Nintendo's Solis: Mario Kart 8 "opens a whole 'nother level of racing"

Bayonetta 2, a game designed for mature audiences, isn't the only high-profile title coming out for Wii U early next year. The first quarter of 2014 will also see the next iteration of Nintendo's iconic Mario Kart series released, a game the company's Hector Solis says opens up "a whole 'nother level of racing."

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Campy da Camper1986d ago

That looks pretty dang cool. I spent hours on the last MK trying to get 1st place in all tracks. The antigravity, if done right will be awesome.

SactoGamer1986d ago

Something tells us that MK8's antigravity will be done in a way that players should like.

abzdine1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

my fav MK of all time is Double Dash!! that thing's was one of the funniest games i've ever played.
in MK8 they copied from the last Sonic All star game but it's cool since the MK series needed some refreshing new ideas imo, that's why the double dash is considered as the most complete MK to date.
The map on GamePad is kinda useless as it is now and will only be available in single player cause the console doesn't allow multiple GP simultaneously, and in multiplayer with wiimotes and one Gamepad the screen will be crowed and the map has to be there too to help with the orientation.

Realplaya1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

@ abzdine What exactly did they copy from Sonic Allstars?

@ Cam977 The sales of MArio games say otherwise but every other developer should stop milking their cash cows. If you add that it doesn't sound like nonsense when you say it.

Cam9771985d ago

I think they should move on from Mario. They've milked him too far.

KillrateOmega1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

It's Nintendo, man. As long as they still hold a presence in the gaming industry, Mario isn't going anywhere.

After all, it's Mario. He's very likely the most iconic video game character ever conceived.

Cam9771985d ago

But I'm afraid that's why Nintendo aren't selling the WII U as they'd like to. The games aren't fresh and can be experienced ten times over on every old Nintendo. If they want to compete against the PS4 and XBONE then they'll need some new franchises.

Campy da Camper1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

@cam... I just turned 40 last month. I asked for a Wii u for my bday from my woman. Why? Mario. I am hardcore on my ps3 but I have this soft spot for Mario. I love the new console. Laying in bed playing on the gamepad. Just have to beat the last castle in cloud world then off to fight bowser. Once I beat it Im picking up SMG2.

I say all this to point out some of us folks who grew up in the 80's, skipping lunch so we could spend the money at 7-11 playing SMB will never grow tired of Mario.

thaimasker1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

They'll move away from mario when people stop buying his games.

CaptainN1985d ago

Yea and maybe Disney should stop using Mickey Mouse as well, LOL. He is their mascot, there is never a good reason to stop using a company mascot. The whole point is people recognize it and continue to buy your product due to the brand recognition!

Rusty5151985d ago

They did stop using Micky mouse. They replaced him for b*tchy teenage girls.. =|

CaptainN1984d ago

Yea, you go to Disney World and then tell me that !!

abzdine1985d ago

if each game they make with Mario is good then what's the problem with that?
don't compare it to other heavy milked franchised like COD or Halo where they are clearly losing in terms of quality overtime.

_QQ_1985d ago

Mario is like Micky mouse, idk why people even bother saying he is milk, he is more than just a video game character at this point, he is an icon a staple of gaming,Just like Snake,just like Link,just like pokemon,just like the final fantasy name, will never be milk.

Triforce0791985d ago

Mario is an icon end of even Sony have admitted Nintendo have legacy compared to them...

_QQ_1985d ago

You fanboys haves milked this outdated argument too far.

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MadMen1985d ago

Really? Because it looks like Mario Kart to me?

Which is good but a new level of Racing?

Xof1985d ago

lol, yeah. Nothing like hyperbole.

worldwidegaming1985d ago

a new mario kart? More mario? Hell yeah!

For you few who wanna complain...
Aw man, we cowboys are tired of riding horses and bulls..that cow looks like a new thing!
If its not broke, dont fix it!
You all have fun riding them cows ya hear!

Triforce0791985d ago

It looks amazing the stylized visuals are the best in the industry and everyone ive ever spoke too love Mariokart END OF best graphics at E3,the quality went higher from say sonic racing ps3 to mk8,then killzone ps3 to killzone ps4,the ps3 tech demo way bk looked better than killzone ps4.

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