How The Last of Us & Remember Me Killed The Uncharted Series

“The Uncharted series is dead.”
This was one of the many thoughts that crossed my mind after playing through Remember Me, Uncharted 3, and The Last of Us back-to-back-to-back.

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Mr_Nuts1900d ago

Not really, they are both equally amazing they just are different genres.

Oh but Remember Me...LOL, yeah whatever man.

nick3091900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

Yea remember me was a major flop , heck i enjoyed deadpool more than that crap

bjmartynhak1899d ago Show
Transporter471899d ago

See i like what they did with Deadpool just needed a bit of more refined gameplay IMO.

pixelsword1899d ago

I hear Deadpool had clunky controls, but the translation of the character was spot on; if so, a simple update could make that game a classic.

dcortz20271899d ago

It's already hit bargain bin price, I wonder why.

GameSpawn1898d ago

Remember Me had potential, but it fell short on all accounts of being a truly great game. The story was OK, but never really keeps you at the edge of your seat wanting more. The gameplay and remixing minigame are interesting at first, but become "meh" about halfway through the game because of too much of one and too little of the other. In all, Rememmber Me ironically isn't very memorable. It's just an OK game - it's worth playing because it is something different and a change of pace from the norm, but it doesn't go far enough to shake the foundations of its genre(s) and have you walk away wowed and astonished.

Last of Us's change to its genre is the shift in focus to concentrate more on the characters (something lacking in many "survival" games - I'm avoiding the word "zombie" for a more general classification) and having the characters drive the story and not the story drive the characters. Also, the characters don't feel fake or unrealistic. Their behaviors and emotions are what you'd expect of anyone thrown into that kind of situation, as unrealistic as the situation may be.

Naughty Dog's strengths truly lie in their knack for story writing. Uncharted, despite its repetitive gameplay, had some very well written characters and a narrative that kept you playing. The Last of Us was no different except for (in my opinion) having a better narrative; the acting was brilliant in both.

The mark of a good game is one that keeps you wanting more. It one that you can't put down because you want to know what happens next. You want to keep going until the bitter end. Even better is one that gives you all of this but makes you want to play again and again and again.

N4g_null1898d ago

What are the official sales numbers?

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thezeldadoth1899d ago ShowReplies(4)
RedHawkX1899d ago

lol the article writer tried to slip remeber me in there and thought we wouldnt notice because of the awesomeness of the last of us.

Kryptix1899d ago

lol It would make sense if he just said The Last of Us and Naughty Dog were planning a sequel right now but adding Remember Me...yea... It was like, "hmmm, I have this great article with a couple good points, but let's add Remember Me to get a few extra hits from people who noticed it." lol Uncharted and The Last of Us are great games, they can both exist with each other. Especially since they're both the highest rated games on the PS3 and Naughty Dog fans loved both of them.

badz1491899d ago

the only thing Remember Me killed is its own potential for a sequel!

assdan1899d ago

I don't know what this guy is talking about. If Naught dog announces a new uncharted at gamescon, I will be pretty happy.

RenegadeRocks1898d ago

I will be over the moon :D ! We all know its coming !!!!!

BullyMangler1899d ago

ha haa seriously . . i mean can i do some of the epic things form Uncharted series in the Last of Us?

freaking fanboys

showtimefolks1899d ago

Lol hell no

Remember me is just an average game

TLOU is made by ND so I am pretty sure next UC game will be nothing short of amazing if they decide to do one or maybe they will do a new IP

Remember me's name shouldn't even be used in the same sentence as uncharted. No wonder why Sony let the Game go to capcom

Stallion1899d ago

Equally amazing?
I think not.
The Last of Us was on an entirely different artistic level versus Uncharted.

Ares84HU1899d ago

Maybe you should play some Uncharted before speaking.

I have all 3 uncharted games platinumed but after I finished the last of us once, I don't even care to bother to go back and play it a second time.

Uncharted >>>>>>>&g t;x3747383821928>>>> ;TLOU.

That is my opinion of course.

1898d ago
Fluke_Skywalker1898d ago

Personally I still think Uncharted 2 is the best game of this gen. TLOU is great, but UC2 is better, imho.

bisejazuhu1898d ago

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RedDevils1898d ago

Who give a fuck about your sister earning LOL

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Prcko1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

“The Uncharted series is dead.”
in your dreams...

asmith23061899d ago

Exactly, it's a completely different kind of game. The only thing I will say is that the next Uncharted game (if there is one) will only benefit from the experience that ND had making TLOU.

MidnytRain1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

I thought they were made by two different teams?

fourOeightshark1899d ago

You do know that ND has two teams right? The Uncharted team didn't work much on The Last of Us.

IMightBeRetarded1899d ago

Actually the uncharted team did have some people sent over to the last of us team to help finish the last of us.

MidnytRain1899d ago


But will they go back when they're done? ;)

asmith23061899d ago

@all saying another team worked on Uncharted. Yes but what does that matter? I'm a software developer and we have many teams working on different things in my job but we all share/use the same procedures, tech, etc. Every software job does.

fourOeightshark1899d ago

@IMightBeRetarded That's why i said they "didn't work much" on it.

IMightBeRetarded1899d ago

Yes. They went back to whatever project they had going on once they were done with their work on the last of us.

MidnytRain1898d ago


Wait, so the TLOU team was only a temporary thing?

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CrimsonStar1899d ago

lol didn't you submit the article?

Reverent1899d ago

Doesn't mean he wrote it. Lol

Number-Nine1899d ago

Although I think TLOU was a great game, I would put Uncharted 2 ahead of it.

Ares84HU1899d ago

I would put every Uncharted ahead of it. TLOU is a good game but Uncharted is just way better. I honestly don't see what others see in this game. Do people really like to hide this much?

IRetrouk1899d ago

Dont know bout that one mate, i mean yeah the last of us is fantastic but so is the uncharted series, they could make a new one of either and i would buy it day one. What i really want though is a new jak and daxter, i loved those games and would love to see one on the ps4, i think the teams ae big enough now to be able to work on this. I could just be wishfully thinking.

Adexus1899d ago

A new Jak and Daxter would be amazing! I need to get around to buying the trilogy collection at some point.

IRetrouk1899d ago

Yeah had to get that, so far i have gone through the first and most of the way through the second, still as good as they were.