm  +   872d ago
Finlay someone who is not a fan boy but a fan of gaming. For me the start of this next gen is about the Wiiu and Xbox one and I will pickup a ps4 12 months down the line but that dose not mean I think one is better than the other and think all 3 will have must own game but the game I want the most so far on out of what I have seen is forza 5 so that is my reason for getting the one over the ps4 at the start.

We should buy consoles for the games we want not because people say we should just like anything else in life.
Anthotis  +   872d ago
"Both Are Sufficient for Realistic Lighting"

...but one is still superior.

edit - "...but one is still superior."

Sorry, i meant four.
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Gameratheart  +   872d ago
Lol... That's funny.... One is still superior, oops I meant four. Lol... Bubble buddy! But, to the argument above.... The ps4 is more powerful, I have one preordered, but there won't be a huge difference between the two... I'm mean really, there won't be.
medziarz  +   872d ago
50% more shader units.
medziarz  +   872d ago
PS4 has 50% more GPU compute units than X1,
X1 has 33% less of them than PS4.
lgn15  +   872d ago
Feel better?
mark134uk  +   872d ago
what games from xb1 and ps4 have been CONFIRMED running at 60 fps?
True_Samurai  +   872d ago
TitanFall and Forza are plus. Forza is running at 1080p 60fps native
mark134uk  +   872d ago
both above are xb1? so no games has been SEEN/CONFIRMED (not speculation) for ps4 yet?
#1.9.2 (Edited 872d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(5) | Report
Jaqen_Hghar  +   872d ago
Infamous I believe as well as BF4 for PS4. COD Ghosts for both
NewWhiteFeather  +   872d ago
@Jaqen, why would BF4 only run 60fps on PS4 if X1 has the capabilities?
JBSleek  +   872d ago
No you aren't if that was the case you would be a PC gamer.
strifeblade  +   872d ago
you wanna know whats sufficient 4 years from now?
Go get a pc, cuz you will find ps4 or xb1 lagging in that department.

How does ps4 p2p gaming sound? sufficient right? Well **** that i want dedicated servers which msoft online infratructure can give.

The Cell? thats a joke why do you think sony abondoned cell architecture in ps4? Sony excelled because of blu ray in the first party department and the talent of their studio- cell has being responsible for bad ports as well as party chat (due to ram) for years.
Evil_Ryu  +   872d ago
you do know the current gen consoles have 512mb of ram...you know how silly you sound.
NewZealander  +   872d ago
firstly we don't know the full specs of either console just yet, we know the basic set up but how all those components will work together is largely unknown, and to be honest im not phased by which console is more powerful.

but im keeping an open mind, a lot of people seem to have written XB1 off as being inferior before its even shipped, that really is naive, there are so many things to consider.

as we have heard specs can change.

"I would like to pose this question to the audience," he remarked in a subsequent post. "There are several months until the consoles launch, and [as] any student of the industry will remember, specs change.

Microsoft' product planning manager Albert Penello said.

"Given the rumored specs for both systems, can anyone conceive of a circumstance or decision one platform holder could make, where despite the theoretical performance benchmarks of the components, the box that appears "weaker" could actually be more powerful?

"I believe the debate on this could give some light to why we don't want to engage in a specification debate until both boxes are final and shipping."

also things like tilled resources, DX 11.2 and cloud could play a massive role, also MS claims their off the shelf parts are heavily optimized, and rumors MS has held back on what they announce regarding specs due to the past leak, in an attempt to stop sony playing catch up.

im not trying to defend one console over the other, im just saying on paper specs are not an accurate gauge on a consoles power, sure you may get some insight, but there is so much more to it, i am excited to see what both consoles offer, and i know im going to be blown away by both!
slampunk  +   872d ago
Nice comment mate.....

I'm looking forward to both for different reasons...
slampunk  +   872d ago
Nice comment mate..... Looking forward to both for different reasons....
NewWhiteFeather  +   872d ago
I'm not weighing in on the debate, I'd just like to point out that "sufficient for realistic lighting" now will still mean "sufficient for realistic lighting" in 2, 4 or even 30 years.

It doesn't get more realistic than realistic, without delving into the real. What these guys are saying is 10x their current allocation is more than enough for realistic lighting, and that's only 1/10th to 1/5th a single gig.
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showtimefolks  +   872d ago
as excited as that sounds for both consoles i believe the faster and more ram for games will play a huge role in later years of life cycle
BallsEye  +   871d ago
Really now? XBOX 360 was superior to ps3 when it comes to GPU power


and yet ps3 games look amazing. I rememeber all the fanboys saying ps3 got amazing architecture and teh cell that's why graphics are so good when 360 got simple architecture. Now when table turned, ps4 is simple and XO more unique inside, SUDDENLY NUMBERS only matter. You guys are hilarious.
awi5951  +   871d ago
Why are PS fans making a big deal over DDR 3 and DDR 5 it wont matter it will just be used for textures with these slow butt cpus these consoles have. PS4 games will load faster thats all. Because if a game is using more than 5gigs of ram the developer programmed it wrong. Even open world games with huge draw disntance shouldnt be using that much.

BF3 used like 4.5 gigs and its the pC benchmark and that game had a memory hole it would take and take all the memory it could and you wouldnt see a fPS boost. And the only reason BF3 used that much ram is because all the crap windows have running in the background, on console it wouldnt need over 5. If you use 5 gigs of ram on your game your programmers suck my grandmother could do better.
Urusernamesucks  +   871d ago
@all your comments

No technology never mattered. The ps2 was the weakest console next to the xbox and gc.

