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Weekly Recap July 6th: OUYA Outsells Xbox One, PC Wins E3, Xbox Live Troll Trap

The Game Critic Choice awards are in for this year's explosive E3 and the PC comes out as the big winner of the event and the Xbox One and Xbox 360 tie to come in second place. The pre-order lists from around the world also indicate that the PS4 is leading the charts but with a very interesting twist: the OUYA is outselling the Xbox One as a best seller of 2013 on Canada's Amazon list. I kid you not. (Mobile, Ouya, PS4, Xbox LIVE, Xbox One)

gaelic_laoch  +   287d ago
ROFL.....XBone kicked out of Division One and playing against the OUYA in the Second Division. You can't make this stuff up!
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GusBricker  +   287d ago
More like...Really, Canada?

It's #2 on the best sellers list.
After Seeing what Naughty DOg can do xbox also has division 2 devs.

pc wins e3?? lol
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FinalFantasyFan  +   287d ago
"PC comes out as the big winner of the event and the Xbox One and Xbox 360 tie to come in second place."

LOL! I knew something was seriously wrong with these awards when I read this.
cyguration  +   287d ago
That's Doritocracy for you.
No_Limit  +   287d ago
Platform breakdown for #of Wins

PC: 11 (+4 from 2012; Same as 2011)
Xbox One: 10 (new)
Xbox 360: 10 (-2 from 2012; -4 from 2011)
PS4: 4 (new)
PS3: 3 (-12 from 2012; -6 from 2011)
Wii-U: 1 (same as 2012)
PSVita: 1 (same as 2012)

Well done Windows/XB1/X360 platforms. Totolly crushed the competition at this years award.
PigPen  +   287d ago
Ouya preorders leads the Xbox One and Playstation 4 as best seller on Amazon Canada list. Playstation 4 leads Amazon list global. Article tries to be misleading to make the Xbox One seem like there is less interest, as if Ouya Canada preorders list isn't more then the PS4. lol
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lgn15  +   287d ago
Who the fuck okays this misleading and biased crap.
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