PS Vita game Demon Gaze announced for early 2014

NIS America has revealed plans to release Demon Gaze, a PlayStation Vita title, in both North America and Europe early next year.

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Dinoegg_961867d ago

Nice!!! DanganRonpa, Holy Sorcery Story and Demon Gaze coming to North America

Kanzes1867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

Not good enough tough, the only Vita's Best RPG is P4G which is a port from PS2 game.

We need something like Disgaea 5, Dissidia 2, or new FF like Type-0/Crisis Core.. and some MGS and God of War too

But remembering Vita is just 1 year old.. I'm sure it will success like it's predecessor.

Inception1867d ago

Just be gratefull that this tittle get localize will you? I've waited DanganRonpa for three f*kin years to get localize. And now NISA localize it when i don't have a Vita.

For tittles like FF, Disgaea, etc, i'm sure they will be coming (Disgaea 3 already release for Vita). SE, NIS, or Konami are not an idiot who will abandon 80 million+ of PSP user that will shift to Vita. And of course sony also not an idiot who will abandon Vita just like that. So be patient ok?

tiffac0081866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

This is what made the PSP popular, it was the bastion of niche games, mostly JRPGs. Sony should have continued with this strategy on the Vita instead of making it western centric.

Now if Sony can help bring over the JRPGs with big names over then it could very well help the Vita in the long run.

Hicken1866d ago

Not good enough? According to who? You?

You've played these games and know they're not good enough?

You knew before the games you announced were released that they'd be the gold standard the PSP's successor's games would have to live up to?

Let's use some reason here, shall we?

king_george1866d ago

I know its a stretch but Id love a ni no kuni game on the vita. the ps3 version is one of my favorite rpg games this gen. also the DS got one so maybe the vita can to at some point

SonyPS41866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

Better than nothing. The Vita needs more games.

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dedicatedtogamers1867d ago

The PSP and DS were heaven for JRPGs. It's good to see the Vita and 3DS repeating history.

bothebo1867d ago

Sounds good! Hope there is a lot of content!

1867d ago
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