It sure as hell didnt matter last Gen when the wii mowed down the competition

Your using this tech argument because because it now Applies to your fav console, when last gen you used the gamez argument because you were hearing Rumors that the xbox would be more power full.

And what makes you think it'll Matter this gen? It will give you sheep something to brag about That's for sure. But other than that your bragging is pointless because the pc will always demolish consoles when it comes to power.

The only thing saving consoles are their exclusives.

Exactly how long have you been a gamer? Because gamers mostly care about gameplay quality. Id rather play open world DR3 over the linear TLOU. Thats just me, i love open world games with more zombies.

Graphics are great for a first glance but then you get use to Seeing them, it gets boring and then you stop caring.

But gameplay however, if unique and non Repetitive, Will last for ever.

Ive seen this site userbase get caught with its pants down multiple times and so they resort to using the pr. It only proves how invalid this site and its userbase is.
#1.19 (Edited 871d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
andibandit  +   871d ago
"Power always matters. While it does not - alone - determine the winner or the best games, it's also not a non-issue."

...duh, get your facts straight,power has almost never been a determining factor. Name me one generation where the most powerful console won?????
#1.20 (Edited 871d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
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Triforce079  +   871d ago
Ive never heard so much rubbish in my life since ps4 got lots of RAM this site makes out RAM is more important for graphics than your GPU or GPGPU feature set makes me laugh,why havn't the graphics blown everyone away if the RAM is that essential ?? all the top games from all 3 consoles shown nextgen graphics but nothing was mind blowing except MGS,MK8 and X.

The screenshots for titanfall look awful,second son looks basically ps3 level,Killzone was a bit less realistic but more colouful than ps3 version,madden25 looks like wii not wiiu wii,fifa14 looks aweful i'd take that wiiu one,Knack looks ps2,Driveclub looks impressive but not GT6 and defo not Project Cars level ????

Can i also add Havok which is built into every wiiu devkit has compression x10 with no drop in quality ?? so with this tech RAM isnt a bottleneck for any game,what will bottleneck ps4 and xbox1 is poor cache memory and gpu memory ie sram ??? there is no way around that like there is with system ram.
#1.22 (Edited 871d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Jaces  +   871d ago
This escalated rather quickly. Anyways, fanboys on both sides blew up this graphics war and both sides are to blame.

Right now nobody likes MS or their system for a good many reasons so get over it. They have a long way to go before I even consider buying the Bone. They fu*ked up and now they pay the price, and quite frankly it's a little enjoyable after the trash talk.


Everything shown between PS4 and the Bone is in favor of PS4 graphically. But no one, not even the devs can say for sure how powerful one is than the other. The only way this can be "settled" is during the 10 year long life period, or more, between these two consoles.

As for this past war? PS3 by a mile, no one can deny the beauty and stunning graphical power shown in Uncharted, LoU, and GoW III. That's just my opinion but nothing on the 360 came close. Guess that makes me a fanboy huh? Cool, w/e gets you off.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   872d ago
the xbox one GPU has two independant bus's, one to DDR3, one to the ESRAM.
BY contrast, the PS4 has a 2 very small bus's between the CPU and GPU, and one main memory bus.
MS chose the DDR3 because its more efficient to run the 3 OS although it is slower the ESRAM helps out.
The 176GB on GDDR5 not all of it is accesible to developers.
majiebeast  +   872d ago
Warning Frigid is spreading fud again.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   872d ago
Lmao at you. My info comes from a well versed computer tech engineer.
pete007  +   872d ago
not to mention the 192GB/s theoretically achievable by the one plus dx 11.2 N A T I V E
MysticStrummer  +   872d ago
That bandwidth increase only applies to the 32MB of eSRAM, and as you said it's theoretical.
AnteCash  +   872d ago
It has only 32mb esram and 102GB bandwith, didnt know if you realise it thats a small amount.And i didnt read any developer saying they preffer Xbox 1 ram layout.

By having 3 OS , ddr3 ,10% of GPU , 2 CPU cores,and 3GB Ram reserved for TV ,Kinect and other stuff shows that gamers werent the main focus.

With the ps4 all the CPU , GPU and 7GB ram is at developers disposal.
It has ARM chips for the OS , recording, etc.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   872d ago
32mb of esram is more than enough. The AMD 7970 G-Card has 12mb of esram.
imt558  +   872d ago
...The 176GB on GDDR5 not all of it is accesible to developers...

It will be available around 160 GB/s for PS4, but for Xbox one practically it will be available around 102 GB/s. Theoretically 192 GB/s from Microsoft is PR bullshit.
#2.4 (Edited 872d ago ) | Agree(17) | Disagree(18) | Report | Reply
MysticStrummer  +   872d ago
That theoretical 192GB/s only applies to the 32MB of eSRAM anyway.
Triforce079  +   871d ago
Yeah but wiiu has 32MB/64MB which is 130 to 260 GB of bandwidth on the gpgpu alone ?? due to edram which is designed to push powerful processors to the limits kid...

System RAM doesnt bottleneck hardware with compression x10 these days ??
HammadTheBeast  +   872d ago
Only the ESRAM can reach the "theoretical 192 gb/s" the rest of the ram is much slower.

