2013 PSU Marathon Trophy Competition Pre-Game Show

One of the toughest competitions in eSports returns as 28 gamers aim to become one of the greatest trophy hunters in the world. Join us every two weeks with analysis, breakdowns, and interviews.

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Cam9771839d ago

This will be interesting, I'm currently level 16 and I'm sure my progression is going quicker than on level 15.

Fasttrack761839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

I've really got to start getting some platinums on my games,currently level 12 and only one platinum and that was a long time back when the saboteur 1st come out, a lot of my trouble is thou is that I'm not a massive multiplayer gamer (never once prestige on any cod game and I've had them all) also so many games released i can't keep up with them all with working as well. I'm hoping to change this on ps4 thou and really build my plats up