FutureGamez - Madden NFL 25 Preview

FutureGamez - Whenever a new console is launched inevitably one of the big titles, for the American market at least, is a new Madden NFL title, and this year is no exception with the launch of next-generation consoles bringing with it the release of Madden NFL 25. The franchise has always stood up as one of the pinnacle of sporting games (although some would argue that FIFA commands a bigger status these days), and this latest title looks like pushing the franchise to new heights in all aspects of the game.

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Akuma2K1693d ago

Always the same ole same ole with EA concerning Madden every year, "improved gameplay blah blah blah".....NFL2K5 is still a pimple on Madden's ass and EA still hasn't surpassed the gameplay and presentation of an 8 year old game and the trailer for Madden25 (yes its a trailer, not actual gameplay) still looks current gen. You would think with all the money EA has made with Madden that they'd have a new game engine by now especially being the only football licensed game, yet EA is still in the dark ages and i had to laugh when they said offensive line play is a new feature in Madden25 when this feature was already in NFL2K5.

I hope and pray the NFL license isn't renewed (it has already expired) and 2K comes back and make a new football game, can you imagine the gameplay and presentation of 2K15 on PS4 and Xbox1 with true next gen graphics etc...

cedaridge1693d ago

NFL 2K on PS4 / XB1 I can only imagine.I as well hope the nfl license isn't renewed.

Jagsrock1692d ago

The only good thing ive seen so far from madden 25 is the footwork which is much improved . Everything else looks the same with a bit more detail and more true colors. I just don't get why EA can't put together a complete package, every year there is bits an pieces that are good but they never build on it.