Nomura-san gets interviewed at Japan Expo; speaks about KH3 and FFXV

Tetsuya Nomura, the director of Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy XV showed up at the Japan Expo in France and was interviewed by Finaland and Final Fantasy Dream about his two upcoming games.

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Kalebninja1987d ago

they need to cut kairi's hair like she had it in kh1 it looked better and she'll be fighting now so it makes sense

mt1987d ago

even if it is like bayonetta's hair as long as they release the game soon enough .

1987d ago
RedHawkX1987d ago

I remeber when nintendo fanboys said this game was gonna be on the wii lmao hahahahahaa oh wow! they were like the playstations dont have that big of an install base and the nintendo handheld versions lead kh3 to be on the wii.

Summons751987d ago

lol well it did have a fair chance since the KH handhelds favored the nintendo systems having 3 games, one of which being highly important to the story and connecting KH2 and leading into (supposedly) the exact point where KH3 picks up.

The install base argument is silly though, KH fans would have migrated to wherever the franchise went.

Shinox1987d ago

Why Nintendo trying to take a piece of cake from KH when it was Successful on the PS2 !

Sheesh Nintendo you always used to be jelly from Sony titles .. too bad the game becomes multiplatform now for the sake of "Direct X 11" .

NihonjinChick1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

Nintendo has 4 KH titles starting with Chain of Memories, which came out on GBA in 2004. It was the second KH game made.

TheDivine1986d ago

I remember when both these games were exclusive to ps3 lol. Sony fans said they would refuse to buy them and boycott SE if they went multiplat. Well here we are, FF, KH, MGS, everything is on the Xbox, what does Sony have left? They lost every single third party.

I might mention
3ds has KH, vita doesn't
3ds has MH, vita doesn't
DQ7 remake
Basically every ps franchise jumped ship to the 3ds. I wouldn't brag about KH skipping the wii as it skipped ps3 also. Wasn't it and VS13 the reason you guys bought a ps3 only to be told buy a new console preferably an Xbone to play it? Yea thought so mate.

RedHawkX1986d ago

woooooooo there buddy calm down no need to get crazy in here lol.

PSN_ZeroOnyx1987d ago

Kingdom Hearts 3 is long over due and I personally can't wait to get my hands on it. At least the series hasn't been overly saturated.

adventureghost1241986d ago

not overly saturated? Nomura wants to put Star wars and Marvel worlds into the game! This was literally my worst fear of KH3, and you have to agree with me, Iron Man in Kingdom Hearts would be terrible

FinalFantasyFan1982d ago

I lost all interest in KH3 after I read this.

JackVagina1987d ago

"Can we hope to get the original japanese voices for Final Fantasy XV in Europe.

TN : That all depends of the capacity of the disc. The two main reason are the disc space and also the lip sync, because if we’re making the game, with the characters speaking in english but with the voices in japanese, the lip sync would not match. Even though you’d prefer having the japanese voices?

Finaland & FFDream : Yes, actually, please, we have a solution for you, can you think of a limited edition with only japanese voices and french text, would it be possible to do that?

TN : You really want this that much?

Finaland & FFDream : YES YES YES we really want japanese voices.

TN : (laughs) You’ll have to say this YES YES YES to Square enix though for not to me. If you guys really want THAT kind of request very much from all the fans and all the community side and everything, it would probably be best to tell Square Enix France or Square Enix Europe to make that happen. Square Enix France of Europe could speak to Square Enix Japan and it probably could make it happen, but we’ll see.

Finaland & FFDream : Thank you !"

DigitalRaptor1987d ago

I won't play this game without the Japanese VA so I'll be importing a Japanese copy if needs be.

I do think it's possible to have the Japanese VA as free download from the network though. I wonder how large those files would be though.

SugarSoSweet1987d ago

Why is it so important for Non Japanese speaking people to play with Japanese VA I've never understood this???

DigitalRaptor1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

I don't know if it speaks for everyone else, but I'll tell you why I find it important.

When a game is localized, sometimes it loses the emphasis in expression that the director was aiming for. Because localization is often contracted development, the voice actors aren't as connected to the project as those who are directly involved during the most important parts of the development, and thus might not be as passionate or understanding about what they are doing.

Sometimes the voice actors chosen for localization might be sub-par, when compared to the original actors. It's why I enjoyed Shenmue II on Dreamcast more in Japanese than I enjoyed Shenmue in English.

It really depends on how the localization is handled, but if given the choice, I will more often than not try the original language with subtitles.

RedHawkX1986d ago

yall are thinking about movies/ anime when talking about wanting japanese voice overs. a video game is different especially when the material is based on american franchises and movies like kingdom hearts. in that game japanese are trying to copy the english voices of those characters so you should play that in english because thats the end goal and why japan wanted to play them in english.

some of you are getting a little crazy. what they call them people who want to be japanese or act like they are when they are just some average white suburban kid?

Darrius Cole1986d ago


Most often the original voice acting is better than the voice acting in the ports. It's like DigitalRaptor said. You can hear the sub-par acting. By contrast, if you listen to the original voice acting and read the subtitles in your native language, you can hear the emotion in the characters voices even though you don't understand the language. By the time, you are one hour into the game you won't even notice that the game is speaking Japanese or whatever language.

FinalFantasyFan1982d ago

I also wish if they would include Japanese va. Since the PS4 is region free, there's the option to import the Asian version, wich should include Japanese va and English subs.

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