Elgato Game Capture HD Unboxing! CABLES!

Yamilia from Twinfinite writes: "I was sent a Game Capture HD from Elgato (not actually a cat, false advertisement), and decided to show you all what was inside. We already reviewed it before, so I figured this was the next big step in coverage: a showfloor walkthrough, but of a box. I was seriously surprised by how small this thing is. It will fulfill your “tiny electronic for the household” quota that each American needs to have. Time to take a dip into the world of game capturing, with seemingly the easiest and smallest capture card ever. Seriously, it’s tiny. Check out the video for a size comparison with my small hand, as opposed to my big hand. I didn’t use my big hand for the comparison."

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Cam9771836d ago

These seem quite handy.

Ksar1836d ago

my penis brought me here.

nick3091836d ago

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wishingW3L1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

average looking girls need love too you know. At least she's not fat.... ;(

0ut1awed1836d ago

I fucking beg to differ. Not to mention she seems extremely cool and she plays games!

Good luck finding happiness in life with your hollywood "beauty" only mentality.

But again, I don't get the ugly statement because she is anything but ugly.


I've got one of these. They're pretty good. Check out some of my yt vids in 720p of GTA IV and Skyrim if you want to see what it comes out like

Nodoze1836d ago

Annoying as all hell.