Gorgeous New Project CARS Trailer Promotes Speed And Sound

When has a Project CARS trailer not been visually tantalizing? Well, there are some fuzzy 144p videos on YouTube that fit that description, but for the most part the game is usually always shown off in the best and brightest light possible, and that certainly applies to the latest fan-made trailer for the game called “Speed and Sound”, which is made up entirely of in-game footage.

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brandonb211986d ago

we need this on ps4 and xbox one

Dgander1986d ago

If thats the case then Wii U and PC owners should get GTA V. Agree?

brandonb211986d ago

they already invested for ps4 and xbox one but never confirmed it

sorane1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

You don't think gta5 is coming to PC? I KNOW it is. Can't wait till they pump the graphics up a ton for it either like they did with gta4 mods.

SpideySpeakz1986d ago

Sure, the PC.

Don't hold your breath on the Wii U.

Dgander1986d ago

So judging from my disagrees its ok to beg for games coming to Wii U and PC to be on PS4 and Xbox One but its not okay to ask for a fair trade of GTA? When it does not come the same people are going to "pretend" they are complaining that Wii U has no games.

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donman11986d ago

Getting this for the WiiU.

Triforce0791986d ago

Nope wiiu will be the only NEXTGEN Version sorry kid,and i'm buying this with MK8 wow best of both racers on wiiu,that should shift millions of consoles in the UK.

Sgt_Slaughter1986d ago

They are looking into PS4 and Xbone versions...

N4g_null1986d ago

Yeah I'm getting mk8 for sure and this... also the oculus rift version too!

Qrphe1986d ago

CARS will run at 720p30fps on Wii U, PS3 and 360, one is better off getting it for PC (unless you'd rather wait probably even a year for PS4/Xbox One).

starfox791984d ago

Project cars they said would prob run native 720p and 30fps,that fps could easy go up yet,plus heres a screen it can't be any other version advertising nintendo ?


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Redrever1986d ago

Project CARS for the win this got me drooling.

Realplaya1986d ago

When is this game releasing again? All these damn videos are killing me.

jcnba281986d ago

Q1 2014 but that could change, again.

level 3601986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

Spectacular trailer!

Audi LMP1 R18's certainly got me!
Have to say a lot of great line-up of every type of open/closed racing cars in there.

Says on the advert - XBox360/Wii U/PS3.. any chance this game will get a chance to go on the next-gen consoles?

Triforce0791986d ago

The best racer ive ever seen if you think otherwise ur kidding yourself don't do it,wiiu and project cars i'm coming for U.

AlaaAlii1986d ago

Kind of reminds me of Need for Speed Shift, a more "dynamic" one.

Sgt_Slaughter1986d ago

Well it's made by the Shift developers, so that might be why.

RavageX1985d ago

This game is made by the SHIFT team?

Uh oh...

That game wasn't exactly good if I remember right.

So yeah, this game LOOKS great but how is the actual gameplay?

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The story is too old to be commented.