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5 Very Influential Games From The Last Century

GameNTrain Author Christopher Carpenter writes: In the 1970s, video games kicked off. At the time many would have probably assumed that gaming was a passing fad and it would be gone in the blink of an eye, but they were wrong. Gaming continued to grow in popularity, increasing in both fandom and variety until it changed from arcade games into the multi-million dollar creations of today. However, what caused this significant increase in popularity? The answer to this question is: games.

Throughout its history, games have continued to revolutionize the industry through the creativity and determination of those who were not afraid of trying something new. As such, many of the greatest and well known games that originated in those early years have been the inspiration of many being released today. Today, we will take a look at some of those games that have become influential in today’s gaming world (Culture, Donkey Kong , Final Fantasy, Pong, Retro, Sonic the Hedgehog, Tetris)

Cam977  +   415d ago
From the PS1 alone:

There are hundreds more.
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legionsoup  +   414d ago
This list is terrible. Where is:

-Street Fighter II (the first successful fighter)
-Wolfenstien 3D/Doom (origins of the FPS)
-Super Mario Brothers (the first game not played on a single screen - also, it's freaken Super Mario Brothers)
-Blades of Steel or Ice Hockey (NES) (showed sports games could be good)
-Goldeneye (made multiplayer and console FPSs important)
-Virtua Fighter (first polygon-based fighter)

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