LGA | The Walking Dead: 400 Days- Short, but worthwhile

Telltale Games gave us a remarkable look at the zombie apocalypse with the 2012 release, The Walking Dead. Done more as a point and click adventure rather than an action title, The Walking Dead was divided into five episodes, and caused us to deeply care about the two main characters, Lee and Clementine. The ending of that game was left open, making way for a Season Two, which hopefully will hit consoles this year in time for the premiere of season four for the AMC television series. Getting some DLC for the game (and at a nice bargain price of 4.99 USD) was a welcome surprise. While The Walking Dead: 400 Days does nothing in furthering the story we’ve followed for five episodes, it does give us some extra glimpses into the universe created by Robert Kirkman’s long running comic book series. The DLC may be short (its five stories plus an epilogue can be played in an hour and a half), but it’s well worth your time.

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