36 Things We'll Never Forget about the PlayStation 3

GameSpot - Before the PlayStation 4 enters our lives, take a look back at some of our fondest and darkest memories of the PS3.

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-Mezzo-1694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

The huge quantity of quality Exclusives.

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ddurand11694d ago

idont know why people are disagreeing with you.

the last of us
gran turismo
god of war
demon souls

off the dome list. im sure theres more im missing.

guitarded771694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

There are hundreds more, but a couple of serious omissions are MGS4 and Journey :D

I love my PS3's, my favorite console of this gen, and I have them all. There are so many amazing PS3 exclusives. I've met a lot of gamers on PSN who have the same likes, wants, etc and have made some friendships. I can honestly say that the PS3 is my favorite gaming platform to date, and I'm one of them older gamers. Can't wait to see what Sony does next gen.

Skips1694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )


Also considering the fact they didn't scrap some of the huge games for PS3 just to try and fluff up their launch lineup for PS4. But actually stayed and supported their current console...

Could you imagine if God Of War Ascension, The Last Of Us, Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, Gran Turismo 6, Until Dawn, and Puppeteer were for PS4 and were shown at E3 ONLY FOR PS4??? lol

SonyPS41694d ago

The PS2 IMO had a much larger quantity of quality exclusives. There were platforming and RPGs, something relatively lacking on the PS3. Hopefully the PS4 will deliver at least half of the PS2-like variety of games given the cheaper than XOne price, lower development costs, and a friendly architecture.

That being said the PS3 is a very nice system. Definitely better than 360 and Wii, IMO anyway.

ape0071694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )

xbox 360 is better than ps3 overall imo

90% of games look/run better on 360 with superior online features and better controller

the best thing with the ps3 by far is naughty dog, phenomenal developers, absolutely phenomenal

anyways the ps4 with its games, features and price look almost perfect, it is the return of the ps2, perhaps better than ps2 since it's the most powerful (based on rumors)

Maddens Raiders1694d ago (Edited 1694d ago )


straight out the slums of Shaolin, swingin' swords like hammers from blacksmiths. If ya didn't know, well now ya know kid, The PS3 ain't nothin' to **** with.


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Need4Game1694d ago

1 Things We'll Never Forget about the PlayStation 3;

1. PS3

j-blaze1694d ago

thanks to the devs who actually supported and developed for that slow, hard to develop for, awful piece of machine.. although most of it's exclusives are overrated especially from their first party studios.
can't wait for PS4! that's a real gaming console

king_george1693d ago

true that the machine itself could've been easier to develop for but it definitely produced some of the best exclusives this gen. not overrated at all in my honest opinion. but to each his own

DigitalRaptor1690d ago

CELL architecture still is amazing, and most people can admit to that. What most people can't deny is that it was hard to develop for. Sony were selfish and wanted the very best developers to come to develop for CELL.

Yet we all know you're still gonna be trolling on the Sony games regardless of the hardware, so you're troll status just dropped massively. Poor, poor trolling there mate.

cunnilumpkin1694d ago

demons souls, best ps3 game ever!!

amazing game!!

HarryMasonHerpderp1694d ago

One of my personal highlights this gen was getting my hands on Demons Souls for the first time.
While it isn't my favourite PS3 game it's definitely in my top 10.

GHOSTxx4201693d ago

I loved demons souls. I think a lot of people diss this game because of how hard it was.

PositiveEmotions1694d ago

Well with the ps3 im able to turn off the ds3 but in a recent article u cant turn of the led light bar thats probably the only complain i have

JetP06191694d ago

you can turn off the dualshock 4 controller as well. in the article you read it was just saying that when your dualshock 4 is on, you dont have the option of turning off the LED light. so i dont know what you are complaining about. both controllers can be turned on and off except when you turn on the dualshock 4 the light bar will stay on as long as the controller is on.

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