DDR3 is better for running 3 OS' stuff like TV, apps etc. However GDDR5 especially as its built into PS4 is better for games.
awi5951  +   871d ago
Only for load times. Slow memory will work just as well you main gain like 10 fps with faster ram thats about it.
DoesUs  +   872d ago
Oh gawd, you really shouldn't open your mouth at all, I mean ever on tech subjects! Open it to feed yourself of course.
JP1369  +   872d ago
The 176gb/s figure is attributed to the 256-bit bus that is used to communicate with the memory pool. There's a second, smaller bus that also allows the GPU to bypass its own L1 and L2 cache for tasks requiring less than 20gb/s bandwidth. So yeah, your "friend" and you need to stop spreading lies. There's no way 5 gigs of slow RAM coupled with a tiny amount of embedded RAM is going to outperform the 7 gigs of unified memory that is also much faster.
#2.7 (Edited 872d ago ) | Agree(18) | Disagree(10) | Report | Reply
SCW1982  +   872d ago
Did your comment about watch dogs only being 30 FPS on PS4 also come from the same guy? Your ridiculous!
wishingW3L  +   872d ago
they chose DDR3 because they thought the price of GDDR5 wasn't going to be viable while Sony took a gameplay that paid off. There is no advantage of using DDR3, that's why they were forced to pair it with esRam to bring up the bandwidth a little bit. But it doesn't matter how fast that memory is because is still is too small.
Good_news_every1   872d ago | Spam
reko  +   871d ago

sure LOLOL
joshuatobi  +   872d ago
Xbox one is good with its 102gbs or 196 gbs available for developers to use but what people seem to forget 5 out of eight gigs is available to developers so really of whatever number it can crank out just subtract about thirty percent and thats whats really available because of the os running on the one. Ps4 on the other hand uses only one gig of ram for os so in the end ps4 is ahead and will be future proofed more than xbox. Mark cerny did his homework and is the ps4 takes off he could become an executive in this company which would be great
pete007  +   872d ago
name one single game that will need the 8 gb.....
its not like the most ps3games with 24 gb disk space, they just dont mention dual or triple allocation of the same files in order to speed up load times due to the hyper slow bluray player
joshuatobi  +   872d ago
Now no they dont need it but in 4 years xbox is going to start having shortcomings because those 5 gigs of slow memory are not going to give devs the flexibility to create big games
JP1369  +   872d ago
How the hell do you know the RAM won't be needed? Developers can now create larger worlds using higher resolution assets. This will drive up the RAM budgets. And with PC developers no longer having to worry about building games that will also work on consoles with 512mb of RAM, this trend will start to take effect sooner rather than later.
Also, indie devs don't have the budgets to refine code the way larger studios do and will be glad to know that they don't have to worry about resource management as much on one particular console. The Witness is using 5gb of GDDR5. If they were developing on the One, they would already be allocating time and money into increasing the efficiency of the code rather than simply focusing on their vision.
#3.1.2 (Edited 872d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(4) | Report
pete007  +   872d ago
in about 4/5 years this gen will be done and xbox 2 and ps4 will be coming, this gen will be a small one,
JP1369  +   872d ago
That amount of RAM is being used now. Wait until the second generation of games are out, it will increase from there. Keep pinning your hopes on MS being saved by the bell.
Also, the gen after the one coming up would include the fourth Xbox and the fifth PlayStation. Your inability to count may be the reason you don't think numbers relating to RAM matter. Learn some basic math then rejoin the discussion.
#3.1.4 (Edited 872d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(4) | Report
imt558  +   872d ago
The bandwith between XB1's GPU logic and ESRAM is 128 bytes wide at 800 MHz. It can send 128 bytes per clock in either direction. The peak bandwith is 102.4 GB/s, which you could spend all on reading from the ESRAM, or all 102.4 GB/s writing to the ESRAM, or split between reading and writing. If reading and writing to the ESRAM with a workload, logically the split is 51.2 GB/s.

XB1's bus cannot send and receive data simultaneous in the same clock.

Btw. XO GPU clock is 750 MHz, not 800. I'm afraid downclock did happen.
pete007  +   872d ago
what a nonsense comment, xbox one CAN read and write on the same clock, even so, to render 60 frames a sec on full hd, not using all the filters of course, we need between 1 and 1,5 gb, and its allready enormous what im assuming,
i see now the roles have changed, before who didnt optimize code was lazy aka os3 ports and now they dont need to optimize cause wee have plenty...... honestly N4G would be much richer without some comments
JP1369  +   872d ago
The article that talks about concurrent read/write even states that it's basically bullshit marketing. You're right in that some people would be better off not commenting. People like you that can't read or write or count, for example.
imt558  +   872d ago
@ Pete

No Pete, it can't read/write at the same time. Go here if you wanna read from the start


Or search on Google for SRAM memory ( anadtech, beyond3D... )
PositiveEmotions  +   872d ago
I dont understand this whole dd3 and gdd5 thing the only thing i know is that the ps4 is more powerfull
jeffgoldwin  +   872d ago
You just "know" something you completely don't understand at all. This is what's wrong with the educate system of today folks.
#4.1 (Edited 872d ago ) | Agree(25) | Disagree(10) | Report | Reply
PositiveEmotions  +   872d ago
Care to explain? I mean not everyone knows about those whole dd5 bla bla stuff
Good_news_every1   872d ago | Spam
ssj27  +   872d ago
simple! the PS4 can do more in a game; bigger worlds, faster loading textures and times, better textures and better fps. Example, where the xbone can do 30fps the PS4 will be able to do 60fps on the same quality or even at a better quality of games.

