Want to get hopelessly addicted to a casual game? Play Candy Crush Saga

GamesRadar - No, wait, Don't go anywhere! This isn't an advertisement. I understand if you thought that it was some sort of sponsored thing when you first saw the headline--it's hard to travel three clicks on the internet nowadays without being bombarded with ads for King's casual, free-to-play Candy Crush Saga. "Deliciously sweet fun!" one says. "Hundreds of candy-coated puzzles!" claims another. But none of these colorful, sugary ads tell the truth about the game. If they did, it'd be a picture of me staring at a bright cell phone screen at 3:00 AM, hovering over the green "$0.99" button on the Extra Moves page, mumbling expletives under my breath.

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nikrel1987d ago

My wife got hooked two weeks ago. Her brother just beat the game, I have no clue how long it took him.

iNcRiMiNaTi1987d ago

I played the game for a bit, was ok nothing special. I uninstalled after 10 minutes

mgszelda11987d ago

Hey look here is a game similar to Tetris and Doctor Mario. How old are those games? Over 20 yrs. T43 R3v0lut10n has B3GuN.

Seriously though, it simply took the place of angry birds, which is slowly fading out

sprinterboy1987d ago

Been hating all the please give me shit on fb, buy more coins/gems or whatever it is. Garbage