Final Fantasy VI Soundtrack Given Love By OC Remix

"This project was made possible by a successful kickstarter campaign which rased $150,000. That cash was needed to pay Square Enix for the rights to the music as well as hire the Slovak National Symphony Orchestra. Now, thanks to kickstarter, the donating fans, and Slovakia, you can enjoy this music for free." -GR

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ftwrthtx1905d ago

Some of these are awesome

knifefight1905d ago

I love that there are multiple mixes for Terra's theme. Awesome song, and some of these remixes are gold.

Xof1905d ago

I may not be able to easily determine a single best Final Fantasy game, but I'll be damned if FFVI doesn't have the best soundtrack.

And multiple remixes of Terra's theme? Awesome indeed.

JoySticksFTW1905d ago

Indeed a great soundtrack.

My personal favorite come off of the FFVI ost

Floating Continent

mydyingparadiselost1905d ago

Well, I know what I'm doing today

Tsuru1905d ago

been listening this on loop non stop

Son_Lee1905d ago

One of my least favorite FFs but some of the songs in the OST are GODLY.