Jeff Cannata: Newest Latest Best: Front Towards Gamer Radio, Episode 178

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This week on the show, Shanghai Six sits down with the “Man Who Loves Loving Things”, Mr. ”Two Ns, One T” himself, Jeff Cannata! Jeff has worn a lot of hats in his days in the LA area trying to make it as an actor, but it was his time as one of the hosts of The Totally Rad Show that put him on the map in the minds of most gamers. Jeff launched a shockingly successful Kickstarter campaign to get his mug back up in front of people on the internet, and now he is going to be the host of the spiritual successor to the Totally Rad Show called Newest, Latest, Best which is scheduled to kick off….shortly? Anyway, Shanghai talks with him about his rise to games industry power from being just another theater major trying to make it on the mean streets of Hollywood, what he thinks about the current state of the console war, and what it’s like being on a soap opera!

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