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Xbox One vs PlayStation 4

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will go head to head this holiday season.  For the first time ever, Sony and Microsoft will start out on equal footing, launching on the same day with comparable hardware and feature sets. (PS Vita, PS4, Tech, Xbox One)

Kanzes  +   631d ago
I'm sure PS4 will dominate this holiday season. Both in sales, and the performance check when it comes out.

Xbox One will lose sales, that's inevitable, but that's doesn't mean it will fail and become the new Wii U. Competition is good for consumers tough
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PigPen  +   631d ago
I disagree the PS4 will dominate. Preorder consoles are still available shows there isn't a strong enough demand. The 3DS will rule the holiday season. Bookmark this article, you heard it here first.
B-radical  +   631d ago
3ds will rule? for real? Lol this is consoles we are talking about anyway

I pre ordered my xbox one without ever thinking about the 3ds.
Lunarassassin  +   631d ago
There are still preorders left because sony have told GAME/gamestop to take unlimited orders until further notice. Whereas microsoft are having troubles with manufacturing. You can't assume a console is outselling another when that consoles preorder limit is smaller than the competition.
n4rc  +   631d ago
Everything is rumor..

I haven't seen anything saying Sony is taking unlimited preorders nor have I seen any reliable source for ms' manufacturing issue..

People assume a lot.. Its fun but not fact.. We all have to wait until launch..

Laying down $50 that I can get back whenever I want isn't a sale.. Just as amazon only accounts for a small number of orders anyways (assuming here myself admittedly).. Who wants their new 400-500 dollar console thrown on a USPS truck anyways? Lol
Manic2014  +   631d ago
Well MS have already started manufacturing and both gamestop and game have been allowed unlimited pre-order's but like sony it will have 3 phases, first phase is day one. Second phase is 5 weeks later and same with phase 3. Both PS4 and Xbox one have almost finished phase 3 in GAME UK except on amazon where both PS4 and PS4 have a lot more pre order's available. both console's will have a good start but x1 will be slower but eventually gain momentum when changes are made. Similar to what had happen to PS3.
Manic2014  +   631d ago
Well xbox one has lost sale's already but mainly people are stuck and may wait to choose after gamescom. No doubt PS4 and x1 will sell good but PS4 will outperform. Xbox one will gain momentum slowly once games are released and some changes of price is made. Similar situation the ps3 was in one point of its life cycle. Price cuts made the ps3 sell heavily.
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GreenRanger  +   631d ago
Price will be the biggest factor in the PS4s success, not it's specs.

A parent buying this for his/her child is only going to look at price tags.
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friedricr  +   631d ago
That is true.. for once i will agree ... No parents going to look at which console is more powerful... just which one will save them a buck or 2 ...
MasterCornholio  +   631d ago
Or in this case a hundred bucks which is a significant amount.
n4rc  +   631d ago
Best pro-ps4 argument there is for sales.. I'm on the Xbox side of things at launch.. Just as ps3, I'll prolly get one down the road..

But that price will do a ton for sales.. I feel I get more with x1 and its worth the $100 but I'm buying it for me..

A parent is much easier sold a 400 console then a 500 one..

I just hope for Sony they are profitable at that price point.
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edonus  +   631d ago
If what you say is true the parent will end up buying their child a WiiU.

And if they actualy look at the consoles the kinect makes the ONE 1000x more family friendly.

This means the only people that will be looking to get a Ps4 is people that already have it in their minds to get a Ps4. If they are undecided and go look at the consoles and compare them side by side they they will be calling the XBOX ONE the XBOX WON.
Manic2014  +   631d ago
I actually never thought of the of the wii u. but what you said is very true. The wii u will probably be parents first choice same how the wii sold many more units compared to PS3 and 360 last gen.
edgeofsins  +   630d ago
Pretty sure a controller is all around more friendly then a camera with potential mess ups in voice recognition and having to prop yourself up to do gestures and for having to teach your whole family the gestures and voice commands.

Controllers are family friendly too. It is well established to be that.

You never speak anything bad about XBox One when it is just an abomination. Make a "family friendly" console? Right. They denied indie developers. Your "family friendly" peripheral has terrible support. It could have had potential indie games with awesome features and creativity brought out by the camera for a family to explore. Sadly the PS4 will probably have more PSEye games from indie developers then the XB1 and it isn't mandatory.

Feels good to back a company that kicks their customers around? Like the console and software, sure. But where are you going with your opinion? Not one person that isn't biased and reads the full story will jump towards your view.
edonus  +   630d ago
Well lets say for instance a controller is more friendly, the ONE still has controller support. trying turn an option in to a negative is the sign of fanboy lunacy so I expect to see more crazy talk from you.

Personally i have used current kinect and it work great I have often wished my blu ray player and cable had its features... now it seems they will.

If you pay attention I rarely speak bad about any console. Truth is I dont consider any of them bad. I will even say nintendo has made some bad choices but the system is very capable. The Ps4 is not a bad console in anyway I just feel the ONE is a more premium console.

I do wish Sony would have made the camera standard to ensure adoption and innovation but this doesnt make the Ps4 bad just different from what it could have been. Your fanboy insanity shows when you think a weaker perpheral can garner more support than its much more advance standard counterpart.

Some how you have convinced yourself Kinect has terrible support when there are like more than 10 games we kow of that currently support kinect or the devs have expressed interest in adding kinect interface to their games(in more than just voice). And you think indies devs are going to put their few resources in to making a game or feature that they cant even count on most people having?.... You make me laugh. It just shows you dont really understand kinect at all.

The ONE has always been a great console for me. The DRM there or not never affected me. I have played tons of games with kinect and love it.

