The Last of Us Is About Life More Than It Is About Survival

The Last of Us shows off nature, not merely as a scenic backdrop, but to showcase the importance of life.

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mayberry1986d ago

I appreciated the small, random animals that would pop up. Like cranes, rabbits, dogs etc.

Drainage1986d ago

and the best animal towards the end...

Grimhammer001986d ago

I got this idea - the dlc side story should be about a old old dog who impossibly finds his master ....say with Joel brother or something.

It doesn't need to be another survivor hero dude. That story is already perfect in Joel & Ellie.

I'd like a emotional stealth story where the dog sees the horrors of humanity and the savagery of the infected. It'd be challenging to pull off - but I have faith naught dog can do it.

BozoLoco1985d ago

I disagree, but only because I find survival and life to be one in the same.

You need to survive to live ;) It's very much about life, the consequences and decisions you need to make to survive ;)