PS4 games must run better this gen. xbone is powerful, but PS4 is simply better.

Right now we may not see the difference but soon the 7gb of gddr5 will make the PS4 shine and the 5gb ddr3 will make the ONE suffer . in those lil details not a big deal.. but the ego on the gamers make them rage and not want to understand such a simple thing.

and this are just technical stuff, the PS4 have the top rated best devs working for it plus indies, they have amazing policies. it's $100 cheaper in price even having %50 more raw power.

I mean you can help your friend from china to finish a level that he can't from your home in the US and that is a amazing feature that the xbone does not have.
#4.2 (Edited 872d ago ) | Agree(16) | Disagree(25) | Report | Reply
dark-hollow  +   872d ago
"where the xbone can do 30fps the PS4 will be able to do 60fps on the same quality or even at a better quality of games."

That's a very bold statement.
The ps4 hardware is in fact more powerful, but nothing we know shows that it can do double the frame rate of the xbone while keeping the same quality/or even better.
ssj27  +   872d ago
well devs have already said this.. and I believe them.. plus I'm not a PC gamer but that is why PC gamers get better new tech so they have have better textures and fps on the same games...
and the PS4 having %50 more raw power will give that advantage!
xbone will still have pretty and good games but PS4 will just do it better.

I don't see why is a bold statement when devs have said so and specs back me up.

it's facts. don't like the fact is your problem not mine. I can see high end PC's doing 4k at some point on the same games that the PS4 will be doing 1080p and that is fair.. they can have top of the line tech updated and spend lot's of extra cash for it.
Urusernamesucks  +   871d ago
"Where the xbone can do 30 fps, the ps4 will do 60 fps."

You are dead wrong and you also got that from sony making an example that was not regarding the ps4 and xb1 comparison.

According to neogaf"the ps4 has 50% more raw power than the xbox one"

What you did there was not 50% more, it was 100% more or 2x. So that would be 45 fps vs 30 wich is not alot.
Firan  +   872d ago
GDDR5 is better for transferring large amounts of data like textures while DDR3 is better for transferring small amounts of data like regular data processing. Each has their pros and cons.
BlaqMagiq24  +   872d ago
No offense dude but if you don't understand then it's best not to comment at all then.
supraking951  +   872d ago
Nice, PS4 has the advantage again. Thanks Sony :)
FlyingFoxy  +   872d ago
When i upgrade my computer i'll be getting some DDR4 ram for the system and by that time a GPU with GDDR5 ram which will be much faster than even PS4, my current 5870 GPU is already practically PS4 territory and i've had that since 2009.

I think PS4 is sharing all that GDDR5 ram between the whole system instead of having dedicated DDR3?. It would've been better to have dedicated ram for both GPU and system, but i guess its cheaper that way to share it.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   872d ago
True, the an addition lets say 12gbof esram would've been a plus for the ps4. The AMD 7970 card has GDDR5 plus 12GB of ESRAM.
MysticStrummer  +   872d ago
The developers didn't agree with you when asked about design preferences.

The One has ESRAM because of the DDR3, which was used for the purposes of multimedia and multitasking, along with dealing with that huge OS footprint.
OpenGL  +   872d ago
The 7970 does not use embedded SRAM at all though, it uses GDDR5 just like the PS3, the difference being it runs at a higher clock speed and is connected to a faster memory interface, giving it more bandwidth than the eSRAM and even the Xbox 360 eDRAM (which yes by the way is actually faster than what's in the Xbox One).
Mikefizzled  +   872d ago
DDR4 isn't yet supported by anything commercially available the earliest it will be it the Enthusiast Haswell range which isn't coming any earlier then late 2014. Good try though...
EXVirtual  +   872d ago
Just hope Sony confirm 7GB of GDDR5 RAM for games soon. Hopefully at Gamescom. BUT... there is a rumor stating that the PS4 will use the full 8GB of GDDR5 RAM for games with another chip or something specifically allocated for the OS. It seems to have some truth due to this article:


And look, I've said this before. It'll be about 2-3 years before we'll see the PS4's graphical power over the XB1's. By that time games will use more RAM and as a result, the XB1 will get some seriously watered down multiplats or just less games and Japanese devs will ditch the XB1 if they haven't already. The difference will definitely be shown through the 1st party games too. Just saying how it is.
#7 (Edited 872d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(14) | Report | Reply
DarkHeroZX  +   872d ago
Yes the PS4 uses another chip for the OS but all that means is they won't have to use any of the 8 CPU cores. They are still going to use 512mb- 1.5gig of ram for the OS.
kevnb  +   872d ago
Can we stop talking about ram, my goodness.
DEEBO  +   872d ago
why?because the x1 is the weaker console.if sony would have made the weaker console the bot's would talk so much crap sony fans would need a plunger just to stop the overflow.
porter470  +   872d ago
both consoles are weak, why you all don't buy pc's is beyond me
scott182  +   872d ago
"why you all don't buy pc's is beyond me"
Have one, it's a $1,500 dust collector. Been more than happy with the ps3 due to the amazing developers, and xbox 360 has fantastic games too. I don't think any logical person on here would rather have an expensive pc. I wish I could sell mine for what I paid for it.
lgn15  +   872d ago

