Don't get your hopes up on a Deadly Premonition: DC patch

Rely on Horror: Framerate concerns were expressed to publisher Rising Star Games, and they claimed to pass along the issues to Deadly Premonition: Director's Cut developer ToyBox. We've been waiting a long time for some word on the state of a patch, and now we finally have some information: don't expect it.

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-Gespenst-1985d ago

I'm finally playing Deadly Premonition for the first time since it came out on the ps3, and while the framerate issue is noticeable, I'm still enjoying the game a hell of a lot.

There's something so nostalgic and idiosyncratic about it. It may not have incredible visuals and a ridiculously high budget, but it's still gripping me in a way most games have failed to do this gen, and I totally warmed to the visuals like immediately. Some people think the gameplay is tedious, but I find something so satisfying and exciting about it. I think it's because the world is so well realised that I feel so integrated in it when I'm playing, which makes doing anything in it, regardless of how tedious it might seem, a joy.

The game focuses on things most games overlook or forgo for the sake of action and stupid typical videogame shit, and is so much more immersive for it.

My only complaint is the tps sections. They're fine as tps goes, but they don't really need to be there, and they sort of fall into the trap of videogamey fetishism of weaponry, as well as a kind of trite horror presentation.

The enemies don't really fit in the game's world (maybe that's the point, but I'm not sure they do it well). They should have been more mundane and less zombified. I think that would have been more creepy. Not to mention the actual otherworld areas. I just think they looked a bit derivative. Horror in the game should have been a bit more surreal and less grotesque. (**MAJOR SPOILER INCOMING** And don't get me started on the fight with George. Waaaay ott. **SPOILER OVER**). Still, the tps sections are still kind of fun in a really videogamey way, but don't think there's anything particularly outstanding about them. The design of the Raincoat Killer is good though -- if all the horror aspects were more akin to and cohesive with his presentation, I think they'd be better for it.

Nevertheless, it's a fantastic game. But I think it appeals more to players of weirder more expermental games like myself. The framerate really doesn't bother me because I really don't care about silly juvenile issues of graphics and performance, neither of which are needed in extremes for a game to be good. Some of my favourite games remain SNES titles to this day. A 16-bit console the release of which I wasn't even alive for.

It's a two way thing. People just want the same shit year in year out and hate being challenged, and the industry chooses to profit off of this conservatism by continually reproducing it. Very rarely do people actually take creative and artistic risks, which to me is what creativity and art is really about. If you're making something fundamentally for the sake of profit - making people think it's what they want and need through narcissistic and self-aggrandizing advertisement practices - you're not making art, you're merely implicated in a greedy mass extortion.

Art and creativity should be collaborative and honest, as well as constantly challenging, and I think Deadly Premonition ticks all those boxes and is seriously one of the best games I've played this gen.

nick3091985d ago

Releases director's cut but not fixing fps issues... Why did i buy this.

tanookisuit1985d ago

Sadly, this seems to be a recurring trend with most HD re-releases. :/