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Submitted by Link2DaFutcha 944d ago | opinion piece

How I lost 70 lbs playing video games

Ben Wright of Writes:
"My usual morning routine goes as follows:
1. Wake up, begrudgingly, and go make myself breakfast, egg-white omelet with spinach and sriracha sauce and some turkey bacon.
2. Watch some news programs as I eat.
3. Play videogames for an hour.
4. Shower
5. Start working.
A lot of people reading this are probably curious: “you play videogames for an hour every morning?!” Well yeah, I can’t wake up without it, leads to a more productive day, and it’s a great way to stay in shape!" (PS4, UFC Personal Trainer, Wii, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012)

TheSuperior  +   945d ago
Thats Great! I might consider trying some of those out.
xHeavYx  +   944d ago
Even though I'm glad for this guy, I'd rather keep doing what I already do. Eat good, gym for around an hour,then a nice hike and last play games like TLOU.
It's hard to find motivation to go to the gym yes, but get a buddy who is motivated, think about the cute girls wearing tight clothes as they work around the park.
People isolate themselves too much, get outside and learn how to have healthy fun. I promise the graphics are amazing
Software_Lover  +   944d ago
Everyone has their own agenda. Case in point..... What worked for this guy doesn't work for you. What works for you doesn't work for this guy.

I commend you both on your healthy lifestyle.
dendenmooshi  +   944d ago
What the article is basically saying is that every day he did this:

1) Eat a healthy breakfast
2) Exercise for one hour (using video games)
3) Lost 70 lbs over the course of 4 years.
Me-Time  +   944d ago
4 years? The first fitness game he used came out in Nov '10. Probably more like 2 years maximum. I'd say it's a great alternative, but of course, it's dependent on the kind of life you live. There are many reasons why it would suit some people and reasons for why those people my not want to or simply can't do what xHeavYx suggested to go out and do.
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dendenmooshi  +   944d ago
maybe somewhere my reading comprehension failed me, but

"4 years ago I was a solid 250lbs, hadn’t seen the inside of a gym in a few years and was trying to find a way to really kickstart my weight-loss. "

"Pairing these programs with a healthy diet has lost me over 70 pounds of fat, I now weigh in at 190, so get off the couch and play some video games!
laura13mitzel   944d ago | Spam
TheGrimBunny  +   945d ago
That will do it... or you could just get an MMO to run your life without seeing sunshine for weeks.
evilkillerk  +   944d ago
I mean, more physical demanding games can be more fun.
mydyingparadiselost  +   944d ago
I think stuff like the omni directional treadmill looks awesome. Couple that with something like TF2 ( there's a video of this, it makes me smile) and gaming could make me all kinds of healthy.
steven83r  +   944d ago
Ya can see how games will make you lose weight. I mean when i game i go hours without thinking about food or even snacking on crap. TV though makes you fat.
MikeyDucati1  +   944d ago
LOL that pic. You know I've seen that movie too much when I remember the lines...

"...And pivot, serve and shift"
Link2DaFutcha  +   944d ago
I feel like i waz meant for somzing moar dan dis... I want to be somebady
cunnilumpkin  +   944d ago
losing weight is easy, gaining it too

take in less calories than your body naturally burns in a day

video games have NOTHING to do with it

you could have sat in a chair doing nothing

just eat less calories
Mikefizzled  +   944d ago
Whilst that is technically true its almost impossible in practice. Human nature is working against you most of the time.
FITgamer  +   944d ago
That's a horrible idea. You just aren't losing fat by sitting around doing nothing you are losing muscle mass too, exercise is necessity if you want to be healthy. It doesn't have to be intense, but everyone should do some sort of exercise.
cunnilumpkin  +   944d ago
hey im with you man, I am 5'10 170 lbs muscle with 10%bf,

deadlift, squat, bench, military press, dips and a few isolation moves 4-5x a week and eat 1 gram protein for every pound you weigh and you will get JACKED in a year flat

what I meant was, people always think some exersice plan, or some fad diet is going to make them lose weight

you could eat ONLY bacon and mcdonalds and lose weight as long as you ate less calories a day then your body burns REGARDLESS of any activitys you may do