because good ones cost upwards of one grand. And please don't tell me something like "I got my blah blah blah pc which can run battlefield 4 2000 fps for $99.99" that's fucking bullcrap any good reliable good pc that will last you multiple years will cost 2000 dollars.
Elit3Nick  +   872d ago
Everyone is basing the ram comparisons on rumored xbox specs that have popped up only a few times and people now think its true, don't make comparisons until MS officially shows xbox specs
sAVAge_bEaST  +   872d ago
Ram is what allows all the, texture, AI, Rendering functions, M$ wants to off-load,- to teh clowd) Ps4 will be able to do onboard.,
#8.2 (Edited 872d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
LuigiMario83  +   872d ago
Their running it through the cloud because its computing power is leaps and bounds ahead of ddr3 and gddr5 and they have perfected the cloud computing aspects of their DEDICATED servers! So why not use the better tech? I think ppl make fun of the cloud because Sony doesnt have it yet! Once gaikai gets up and running ppl are going to be like the cloud is fucking awesome!
sAVAge_bEaST  +   872d ago

Yea, but the tech is still a yr,. or 2 off, --to reach it['s full potential, when both systems can utilize it,..

until then., the Ps4 seems more capable, onboard.
JamieL  +   871d ago
Ok, so we should stick with old tech because "the tech is still a yr,. or 2 off, --to reach it['s full potential, when both systems can utilize it"?
Was that your attitude when Sony brought out Blu-Ray last gen? If we waited until everything was perfected before we used it, would we ever move forward? Also this gen will last 6-10 years, does that not fall into your “ a yr,. or 2 off”?

I would also like to ask, besides new media storage formats, what has Sony ever introduced to the gaming world that was all new? I really can't think of anything. Yes I know they were the first to use CD's, DVD's, and Blu-Ray to store and play games on, but what new major gaming breakthrough have they ever introduced?

Even MS has brought all new ways to experience gaming, Nintendo as well, but Sony? None I can think of. I'm sure I'll get asked what I think MS has done. They were the first console with a dedicated network for console players to play online in a smooth cohesive way anyone could pick up and use. Yes I know the DC and even PS2 had online capabilities, but Xbox had a more complete and better implemented system that is standard with all consoles now. Nintendo has brought a lot of new things to console systems, but I'm just going to mention the Wii-mote. This introduced a whole new way to play games that appealed to a much wider audience than any console before it. I know this sounds like a Sony bash, but really Sony is the best at what they specialize in, and should be. They’ve been doing the same thing every gen since they started. Grant it they are the best at it, so the improvements will be good, but the basic vision is the same for the PS4 as it was for the PSX. Just better, prettier, more detailed games, but just a better version of the same. At least MS and Nintendo have the balls to try something new, and who knows it worked for the Wii this gen.
#8.2.3 (Edited 871d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report
MysticStrummer  +   872d ago
Digital Foundry did a comparison back when it was thought PS4 would have 4GB of GDDR5 instead of 8GB, and they said even then it would outperform the One's 8GB of DDR3 and 32ESRAM combo.
LuigiMario83  +   872d ago
This is a link to your answer to xb1 ps4 ram arguement! http://www.neowin.net/news/...
MysticStrummer  +   872d ago
How does that change what I said?

The bandwidth boost detailed in your link only applies to the One's 32MB of ESRAM, and it's only theoretical. Real world tests haven't shown anything near that speed.

Even if they hit that theoretical target, which is unlikely, One's memory will still be slower.
oscarcat59  +   872d ago
All these computer experts. My My I wonder if any of them have even designed the chips or software that runs on them. I keep thinking of apple that uses weaker hardware but still gets better performance out of their software. Only time will tell and setting two tvs side by side with a magnifying glass to see the difference now or 10 years from now. Get over it. The only thing that will determine who does better is the games and services each will provide. Unless of course you are a fanboy expert of one of these consoles lol
Neoninja  +   872d ago
I agree 100% with you.
jeffgoldwin  +   872d ago
Apple has horrible performance in gaming. And you pay 2-3 times more for that honor.

What you buy with apple is people like the interface, photo editing, but it's for a large sacrifice in gaming performance and price.
oscarcat59  +   872d ago
That is true. But everyone forgets matching the software and hardware together doing what you wish always works better. Sony is going for games and everything second and Ms is going for games, apps, multitasking, Skype, Kinect and tv. What is the better choice is what you want the console for. Each person has different needs.
PigPen  +   872d ago
This is the mystery about gaming hardware. The Playstation 4 looks superior on paper and that's it. If history has taught us anything looking back at the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 that also was superior on paper is that's not always the case. The games that mattered like Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto 4 looked better on the Xbox 360. It won't be a surprise if it's a repeat with GTA 5. Every hardware will have its plus and linus, and its for the developers to explore the hardware to get the most out of them.
EXVirtual  +   872d ago
100% correct, but that was because the PS3 had a weaker GPU and due to the CELL, it was hard to develop for, so 3rd parties made games on the 360 and ported it to the PS3. I liked your comment.

Edit: Not directed at you, but I find it funny that Xbox fanboys bash the Wii U in terms of power, but then when they see that the PS4 is more powerful, they're like 'RAM doesn't change anything!'
#11.1 (Edited 872d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
theWB27  +   872d ago
Maybe it's because we see big time developers skipping the WiiU when it comes to games. The games that are being put out on the X1 and PS4 have, as we've seen and heard, been identical with not one developer saying they had to downgrade to accomadate the X1.

