PS3 Hands-On BD-Live Blu-ray Impressions With Walk Hard

TMR gets ahold of Walk Hard with BD-Live and puts the new Blu-ray technology through the paces, comparing it against online gaming networks.

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MaximusPrime3882d ago

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A movie review? Not gaming news.
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gambare3882d ago

I guess the poor kid can't read and he didn't notice the big "Tech" label

trancefreak3882d ago

Doesn't really interest me yet. Ill have to try out though. Im the kinda guy who rather just watch the movie and move on.

ITR3882d ago

I wonder is the slowness due to the PS3, the profile, the connection speed, or all of the above.
I wish we had a standalone to test against it.

thor3882d ago

I thought this might happen with BD-Live. There's nothing of substance worth looking at, and what is there could easily have been put on the disk. It's not needed to connect everything to the internet. If someone invented (which they probably have) a toaster, say, which connected to the internet, what would be the point? Exact same thing in my book.

feejo3882d ago

COme on, nothing compare to excitement of on-line gaming.

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