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New world record sees Half-Life 2 completed in under 1½ hours

A new world record has been set for the fastest speedrun of Half-Life 2. In a video released earlier today by the SourceRuns team, Half-Life 2 is completed (in segments by a team of people) in an amazing one hour, twenty-seven minutes and fifty-one seconds. The video is perhaps one of the most entertaining speedruns we’ve seen, and it’s occasionally hilarious to watch these highly skilled players stacking up ridiculous objects during the unskippable story segments. (Half-Life 2, PC)

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Smoovekid  +   789d ago
Challenge Accepted.
Cam977  +   788d ago
I have also accepted this challenge
*goes to play Hello Kitty: Roller Rescue on PS2*
ONESHOTV2  +   788d ago
lol they played the games over and over so much that it takes no time to complete the game
bub16  +   788d ago
1½ x 2 = 3

Half life 3 confirmed!
Eamon  +   788d ago
How is that even possible lol. Simply running at full speed through the level design takes hours haha.
mushroomwig  +   788d ago
They took advantage of a lot of glitches, which in my own opinion takes the fun out of it.
karl  +   788d ago
they probably enjoy the game the first time and believe me.. he has played it a few hundred times at this point

damn.. hes like flying through the levels... xD
Walker  +   788d ago
It's impossible even with cheats!
ZidaneNL  +   788d ago
Hold my beer.
Primal Rex  +   788d ago
half-hour half-life also brings the crazy
e-p-ayeaH  +   788d ago
That´s BS and you know it the guy is praticly flying trough the levels.
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