The Best Games Of 2013 So Far

Are sunlight and outdoor activity conspiring to wreck your summer due to a lack of good games? Well, these cybernetic ninjas, luchador lunatics, 80's cliches, ghost hunters, and survivors top our list of what's made 2013 rock so far!

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GoldPunch-TR1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

The Last of Us
Bioshock Infinite
Far Cry 3

Catoplepas1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

Farcry 3 was released last year....

Anyway as it stand now, at least for me, Ni no Kuni is the front runner, with The Last of Us a close second.

3-4-51837d ago

Fire Emblem: Awakening was a really good game.

Of the others listed, I haven't played them so I couldn't offer any game for the list outside of FE.

I've heard great things about the last of us though.

weekev151838d ago

Animal crossing for me. No idea where the last 3 weeks have gone...

Information Minister1838d ago

God of War Ascension should be on that list.

plaZeHD1838d ago

1, The Last Of Us

2, Metro: Last Light/Bioshock: Infinite
3, Tomb Raider

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