And I dont expect someone to read the story and agree with me. The internet is broken theres no balance here even me schooling you is nothing in the grand scheme of things. The consoles will speak for themselves. I say if MS advertises their console correct and demos it correct the Ps4 is out gunned.
The Ps4 needs blind buyers because in a true side by side they are out gunned. The ONE has more features more and a more advanced network. We already have seen the games and the burden is on Sony to produce products that are clearly 30%-50% more powerful since thats their selling point and with Watch Dogs being any indication it seems they will not be able to.

Again.... not that the Ps4 is a bad system it just isnt as premium as the ONE from all the information we acn gather.
greenlantern2814  +   631d ago
No as a parent I can tell you when a kid is asking for something it's like get me an Xbox1 I want a box1 get me an Xbox1 and you just get it for them. Same goes for the ps4. children ask for what they want they will not ask for a next gen system they will say I want the new ps4 or new Xbox1 and parents will get that. If the parents you guys where talking about walk into best buy " my kid wants 1 of the new consoles which 1 is cheapest?"
" the wiiu @ 350$"
But really we know what are kids want and usually get it for them.
Kingthrash360  +   631d ago
yeah its the ds/wii and Disney movie way ....kids customers =success. works every time....Disney land vs magic mountain...Disney wins even though six flags have better rides...or McDonald's vs every other fast food joint.....McDonald's wins...why ....happy meals w/ toys and clowns = kid heaven which in turn= success.
PigPen  +   631d ago
You are talking crazy. I own a Wii and DS, and there is a lot of fun games on both. The Wii pass the Xbox 360 sells long ago while the PS3 just barely made it. 100 million consoles and a 150 million handhelds, Nintendo owned last gen. It's unlikely to achieve those kind of numbers with just kids.
PigPen  +   631d ago
The exclusives is going to determine the winner of the gen. This is when it gets interesting to see the battle of the boxes. I have my prediction, but it's premature to say at this point.
Kingthrash360  +   631d ago
regarding your above reply to my comment......
please don't misunderstand...I too own a wiiu/3ds and im grown.. what I mean is these appeal to kid's more... please take a second and see that kids are in fact broke. parents buy what their kids ask them for, so if company's take advantage of this and make product that attracts kids. movies especially win in this tactic because parent take their kids and pay for a ticket for themselves as well. Mario is the most recognized Video game icon in the industry.... it's easy and kid friendly.... parents get it because of this. but I also like mario zelda games... along with uncharted cod bf nba2k ect... I'm not saying kids only play ds/wii... I'm saying that's what wii/ds advantage over others is....wii/ds remain the weakest in hardware...least 3rd party support...and still dominates in sales .....and kids my friend are why.
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PigPen  +   631d ago
At first you where talking the Wii and DS. Stars like Beyonce and Penelope Cruz advertised the DS. The Wii and DS appealed to all with no one left out. The Wii appealed to the kids, to the grannies and everyone in between. That's what you can call universal appeal. Now you're talking the Wi U and 3DS. The 3DS is like the DS and has that all age appeal. Wii U is absolutely a hardcore console and will get little of the casual crowd. The most casuals isn't concerned about power and would more likely buy a Wii, if don't already own. The Wii U now has to compete with the other consoles market that will spend $350-$500 dollars on a high power console, so it is nothing kiddie there.
FinalFantasyFan  +   631d ago
"For the first time ever, Sony and Microsoft will start out on equal footing, launching on the same day with comparable hardware and feature sets."

They may launch at the same day, but I couldn't disagree more on the rest. The PS4 will better specs, lower price point, better feature sets and no mandatory camera connection. The Xbox one will have Forza 5 wich I'll miss since gt isn't that great. And Halo 5 though it may not be as good as the previous titles, will still be much better than killzone. But that's about it.
WeAreLegion  +   631d ago
I wouldn't state any of that as fact. I definitely prefer Killzone, but we all have different tastes.
Hicken  +   631d ago
Well, you got the console part right. The games... eh.

And really, when's Halo coming out? When's GT coming out on PS4?

Well done. Comparing games that won't even be out to games that will be, and continuing an uneducated bias in the process.
jeffgoldwin  +   631d ago
Good ol reliable Hicky here to toss up an infamous insult at the end. At least he's reliable. Gotta give him that.
n4rc  +   631d ago
Better price? Yup
Better specs? Depends who you talk to
Better features? You've lost me

HDMI in, Xbox live, Skype, included 1080p camera, voice and gesture controls..

The list goes on and on.. They may not be features that interest you, fair enough..

But Xbox one has more to offer..
Hicken  +   631d ago
You can't argue the specs. You can argue whether they'll be effectively put to use, but their superiority or inferiority is quantifiable. If ONLY in specs(and it's not only, not by a long shot), the PS4 is a superior console.

Which console has better features would be debatable. Xbox Live won't give me the value Plus does. I have Skype on my phone, Vita, and laptop, and really don't see a use for it during my gaming. HDMI in is, literally, a gimmick: it adds ZERO value to the console. I don't want the camera, especially if it's gonna be doing things- which I question it can actually do- like monitoring my heart rate, or customizing ads to me. Voice and gesture controls are similarly useless to me while I'm gaming.

XBO has less to offer me, because it has so many things to offer to people that aren't me. To people that aren't gamers.
Kingthrash360  +   631d ago
ps4 wins....FATALITY!

lol naw ..but yeah, imo ps4 will win this gen.
greenlantern2814  +   631d ago
I seriously doubt they come out on the same day.
XisThatKid  +   631d ago
Again Just wanted to let those know that don't Sony is looking into a TV app

doubt it'll be anywere near as gimmicky or robust as X1's TV stuff but whatevs

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