On top of that, there have been rumblings that some multiplat games will run better on the X1. Not to mention a game like Forza running full 1080p and already locked at 60fps.

There is a quantifiable difference between whats happening with the WiiU when it comes to power than what we see and hear with the power between PS4 and X1. So when the fanboys say "RAM doesn't change anything!" Well, there hasn't been any proof from 3rd party and 1st party games to say otherwise.
Good_news_every1   872d ago | Spam
Nocando  +   872d ago
5 gig for gaming on the XB1 is not accurate, they can use up to 7 gig if needed.
DEEBO  +   872d ago
no they can not use seven gigs of ram.3 gigs of ram is for the OS five is for gaming.MS said this themselves.just look at the new gameinformer.MS went media box first,gaming second.that's why the may 21 reveal was T.V this,kinect turn-on my T.V that.and don't look for developers to come out and say the ps4 is stronger then the x1 because they just want to sell as many copies of their games as possible.and why do p.c guys always come to console articles don't they have their own p.c site to go talk shop on?
PSN_ZeroOnyx  +   872d ago
Logic has no place on N4G
Hicken  +   872d ago
I look at a lot of these comments, and how they deliberately ignore facts, logic, and just plain old good sense... and then I decide not to comment.

It's amazing, because I see the same commenters in EVERY article, LYING about things, and yet they've somehow got more bubbles?
cunnilumpkin  +   872d ago
considering most pc games never use more than 3-4 gb ram, and they look FAR better than anything will on xbox1 or ps4, I am sure the ram is the least concern, ram is LAST on the list of cpu,gpu,ram, its also quite important, but not even close to as important as a fast cpu and beefy gpu if you wanna crunch raw pixels!

what is worrisome is the underpowered cpus and mid-spec gpus in both system

still have not seen anything on ps4 or xbox 1 that even looks close to crisis 1 from 2007 with a few mods

#14 (Edited 872d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
jeffgoldwin  +   872d ago
Also factor in pc's maxing out at 3-4ram on windows OS which is a notorious resource hog. Console OS will be a lot more efficient, thus they should use less ram.
#14.1 (Edited 872d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Destrania  +   872d ago
I can't wait for next gen! It's going to blow our minds, just like TLOU did this generation.
LuigiMario83  +   872d ago
What i dont understand is ppl keep saying that the xb1's ram isnt better than the ps4! Thats a total fabrication! The 8gb DDR3 w/ 32mb esram was overclocked at 192gb/s while Ps4 was overclocked at 176gb/s so i dont kbow where ppl get their facts! And with Xbox using DirectX11.2 they dont care about the gddr5 ram because architecture can compress large amounts of data with ease somewhere along the lines of taking 16gb memory compressing it to 32mb because althought gddr5 is fast ddr3 is faster with smaller amounts of data! And i have a link to my source! http://www.neowin.net/news/...
Parapraxis  +   872d ago
Here go read the article (based off "unnamed" sources) that Neowin got that info from.
pedroyamato   872d ago | Spam
Redspeed93  +   872d ago
Sure, they are both sufficient but the PS4's more straight forward memory configuration is much, much easier and less time consuming to code for.
X14life   872d ago | Spam
thetruthx1  +   872d ago
I'm only trusting my eyes next gen and sorry to say but Xbox 1 games look way more graphically impressive than the ps4's. Ryse and Dead Rising 3 are some of the best looking games I've ever seen. Killzone 3 actually looks worse now than in its reveal back in Feb how does that even happen lol
GodGinrai  +   872d ago
I would have to agree. For all the tech talk that goes on. I can honestly say forza, ryse etc did not look on par with what I saw on PS4. maybe later down the line we may see differences. Ill know for sure as I will have both.
SCW1982  +   872d ago
Killzone 3? Your very well informed aren't you. I guess also you turned a blind eye to how freaking gorgeous second son looks as well.
edonus   872d ago | Spam
worldwidegaming  +   872d ago
All of these things seem like a long talk about who is the better fighter.
Fight ends in 30 seconds and then the excuses begin.
Everything is speculation and wishful thinking until release day.
Using pc parts means things will run out of excuses pretty quick.
Guys will gut these devices and the truth will be out.
killerips   872d ago | Spam
thetruthx1  +   872d ago
And I was gonna buy a ps4 before the restrictions were taken away on the xbox. Uncharted will be amazing on ps4 but I'm betting with MS developer tools like tiled resources Xbox one games will continue to look better.
GodGinrai  +   872d ago
I agreed with you just to piss people off. I have no idea who is gonna make better looking games.
JamieL  +   871d ago
And to be honest, does it really matter? I just hope MS keeps up this focus on new exclusive games. With all these new studio's, I hope this trend contenues. Just imagine Sony and MS pumping out these games. Well it was hard keeping up with just Sony this gen. It MS start's too I'm going to have to start getting more choosy about what games I want.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   872d ago
Rep.Mgmt --we know it's you, by how you state your paragraphs,. such as -" I was gonna buy a ps4 before the restrictions were taken away on the xbox. Uncharted will be amazing on ps4 but I'm betting with MS developer tools like tiled resources Xbox one games will continue to look better."
thetruthx1  +   872d ago
Sorry but a better spec sheet won't win next gen. The developers of watchdogs even said that the capabilities of each machine changes almost every other day and the xbox one copy will even have a more dynamic world than the ps4 version
EXVirtual  +   872d ago
You didn't pay attention. That was flamebait twisting the article for hits. They were talking about next gen compared to current gen.
#24.1 (Edited 872d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(10) | Report | Reply
Nocando  +   872d ago
No, it was not a flamebait article. Is it you job now to go around to every story and mention that?
Good_news_every1   872d ago | Spam
awesomeperson  +   871d ago
@Nocando it was a flamebait article with a quote taken out of context.

