Watch Dogs: Hacking Hackers

Details regarding the upcoming Ubisoft’s action-stealth game, Watch Dogs, have been unveiled consecutively in the last few months. This time the company revealed that Aiden Pearce is not the only hacker around and he is a potential target, as every other citizen in Chicago; he is not immune to hacking, however he is able to retaliate by tracking and identifying the opposing attacker.

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1985d ago
US8F1985d ago

nothing new, I knew this since E3. Is it me or people now a days make 10 articles for every little piece of information with a different title.

I hope this game delivers though, and really hope that there is less scripting events involved, need more dynamic and free roam to keep me busy. Gta v for this gen, and watch dogs for next gen

Cmk01211985d ago

Yeah n4g as great as it is for news allows way to many troll relate articles as well as fanboy opinion articles. Bias is one thing but some of the articles are written by angry fanboys and put out as fact, it's a shame. Looking forward to watchdogs for sure , hopefully it is the truly next gen experience. In interested in combat system, etc. aiming in the videos seems a bit lethargic

Lwhit61985d ago

I agree about the aiming. I reallllly dont like GTA's aiming mechanics and it kind of bummed me out to see almost the same thing be put into this game. Oh well I'm still really excited for it and cant wait to play it. It's going to be awesome!

Senyra1985d ago

It's the gaming companys' fault as well, they keep spamming social networks with the same news over and over. It's hard to know what's really new sometimes, when credible sources are misguiding.