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Overall, the game is the most fantastic survival horror game ever played. You will not be disappointed at this game. If you have not bought this game, go buy it. You will be missing out and this game needs to be added to your game collection. DLC will soon be coming out which is a more reason why to buy this game.

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mayberry1983d ago

The DLC should be great too.

No_Limit1983d ago

YES!!! Another 10. Played it twice already.

BullyMangler1983d ago

ummm . . . look at the correspondence coming from fanboyFeed, > fanboy = who gonna take his reviews or anything serious with a name like that?

besides The Last Of Us is generic goLd = no perfect score . . yes award winning (story) . but same gameplay mechanics with guns, that anybody could have imagined = not worthy of perfect score < fact . but yes high score . more like 9.5 the Last of Us . . generic goLd

brodychet1983d ago

are you insane?
Same Gameplay Mechanics with guns that anyone could have imagined?

Have you played it?

You're so negative; why? Is it because everyone likes it? Oh you're that person.

But trying to reason with you is hopeless, because ignorance is a brick wall.