Originally it was a comparison of next-gen to current-gen using the Xbox One as an example (no mention of PS4). The omission of specically mentioning PS4 lead the website to twist this into incorrectly saying the Xbox-One will have more dynamic worlds in an attempt for hits.

We will not know which will have more "dynamic" worlds until either it is explicitly confirmed, or we get our hands on the game post-launch.
bparks1987  +   872d ago
Whats more valuable a couple hundred million into gddr5 or a couple BILLION in the cloud tech for dedicated servers, ai, and other non latency intensive processes? I'm sorry ill trade some graphics for stability on mp. Cloud is real girls get used to it and troll all you want just to be disproved and look like a idiot later. Flame away chubbys.

ohh and on top of that WOW sony is worth 17.6 billion http://www.forbes.com/compa...

and here comes the boom microsoft is worth 234.83 billion which equals roughly 17 times the value of sony

both of these were updated may 2013. So sick of hearing sony going to kill microsoft hype. The fact is sony couldn't kill microsoft even if it wanted to. Even if xbox one isn't a huge success there cloud servers will continue to mass profit. I'm so sick of hearing bullshit on both systems. Face the fact that there both going to be great and being a fanboy doesn't benefit you it actually takes away from your gamer experience because you could experience both systems.
#25 (Edited 872d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(12) | Report | Reply
Nocando  +   872d ago
Or we could all be, dare I say it? Playing games instead of spending countless hours arguing about them.
GodGinrai  +   872d ago
OK...Everybody shurrup now. Neo geo has the best lighting. Argument done!
koolaid251  +   872d ago
“On the next-generation consoles, developers are happy to give us 10 times more space to play with – in some cases even more! And with 8 CPU cores and powerful GPUs, there is plenty of compute resource for us to make use of. It is this massive increase from current generation to next generation that really excites us – that factor of 10 increase is going to be far more significant than the additional memory on the PS4.
I’m sure as the cycle evolves, developers will look at ways to squeeze more out of the PS4, but we have a long way to go with exploiting the opportunities presented by the massive jump in resource over PS3 and 360.”

Read more at http://gamingbolt.com/xbox-...
Apocalypse Shadow  +   872d ago
we've seen this time and time again on how the goal posts getting moved when it comes to microsoft....

"doesn't matter"

microsoft came out with papers saying that xbox360 was a better system than ps3.yet sony time and time again proved what was on their papers was "fact."

when ps3 proved that it didn't break like 360 did with RROD...well it doesn't matter,we have a 3 year warranty.

when sony proved through games that all content could be put on one disc,even movies...it doesn't matter...i like getting up to change discs....DLC is okay to buy...bluray doesn't matter...digital is the future..

when sony proved through awards on games as microsoft hasn't received ANY since sony fired all it guns...it doesn't matter...we have cross chat and xbl is better...

when sony proved that marathons win races and not sprinting...it doesn't matter sony has outsold microsoft worldwide.this gen is over.....lol really...next gen hasnt started yet and there are no big games coming to 360...

360 fans seem to keep moving the goal posts.now that sony has again proved that they will have better ram and just overall better system...it doesn't matter...we have titanfall and the cloud and 5 billion transistors..

you guys need to stop.sure it's about the games.but to see you guys again and again moving goal posts to...and i havent even named all the moves you guys have made...it look sad and pathetic to see sony completely dominate your minds.if microsoft would have continued with DRM,

it would have been a tragedy to see your guys faces and comments...
Nocando  +   872d ago
Well, after reading your stupid diatribe, I have a suggestion on where you can put your goal post.
DEEBO  +   872d ago
they will never agree with you even though you speak the truth.what did MS do for gaming that makes them so special?they have all this money but makes shitty hardware,look how they treat the indie developers.after the 1st xbox(the best one in my opinion) they just seem to down hill.oh the guys that started the 1st xbox are gone. no wonder they suck now.
slampunk  +   872d ago
@Apocalypse Shadow

Gee i like reading comments from fanboys where their preferred console manufacturer has never made any mistake and anything the other company does is nothing but a mistake.....

Both MS & Sony have done some great thing this gen and also made some mistakes.....aside from some exclusive games and PS+ free games, Sony has botched up this gen far more than MS......When all said and done MS took 50% of Sony's market share in one gen....Do you really think Sony wanted to take 7 years to overtake 360 sales when their lead last gen was around 125 million consoles? you must be joking?

I'm a long time Sony fan and think they have done a stellar job so far with the PS4....and they will probably get back some of that market share if pre orders are any indication.....