in one week, if you eat 3500 calories less than you burn you will lose 1 pound, repeat this until you get your desired weight

my advice, for people who want to lose weight, eat what you like to eat, just less of it and do cardio

once you are 5-10 pounds away from your target weight start strength training , HARD

heavy compound movements

military press

honestly, with just those movements you can get really , REALLY jacked
FITgamer  +   944d ago
You right you'll lose weight consuming less calories, but eating junk regularly is bad even if you're losing weight. Your diet is more important than your workout people should try to eat as healthy as they can, with the occasional guilty pleasures so you don't go crazy. Not only will they lose weight, but help prevent a variety of other health problems. As for exercise it can be as minor as going on 1 mile walk every day and you can maintain weight with a healthy diet. If you wanna bulk up you don't have to use weights either. I was on the wrestling team in high school, so weight training was mandatory. I stopped after because i hate lifting. Now i just do MMA training and calisthenics. Im in better shape now than i was then, the best shape of my life, 5'7" 162lbs 4% BF.
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xReDeMpTiOnx  +   944d ago
Man people think losing weight is like rocket science.

Everyone has a bmr rate (base metabolic rate) which means if you sat in bed all day doing nothing you would burn x amount of calories.

Calories in are Y calories out are X

Simply eat less calories than what you burn and you lose weight.
Link2DaFutcha  +   944d ago
Absolutely, diet is 110% percent of it, but for somebody looking to start out with a workout regime, having something familiar and fun is a great way to bridge the gap. I longboard everywhere in the summer, snowboard a bunch in the winter, basketball every weekend, but to have something steady, fun, and easy in your home makes getting into the active life style all the easier
C0MPUT3R  +   944d ago
I have tried everything.
I have had my mouth sewn up, my hands chopped off, I have tried everything.
Except exercising, and eating right.
Utalkin2me  +   944d ago
Says the guy that just started a new account. Everyone is addicted to something. Shouldn't throw rocks in a glass house.
thawind  +   944d ago
How I gained 20 pounds playing video games.
maniac76  +   944d ago
Then u need an op to cut away saggy skin lmao
CanadianTurtle  +   944d ago
Just get a gym membership. If you can afford video games, you can definitely afford that. You'll get better results too.
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   944d ago
@Fitgamer, well technically yes and no. While yes if you just sit there you "may"
Lose mass that depends on genetics and if you had any actual mass to
Begin with. Because if you are just mostly bf regardless or not if you lift and lose you will lose the little mass you have but you will make strength gains. But yes you are right exercise wi make you healthier.

@cullinumpkin, you don't need cardio, cardio is only good for burning excess calories really where as if you eat at -500 your tdee you will lose that 1lb a week. Now if you want to eat more because you have hunger pains then cardio is good to bring you back into calorie range.

Also it's not good telling people to just eat what they want, if they are serious about any types of gains they should be aiming to hit macros everyday. .8-1g protien per lb of body weight and about .6g fat per lb body weight. Carbs can be cut out if your body is good at exercising without the carbs.

Nice stats tho 5'10 170 10% bf is a pretty good amount of mass.

I'm personally still on my cut but I studied nutrition from front to back. Currently 5'8 165lbs about 14% bf :p
WeAreLegion  +   944d ago
I workout with Move Fitness and Wii Fit. :) I also play games while I'm using the elliptical. If you need to lose weight, consider gaming while working out. It will motivate you. :)
asiatico  +   944d ago
Find a sport or activity that motivates you. For me it has always been basketball, I just love basketball so its very easy for me to get out and play and its a great way to stay in good shape if you play competetively
matrixman92  +   944d ago
I only eat 2 meals a day, and rarely snack...unless I am borderline passing out from hunger. I am overweight though due to soda...I drink A LOT. I probably go through a 12 pack in about 2-3 days. I am at the point where I just dont care, I am fine with myself. If I am not up to this overcritical societies standards, oh well.
ElementX  +   944d ago
I dunno about this guy but I would've done something way before I felt I had to lose 70 pounds.
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CaulkSlap  +   944d ago
I'm just waiting for the Oculus Rift and Virtuix Omni VR Treadmill combo. Or I may just get lost in VR addiction with the Oculus and stop caring about my physical body entirely.

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