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"Final Fantasy VII is a classic. Its story, its score, its mechanics – for many this was the game that defined what RPGs should be. With another re-release, this time on Steam, Square Enix proves time is no barrier to a decent game, although a little polish might serve to get rid of the dust."

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shauzy1962d ago

i played it on ps1, finished it and im telling you its overrated

Kos-Mos1962d ago

It`s a 9/10, but FFVI is of course better. Just download the OST, and you`ll understand:)

shauzy1962d ago

i've played every final fantasy

Black-Helghast1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

Meh, I'd give it an 8.5/10. Don't get me wrong, its a good Final Fantasy but in all honesty, FFIX, FFVI and FFVIII were so much better in my opinion. Zach is one of my favorite characters of all time but I can't say the same for Cloud. Kefka is definitely my favorite final fantasy villain of all time but Sephiroth? Eh, not so much. I even like the OST's in 6,8 & 9 more than the one on 7. If only people who love FF7 so much would've played 6, 8 and 9 they wouldn't overrate 7 so much.

DragonKnight1962d ago

FFIX definitely had the better, more memorable music. There's a reason it's Uematsu's favourite, he did his best work in it.

To this day I haven't found a more relaxing FF tune than the Dali Village theme.

And then there's the Tantalus theme.

But my absolute favourite is the Black Mage Village theme.

But the best part about the music of FFIX is that it incorporated a lot of ambient sound as well. It was so well done.

carlingtat1962d ago

Overrated? No
Overhyped? Yes

fossilfern1962d ago

FFVII is like Morrowind for people i.e. It was more than likely their first game in the series that they played making it the best even though the games before hand were generally better.

Dont get me wrong VII is a good game but I VI is my favorite.

MWH1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

my friend, both your opinion and taste are overrated. with all due respect, I suggest you keep them to yourself.

fossilfern1961d ago

So because we don't conform to the majority we shouldn't say anything?

MWH1961d ago


welcome to the real world.

fossilfern1961d ago

Welcome to N4G sounds more accurate.

3-4-51961d ago

On my first ever play through of it via PSP......I'm about 3-4 hours in and it's really good in some aspects and frustratingly ignorant in others.

* It's like they expect me to know everything about the game and it's mechanics and the world right away without having any prior knowledge of it.

* Getting lost randomly because of being confused on where to go

* After leaving midgar...lets put a huge monster in the path of the way you NEED to go that is unkillable and give you a game over.....

^ Yea I'm sure everybody wanted that.

Way too many frustrating things for me to fully enjoy this game.

That being said.. I love the music, the characters, the story, the setting, parts of combat and I actually like the art style.

It's the stupid stuff that has slowly been phased out of RPG's that is making me frustrated while playing this game.

There is no rhyme of reason to some of the choices and things and places and decisions.

I understand why this game would hook people on RPG's and I understand why so many love this game..

I however....wish I would have purchased FF9 instead.

I'm going to finish this game eventually...but I've yet to be able to play this game for more than 45 min without being frustrated.

It's not that it's's just ignorant in some parts of the game. I blame a lot of it on the era it was made, but still this game isn't nearly as great as some make it out to be.

I'm not that far in so I understand my opinion could change completely and this could end up being my favorite game ever.

With most of my favorite games though, I can play 3-5+ hours gaming sessions no problem without ever thinking twice about it.

Maybe it's just the FF Main series then, because I loved FF11, FFTA2 and no FFTactics via PSP + games like Dragon Quest 9.

After playing those games and then playing feels like work or a chore really...not as much fun as I'd hoped.

The music and story is what keeps me playing it though.

matgrowcott1961d ago

I'm pretty sure you're expressly warning against trying to face the Zolom, and there's only one place between there and Kalm that's worth checking out.

Have you tried playing along with a guide? Might make the game more fun for you.

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rextraordinaire1962d ago

FFVII, of all the ps1 FF titles, is the one that didn't age gracefully.

I've been replaying FFIX recently and it's still as engaging as it was then, but when I started FFVII again, the blocky graphics really lost all their magic. Not a bad game in any way, but I think it's better left as a good memory.

1962d ago
demonsoul1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

FF7 would always be "My Greatest Final Fantasy" game. There is no one in the Fina Fantasy World who made a lot of major impact and more badass than Cloud,Zack,Sepiroth,Tifa,Aerit h,Genesis,Angeal and Company.

ianblake1962d ago

this is a game from 1997 and we still talking ... this is how good this game is ... my fav. FF game, i love FF8 too

Summons751962d ago

It's really not that good. Gameplay is great and music is great but the story is rather blah and the characters are awful. It's a good game but no where near as good as the uberfans make it out to be. It's good for maybe one play through but after the first disc (ps1) it's a really rough ride to the end, side stuff is more fun than the story.

tiffac0081962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )


I agree~

Whether you like it or not, you cannot say the game is not "good" when its still part of the conversation for almost 16 years. Its like Zelda: Ocarina of Time and such titles, its a vintage product.

S-T-F-U1962d ago

Hard choice for me, my first ever time playing a FF game was FFVII and I loved it! Spent soooo many hours on it, still remember to this day how frustrating it was trying to get that golden chocobo haha. I also really liked FFVIII. I liked the characters and battle system more in FF8 but the story and world in FF7. Shame they don't seem to make games like these any more :(

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