How I lost 70 lbs playing video games

Ben Wright of Writes:
"My usual morning routine goes as follows:
1. Wake up, begrudgingly, and go make myself breakfast, egg-white omelet with spinach and sriracha sauce and some turkey bacon.
2. Watch some news programs as I eat.
3. Play videogames for an hour.
4. Shower
5. Start working.
A lot of people reading this are probably curious: “you play videogames for an hour every morning?!” Well yeah, I can’t wake up without it, leads to a more productive day, and it’s a great way to stay in shape!"

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TheSuperior 1960d ago

Thats Great! I might consider trying some of those out.

xHeavYx1960d ago

Even though I'm glad for this guy, I'd rather keep doing what I already do. Eat good, gym for around an hour,then a nice hike and last play games like TLOU.
It's hard to find motivation to go to the gym yes, but get a buddy who is motivated, think about the cute girls wearing tight clothes as they work around the park.
People isolate themselves too much, get outside and learn how to have healthy fun. I promise the graphics are amazing

Software_Lover1960d ago

Everyone has their own agenda. Case in point..... What worked for this guy doesn't work for you. What works for you doesn't work for this guy.

I commend you both on your healthy lifestyle.

dendenmooshi1960d ago

What the article is basically saying is that every day he did this:

1) Eat a healthy breakfast
2) Exercise for one hour (using video games)
3) Lost 70 lbs over the course of 4 years.

Me-Time1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

4 years? The first fitness game he used came out in Nov '10. Probably more like 2 years maximum. I'd say it's a great alternative, but of course, it's dependent on the kind of life you live. There are many reasons why it would suit some people and reasons for why those people my not want to or simply can't do what xHeavYx suggested to go out and do.

dendenmooshi1960d ago

maybe somewhere my reading comprehension failed me, but

"4 years ago I was a solid 250lbs, hadn’t seen the inside of a gym in a few years and was trying to find a way to really kickstart my weight-loss. "

"Pairing these programs with a healthy diet has lost me over 70 pounds of fat, I now weigh in at 190, so get off the couch and play some video games!

1960d ago
TheGrimBunny1960d ago

That will do it... or you could just get an MMO to run your life without seeing sunshine for weeks.

evilkillerk1960d ago

I mean, more physical demanding games can be more fun.

mydyingparadiselost1960d ago

I think stuff like the omni directional treadmill looks awesome. Couple that with something like TF2 ( there's a video of this, it makes me smile) and gaming could make me all kinds of healthy.

steven83r1960d ago

Ya can see how games will make you lose weight. I mean when i game i go hours without thinking about food or even snacking on crap. TV though makes you fat.

MikeyDucati11960d ago

LOL that pic. You know I've seen that movie too much when I remember the lines...

"...And pivot, serve and shift"

Link2DaFutcha1960d ago

I feel like i waz meant for somzing moar dan dis... I want to be somebady

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