Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition PC Review (Gamerhub)

It's been a long time coming, but Mortal Kombat on PC/Steam has been worth the wait.

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jagiii1962d ago

Looking forward to season two of the online MK series.

fenixm1962d ago

I wasted my money on this game. The game is good but too slow and unresponsive. I'm waiting for Killer Instinct.

allgamespc20121962d ago

my man, right here folks a real fighter. KI is a system seller for me, dont give a shit bout drm or that crap, KI is where its at baby. Cannot wait for that shit.

kevnb1962d ago

I prefer street fighter, even if its milked like crazy.

Saleem1011962d ago

Lol a watered down killer instinct with no finishing moves yea ok bud..

fenixm1962d ago

It's a work in pogress. What we saw was pre-alpha and already looking and playing awesome.

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