Is Tekken Revolution Worth Your Time?

Tekken originally released in arcades way back in 1994. The series has come a long way since then, spawning 18 games, a comic, and three movies. Tekken’s main titles have supported each subsequent release in the arcades with ports to Playstation. Namco, coming to be Namco Bandai since those days, has come to form a strong bond between the Playstation and the Tekken series continuing with their latest release, Tekken Revolution, which is an exclusive title for the PS3. The best part? It’s free to play, so hop on the Playstation Store and get your copy.

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jay21900d ago

I haven't even touched this yet, it's sitting on my hard drive.

RGDubz1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

It's worth you time if you don't own a TEKKEN game already or want to try and get a pay/play to win advantage by building up your characters stats, otherwise it's a waste of space even being on your HDD.

PopRocks3591900d ago

It's F2P. Free is definitely worth at least checking out. But from what I've heard if you're an experience Tekken fan then you're better off sticking with either 6 or Tag 2.

PurpHerbison1899d ago

Tekken 6 is irrelevant now.

PopRocks3591899d ago

Just relaying what a friend of mine (who's much more familiar with Tekken than I am) has said.

PurpHerbison1899d ago

Tag 2 has been the standard since it came out. Usually how it works though, latest Tekken game is the standard, minus Revolution.

fsfsxii1899d ago

If you have TTT2, then stick with it

Snookies121899d ago

Yeah, I love TTT2, I just wish it didn't have such a massive install size. o_o

fsfsxii1899d ago

Yeah, i sometimes get cornered by the amount of games PS plus gives me so i have to delete somethings, i now deleted the stuff i don't play, but that isn't even enough lol
Anyway, i only started getting good at Tekken recently, last year when it came out, i really went far to hate the game because i was with an asshole like community that i used to play with, i used to play mainly with Hworang and always lose because turns out he's the hardest character to play with. Nobody tought me stuff like hit box and like that. I met a nice dude who taught me all that

Snookies121899d ago

No doubt, Tekken is a tough fighter to crack. It's deceptively deep and hard to get a handle on. I love fighters of all types and have most of them. Tekken is the only fighter that I seem to lose my skill on after not playing for a while. There are just so many ways you can combo and each character is really different. Certainly not the most accessible fighter out there, but it's definitely in my top 5 this generation. :]

fsfsxii1899d ago

I actually think my first fighting game was Tekken 3. Used to sneak at night to play it and kick some ass with Xiao, then came Tekken 4, oh man the memories of Hworand kick spamming are unforgottable, then i was introduced to MK, not sure which one but it hooked me.

I own lots of fighting games too, the only one i didn't like is SC5, it was damn disappointing, SSF4 was great except for the AI spam, and shit community, they're why i quit. Yea, the character combination is insane, my main now are Alisa and Forest Law. They run along pretty good. Oh, i'm also a big fan of the DOA series and BlazBlue, can't wait for BB to come out this year, and yeah, BB and Tekken are the most techincal fighters you can find. I know about the Guilty Gear series but haven't gotten the chance to try it.

sk12341899d ago

This is actually my 1st Tekken game since Tekken 4, this game is a must for those who are new to tekken... This is actually the easiest Tekken too as it wasn't that hard to get into.

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