Just dont be blinded to thinking that Sony is your best friend......They dont have DRM but their console is basically going to be always online like the XB1 (Destiny, The Crew, The Division etc being online only games)and they are making you pay for a less advanced online service...(exception being free games with PS+)
#28.3 (Edited 872d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
PSN_ZeroOnyx  +   872d ago
Those 5 billion transistors on the APU will make it run super hot too. Bro's need to pray they use some super cooling system or I see RRoD 2.0 next gen. And anyone who doesn't think those 5 billion transistors will create massive heat can sit down and let the grown ups talk tech BC it's already over your head. SMH!
browngamer41  +   872d ago
When did everybody become so versed on tech specs? Oh that's right google..
izo  +   872d ago
There's no such thing as Sony fan boys. Its just kind people trying to help everyone realize that its not practical spending more on an inferior console when the superior one is much cheaper.
FlyShootRaceSims  +   872d ago
Man, you are the epitome of stupid! Are you also going to dissuade people from buying a Hyundai over a Honda or an Android phone over an iPhone? Stop being the sheep that you are and let people exercise their freedom of choice and preferences.
#30.1 (Edited 872d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Hicken  +   871d ago
That doesn't even make sense.

If Hyundai is making better cars than Honda, and they're cheaper, why WOULDN'T you try to dissuade people, assuming you knew these things?

Same with the phones.

You're telling someone else to "stop being sheep," but you're conveniently gonna look past all the bleating up above as people try to make excuses for the Xbox? Nevermind that; you apparently have forgotten that it's also everyone's freedom of choice to brag about their preference, and also to try to convince others to join the club.

How nice it must be, for you to sit here like you're objective, while only attacking one side of an "argument."
redwin  +   871d ago
What's the difference between the PS1 and the PS4 ? The answer is : everything that MS has brought to the table. Lol. You all talk about RDM but you all buy and download Indy games(RDM in case you haven't noticed). You all where saying that the PS3 controller was so good and now the PS4 controller is the size of the Xbox ' ha! Sony tell you that their system is better just to end up mimicking MS. I love Sony for the Japanese games and their exclusives, and that's because I'm a gamer. You all have the same argument as in Fast and the Furious, American muscle or Japanese tuned, in this case it's American tuned or Japanese muscle. It's up to your preference ! Lol. Without one the other wouldn't be 1/2 as good.
NeoRatt  +   871d ago
The choice of console is more about what you value than anything. Inferior is defined by each person based on what they want. X1 may have some inferior performance specifications, but the voice recognition, improved motion controls with Kinect, and its design as a media device in the OS are superior in different ways that people may or may not value. So while you pay $100 more, are you getting something important to you?

Also, it has yet to be proven whether the inferior specifications will result in inferior games. X360 had inferior specifications to PS3 but it still lasted a year longer before being replaced with a new console. So, specifications are actually not a large component of a console as long as "they are in the ball park with each other". And it appears X1 is.

You have obviously made your choice but others may value some of the more casual gaming and non-gaming features more than you do.

Things that can drive the decision from one console to the other:

- What apps may interest you?
- Are you ultra paranoid about security and privacy?
- Do you like MS' exclusives for this year or Sonys?
- Do you want family games (Sony announced no exclusive family games - so far)?
- Do you want the Kinect experience for you or your family?
- Do you want voice commands?
- Looking forward, do you like the Sony or MS exclusives more?

I'm not trying to sway one way or another, but console choice is not only about specs.
FlyShootRaceSims  +   870d ago
@ Hicken, and how expected of you to come to defend your fanboy brethren. I am not a regular here, but I can now clearly see that you are a Sony fanboy to the nth degree. No? Who the hell are you or anyone to tell other people that their personal preference for a toy is wrong? I reckon that if it was left to Sony fanboys to decide for people what to buy, it will only be Sony products.

You don't need to persuade me to buy a PS4 since I already have one pre-ordered, but you surely can't dissuade me from getting an Xbox One--I got that pre-ordered too! I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings somehow, and sorry for the big Hickey I left you.
Hicken  +   868d ago
... people have personal preferences that differ from those of others. If you have your reasons, then you obviously think your reasons are more important than someone else's reasons to the contrary. You, as a thinking, feeling, individual, are free to persuade or dissuade- or try to- as you please.

Only in gaming is the community so stupid that they think having your own preference means you have to respect the preferences and/or reasons of others. No, more than that: only in gaming are you expected to NOT voice why you disagree with someone else's preference. You can build fanbases based on years of experience, but you can't try and convince somebody why the conclusion you've come to is a more comprehensive one than what they've reached.

If it were cars, or sports, or even freakin TV shows, nobody would bat an eye. It's expected for you to not only support your team, but bash your team's rivals. You're supposed to give reasons why they suck, and remind them of past blunders.

But not in gaming. Oh, no. Gaming is, for some reason, supposed to be above all that.

You talk about freedom and choice and all, and then immediately destroy your own argument by telling others they don't have the freedom or choice to convince others. I mean, shit, are you gonna sit there and tell me NOBODY got persuaded to buy a 360? You gonna tell me people didn't spend all damn generation trying to dissuade people from buying a PS3?

Get the hell outta here.

Like whatever the hell you want to like. That's your damn choice. If I present a case to you that you're wasting your money, and you choose to ignore it, that's wholly up to you.

But for you to bullshit like people aren't allowed to convince anybody of anything without being fanboys is pathetic. Feel free to never read my comments again, if my attempts at educating some of the willfully ignorant around here- and make no mistake, MANY of those(if not most) who are still interested in the XBOne qualify as thus- offend you.

But one look at your comment history- is it just a coincidence that you became active again just as things were heating up around here?- shows you to be just another hypocrite, one more Xbox fanboy who can't even see his own bias.
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