Pokemon X/Y screenshots

Take a look at some screenshots from Pokemon X/Y.

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xPhearR3dx1840d ago

It's been a LONG time since I've played a JRPG. But I picked up Ni No Kuni and I've been hooked all day. I kinda wish Pokemon had a similar combat system instead of the same thing I played as a kid.

LKHGFDSA1840d ago

Poor graphics.
I thought the 3DS was capable of Gamecube quality graphics. What's with all the blocks and jaggies?

and the camera looks too zoomed in. (on the walking around screenshots)
The 3DS Xl's screen is huge and should show alot more.

and lastly I still hate the main character's design.
Looks so ordinary, it should be more iconic.
Looks like a girl too.

Kennytaur1840d ago

This is what happens when you force 3D rendering on a system not powerful enough to do itself justice. Nintendo should have kept the same specs, but scrapped the 3D,and we would see a very noticeable increase in quality.

vakarian751840d ago

Have you seen resident evil revelations, Super Mario 3d land,Animal Crossing, Paper Mario, or Luigis Mansion just to name a few and this game actually looks really good and is pretty big with a lot of new things to do.

Blacklash931840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

I certainly hope you guys have seen other games on the 3DS. If you have you'd know capable of much better visuals then this.

Pokemon is about content and not pretty visuals. It always has been. Pokemon could have done 3D visuals on the DS, but it chose not to so the creators could focus on making more activities, pokemon, and battles to enjoy in the game.

Besides, 3DS and other handheld games look much better in motion. XY is no exception and it looks fairly better than this in footage.

vakarian751840d ago

You choose your characters hair ,hair Color ,eye color and skin color you also get to get new clothes at shops in the game.


1- Not true
2- Too zoomed you say? I for one like it

vakarian751840d ago

These pictures are old they've been on the pokemon website for forever and a day.

Jirachi1840d ago

to those complaining the pictures look "poor" because the blew them up (increased the size)
whenever you take an image and stretch it looks like crap.
go ahead take a screen shot of a ps3 game and then strecth it out to 300% it'll look s***y

wingman32x1839d ago

3DS game screenshots always seem to grossly under represent the game that's being shown. The games in question look a lot better on an actual 3DS.